The Transformers (Season 4)

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The Rebirth, Part 1


Wingspan: "Beat it, Counterpunch! We don't need your help!"
Counterpunch: "Fine. You deal with my Autobot counterpart. I've heard he's nearby."
[ducks around the corner, transforms to Punch]
Punch: "...Real nearby."

—Punch, master of subtle hints, utters a classic line.

Kup: It might give us the edge if the Decepticons did return.
Crosshairs: That's not gonna happen!
Optimus: Kup! Highbrow! The Decepticons are heading your way!
Kup: How many of 'em, Prime?
Optimus: All of them!
Crosshairs: 'Course, I have been wrong on one or two occasions.

—Crosshairs really needs to think before he speaks.

"Sixshot, show them what a one-robot army is!"

Galvatron prompts Sixshot to do the old sell-my-toy routine.

"Five up! Five down! It's like shooting Cyberducks in a barrel!"

Sixshot mows down the Aerialbots with each of his alt modes.

Kup: Prepare for crash landing!
Pointblank: How?? By thinking good thoughts?!
Kup: That would help!!

—Pointblank and Kup discuss Autobot emergency procedures.

Kup: Ya know, this reminds me of the time my platoon was stranded on Regulon IV. There we were, only 700 of us against three whole Regulon metalmongers.
Hot Rod: Seven hundred of you? Against three of them?? Ah c'mon, Kup.
Kup: You've ever seen a Regulon metalmonger, lad?
Hot Rod: Uhhh...No.
Kup: Trust me. We were outnumbered.

—Kup's platoon isn't always outnumbered. But when it is, it's by three guys.

"My one wish... is to never fight again."

Cerebros, so pacifistic he won't even fight to help his friends.

"I suppose it's the only meritorious way out of our meretricious situation."
"Yeah, me too. Like he said."

Highbrow and Hardhead on becoming Headmasters.

The Rebirth, Part 2


"Open the hatch! Anything you put in there will totally scramble the machine's circuits!"
"Like what?"
"Like your fist!"

Gort and Highbrow, discussing combat tactics.

"I am Zarak. I have a little deal to offer you, one which will enable you to defeat your adversaries. And all it will cost you is...your heads."

Zarak, addressing the Decepticons.

"Did you get your questions answered?"
"Yes. And every answer led to a bigger question."

Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime after the Autobot leader's communion with Vector Sigma.

"The boys all call me Nightstick. I hope ya like bustin' heads! AHAHAHAHAHA!"
"I like busting Autobot Headmasters better."

Nightstick and Cyclonus see eye-to-eye.

"You can call me Caliburst! Because I've never missed a shot in my life!"
"But you've never taken a shot in your life."

Caliburst tells Slugslinger about his life.

"It's me, I'm Fracas! And if you think Blowpipe was bad, I'm worse!"
"And you're louder."

Fracas fails to impress Scourge.

"Those creeps, swiping my idea, I'll sue!"

Brainstorm considers the legal approach when meeting the Decepticon Headmasters and Targetmasters.

"Autobots! Prepare to feel the sting of...SCORPONOK!"

Zarak attacks the Autobots.

The Rebirth, Part 3


"At last... Cybertron is mine!"
"You haven't even made the down payment, Galvatron!"

Galvatron doesn't faze Ultra Magnus

"Decepticons... prepare to face... Fortress Maximus!"

Fortress Maximus speaking for the first and only time in Generation 1—with a voice reminiscent of Patrick Allen.

"And we've got to get this oversized shopping center in the air. Now!"

Galvatron, in reference to Scorponok's city mode.

"It's good to be together again. Arcee, I just wanna say...Arcee...I...I..."
"You don't have to, Daniel. I feel the same way, too."

Daniel and Arcee set some...concepts in motion. Oh god...

"Cerebros, when the last of the Hive's evil is gone, you shall remain here in peace as this world's guardian."
"Thank you, Optimus Prime. It's a miracle."
[scene change]
"It's a miracle we finally got this flying junkpile of yours stabilized."
"You were the idiot who opened the Plasma Energy Chamber, Galvatron."
"SILENCE! There's much to do. We will attack other planets, we will suck them dry, we will rebuild a planet a hundred times more powerful than Cybertron and I will rule the galaxy!"
"Who will rule the galaxy?"
"ME! It is my destiny!"
"We shall see, Galvatron. We shall see..."

Galvatron and Zarak close the series.