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SPOON!!! ~ The Tick

The Tick is a comedic superhero, created by Ben Edlund in 1986, who has been featured in comic books, animation, and live action television series. These quotes are from all three media.

For quotes from the live-action series, see The Tick (live-action).


  • SPOON!!!
    • Battle cry of The Tick

Chairface Chippendale[edit]

I haven't always had friends like you, because I was born...different. Because I didn't fit in, society shunned me. All my life, the world's tried to forget my face, but after tonight, they will never forget my name!
[Chairface's birthday speech to his fellow villains before his attempt to carve his name into the moon.]

Chrome Dome[edit]

What good is science if no one gets hurt? [Addressing a Mad Scientist Convention]
WANNABES! All of you, spitpolishing your prosthetic limbs, und whitewashing your liverspots for this wretched back-patting, smarty-party! The true mad scientist does not make public appearances! He does not wear the ‘hello my name is” badge. He STRIKES from below like a viper! Or on high like a PENNY, dropped from the tallest building aroundt! He has only ze one purpose: do bad things, to good people, MIT SCIENCE!!!!
You're not mad scientists, you're a bunch of hippies! [The Tick vs. Science]

The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight[edit]

  • And so he says to me, he says, “You want to be a baaaaad guy?!” and I say, “Yeah, baby! I want to be bad!” I says, “Surf's up, Space Ponies! I'm making gravy without the lumps!” Ah ha ha ha ha haaaaa!
  • And he says to me, he says to me, “You got style, baby! But if you're gonna to be a real villain, you gotta get a gimmick!” And so I go, I says, “Yeah, baby! A gimmick, that's it! High explosives!” Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Yeah! Keep playing with fire, superpants! You don't know how much fire you're playing with! Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
  • So he says to me, “You gotta do something smart, baby! Something big!” He says, “You want to be a super-villain, right?!” And I go, “Yeah, baby, yeah! Yeah! What do I gotta do?!” He says, “You got bombs! Blow up the Comet Club! It's packed with super-heroes! You'll go down in super-villain history!” And I go, “Yeah, baby! 'Cause I'm the Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight!” Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
  • And so he says to me, “You got legs, baby! You're everywhere! You're all over the place!” Yeah!
  • Hi! I just, uh, I just, uh, wanted to use, the, uh, – and so he says, “Evil's okay in my book! What about yours?!” And I go, “Yeah, baby, yeah! Yeah!” – I just wanted to, uh, wash my hands.
  • Oh, that's just, uh – Boom, baby, boom! I'm the Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight!
  • Eat my smoke, copper! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • An object at rest, cannot be stopped!
  • Excuse me...excuse me...and then I says, “Tell me I'm wrong!” And he says, “I can't, baby, 'cause you're not!”
  • This could happen to you, baby! This could happen to anybody!
  • And so he says, “I don't like the cut of your jib!” And I go, I says, “It's the only jib I got, baby!”
  • Yeah, baby!
  • Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Sixty seconds till midnight! Sixty seconds to nowhere, baby! You have all become victims of the Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs...Hey! Pay attention!
  • Yeah, baby! And you've only got twenty seconds before you ceiling!
  • Yeah, baby! Oh, yeah!
  • You'll never prove a thing, copper, I'm just a part time electrician – Bad is good, baby! Down with government!
  • One of these days...Milkshake! Boom!

Mr. Mental[edit]

  • You know what I miss? I miss the old days, when I'd think up a sinister scheme for world domination and you'd show a little emotional support.
  • Don't mess with me, fool! I'm cooking with gas!


  • Merry Christmas! ... Spoon! – Santa Claus, from "The Tick Loves Santa"
  • Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I'm easily distracted by shiny objects. – The Tick's Mind from "The Tick vs. The Proto Clown" (To which the Tick responded, "Yeah, shiny objects are nice.")
  • "Oh don't worry about Tongue-Tongue he's just tasting you. On the other hand, don't resist, he can crush you quite easily. The tongue is the strongest organ in the human body. I'm Doctor Mung-Mung." – Dr. Mung-Mung
  • Release the nice moth man Tongue Tongue; here is an individually wrapped slice of processed cheese. – Dr. Mung Mung from "The Tick vs. Science"
  • "IT'S GREAT TO BE ALIVE!!!" – Mr. Excitment's battle cry
  • "Where's the jerk who calls himself the TICK?!" – Barry Hubris, the "other" Tick

"I am that jerk!" – The Tick

  • "You can't catch me, I'm filled with tinier men!" – The Living Doll (Grandpa Wore Tights)
  • "And towards the front of the plane you might be able to make out five people in costumes having a fight with some dining room furniture." – Airplane Pilot as the airplane approaches a fight on a flying carpet from "Evil Sits Down for a Moment"
  • "It's okay to play with dolls!" – Baby Bomerangutang's battle cry
  • "I'm not a villain. I'm vanilla." – Uncle Creamy
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