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The Terror is a 1963 film about a young officer in Napoleon's army who pursues a mysterious woman to the castle of an elderly Baron.

Directed by Roger Corman. Written by Leo Gordon.
Trapped in a Haunted Castle... There is no Escape From The TERROR  (taglines)


Helene: The crypt! It must be destroyed, and with it the dead.
Andre: Don't speak of the dead anymore. You're with me now.
Helene: I am possessed of the dead.
Andre: You're a warm living woman. Who has told you these things?
Helene: The dead.


  • Dracula... Frankenstein... Raptor... And Now... ...The Terror.
  • There's No Rest For The Wicked...
  • "DRACULA"... "FRANKENSTEIN"... "HOUSE of WAX"... "PIT and the PENDULUM"... and now... The TERROR
  • From the depths of an evil mind a sadistic plan of revenge.
  • A diabolical plan of torture ... inconceivable ... unbelievable!
  • Trapped in a Haunted Castle... There is no Escape From The TERROR


  • Corman had the sketchiest outline of a story. I read it and begged him not to do it. He said "That's alright Boris, I know what I'm going to do. I want you for two days on this." I was in every shot, of course. Sometimes I was just walking through and then I would change my jacket and walk back. He nearly killed me on the last day. He had me in a tank of cold water for about two hours. After he got me in the can he suspended operations and went off and directed two or three operations to get the money, I suppose... [The sets] were so magnificent... As they were being pulled down around our ears, Roger was dashing around with me and a camera, two steps ahead of the wreckers. It was very funny.
    • Boris Karloff Lawrence French, "The Making of The Raven", The Raven novelisation by Eunice Sudak, based on script by Richard Matheson, Bear Manor Media 2012


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