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The War Zone is a 1999 British drama film written by Alexander Stuart, directed by Tim Roth in his directorial debut, and starring Ray Winstone, Tilda Swinton, Lara Belmont and Freddie Cunliffe. The film is based on Stuart's 1989 novel of the same name and takes a blunt look at incest and sexual violence in an English family.


  • See what happens when you put things into people's heads? It steam-rollers on... and other people start to believe it. You gotta get rid of these thoughts, Tom. You gotta stop it. They're wrong, you know they're wrong. You're not sick, you're just, erm... just going through your teens. It happened to me. Are you pregnant? Is that what it is? Is it? See how you can put things into people's heads? I suppose I'll be doing it with him next. You can't keep saying these things, darling.
  • Don't you fucking talk to me! Get to fucking bed! How can you fucking say that to me?! You're fucking sick! You talk to me like that in front of your sister?! You're ill! You go behind my fucking back to your mother. You break this family up and I'll kill you. You're so fucking sick, you're going into care, Son! You're fucking going, you shit! You tell me things like that?! You're a fucking animal. Who the fucking hell are you?! You fucking talk like that? You're fucking ill. You're going to a fucking home. You're fucking scum! What are you doing to me?! What are you fucking doing?! You're fucking killing me. Fucking kid. Fucking animal. How can you talk like that? You go to your mother behind my back and talk shit?! You're fucking sick in the head. Something fucking wrong with you. Two years! Two years I've had this fucking kid. Two schools I've pulled him out of. Fucking trouble. You're breaking my family up, breaking this fucking family up. You break this family up and I swear, I'll fucking kill you. I'll fucking kill you. What are you doing to me? What are you doing to me? I'm going to the hospital... talk to your mother. He's filth. You're going into fucking care. I'll fucking sort this out. Getting fucking paranoid. Everyone's getting fucking paranoid. I can't fucking deal with this.
  • I don't fucking need this, Tom. I don't understand this. You know it hurts us. Are you just Iying or do you believe it? It's gotta stop. Can't have it, mate. Sorry I smacked you, but you hurt me. You don't know how feel. Mummy's all upset... Is it an attention thing. that what it is? Sometimes it happens when a baby comes along. You know, it's the facts of life. I'd never put you in a home. I love you, I'd never put...

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