The Transformers (Season 1)

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More than Meets the Eye, Part 1[edit]

"Prime told me there'd be days like this."
"And you didn't believe him?"
"I do now!"

Bumblebee and Wheeljack under fire.

"When do we start the search mission?"
"Soon as you're ready to launch."

Prowl is told to hurry up by Optimus Prime.

"Fear not, Megatron. Cybertron shall remain as you leave it."

Shockwave, more accurate than he realizes.

"Leakin' lubricant!"


"What about materials?"
"Use your imagination!"

Starscream and Megatron

"Here's something to keep you warm."

Megatron as he ignites the oil spill.

More than Meets the Eye, Part 2[edit]

"For someone who doesn't like to fight, heh, you're not bad, Mirage!"

Cliffjumper complimenting Mirage after he helped fight off Skywarp and Thundercracker

"You destroy everything you touch, Megatron!"
"Because everything I touch is food for my hunger, my hunger for power!"

Optimus Prime and Megatron banter while fighting on top of Sherman Dam

"You're old, Megatron. Yesterday's model—ready for the scrap heap!"
"We'll see who's ready for the scrap heap!"
"Junk! That's what you are, junk!"

Optimus Prime insults Megatron during their battle

"Don't push me, Megatron, my desire for power is as great as yours!"
"Power flows to the one who knows how. Desire alone is not enough."
"Time makes all things possible. I can wait."

Starscream and Megatron, foreshadowing several repetitive scenes in the future

"Let's give Megatron a little present."
"Heh. Maybe we oughtta wrap him up and put a little bow on him."

Skywarp and Thundercracker on capturing Bumblebee. Not seen: Bumblebee's humiliated weeping.

More than Meets the Eye, Part 3[edit]

"You gave us all a pretty good scare."
"It's been worse. I remember the time on Cybertron—"
"Save the war stories, hot shot. Just remember, there's a thin line between being a hero, and being a memory."

Optimus Prime and Ironhide

"The rocket base is one hundred and forty kilometers due west of the Autobot camp."

Ravage's sole line of dialog in the entire series.

"I am the leader of the future!"
"You couldn't lead ant-droids to a picnic. How can you pretend to lead the Decepticons?"

Starscream and Megatron arguing over Starscream's competence... again.

"Beware, Starscream...if you dispose of me, there will always be someone waiting to dispose of you"
"Let them try! I've waited for this moment a long time, Megatron....and my time is now!

Megatron channeling his inner Nostradamus to Starscream

"We knew you were anxious to get back to Cybertron, but at least you could have waited for us."
"Sorry, Prime. The ship was... full."

Optimus Prime and Mirage uttering a classic line.

Transport to Oblivion[edit]

Roll for it[edit]

Divide and conquer[edit]

Fire in the sky[edit]

SOS Dinobots[edit]

Starscream: Megatron has fallen! I starscream am now your leader! Decepticons follow me!!!

fire on the mountain[edit]

War of the Dinobots[edit]

The Ultimate doom, Part 1[edit]

Megatron: Correct. You will activate the last pylon and bring Cybertron here.
Optimus Prime: As the earthlings say "Fat chance Fathead!"
Megatron: Because if you don't you will be responsible for Cybertrons destruction!

The Ultimate doom, Part 2[edit]

The Ultimate doom, Part 3[edit]

Countdown to Extinction[edit]

A Plague of Insecticons[edit]

Heavy Metal War[edit]