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The Weekenders is a Disney animated series about the weekend life of four diverse 7th graders: Tino Tonitini, Lorraine ("Lor") McQuarrie, Carver Descartes, and Petratishkovna ("Tish") Katsufrakis, voiced by veteran cartoon voice-actors: Jason Marsden, Grey DeLisle, Phil LaMarr, and Kath Soucie

The weekenders, is a cartoon show produced by Disney, and created by Doug Langdale. The show is based around four twelve-year-old friends living in a coastal area of California, USA called Bahia Bay and who are "living for the weekend." The four characters are the overly sarcastic, athletically inept "Tino", the Brainy girl from some peculiar country "Tish", the fashion concious guy, desperatly seeking popularity "Carver" and the sporty, if a little dumb "Lor".

Outside of the main four characters the most memorable quotes would be from Tino's mom who has such a good read on her son and his friends they don't even have to speak, whilst Tino is occassionally teased for taking her advice the other's in the end, benifit, because she is always right. Also, Bluke and Francis are other minor characters. Bluke is known for being extremely dumb and and fat, and Francis is known for being extremely creepy.

Carver: Curse you modern day technology, CURSE YOU!!!

[repeated line] Tino: Later days!

[about Tish]
Tish's Mom: I'll leave you to kitch en mai cub.
Lor: Urgh, kitchen my cub?
Tish: Kiss and make up.

[about Tish]
Tish's Mom: Tishie your friends here for apel chiz.
Tino [Whispers]: That's apologies.

[dragged to Scottish games by Lor]
Tino [Thoughts]: I Don't know what's worse, this or the shoe show...
Carver [Thoughts]: I wonder if I'd look good in a kilt.
Tish [Thoughts]: I think I sat in some Haggis.

[about Lor]
Tino's Mom: Aren't you overreacting?
Tino: Mom, she's wearing pink.
Tino's Mom: Ooh, that is serious.

Tish: If I'm a winter, how about this?
[Comes out of dressing room dressed in a white faux fur coat that covers all but her face]
Tino: Stand absolutely still.
Carver: What if it hunts by scent?
Tish: Ha, ha. Very funny.
Tino: Aah! It's seen us! Run!

Carver: I am going to be CARP!
Tino: Did you say Carp?
Carver: That stands for what I want to be. Cool And Radically Popular.
Tino: It's a good thing you don't want to be Cool RICH And Popular.
Carver: Why?

[repeated line]
Tish's Mom: Is what I say!

Tino: If you try to make everyone follow your plan, you're really no better than a gym teacher.

Tish: Maybe you're confusing us with your imaginary friends.
[Tino turns to the camera and addresses the audience]
Tino: She thinks I have imaginary friends. Ha!

[about his mother's vegetarian Halloween candy]
Tino: That's so healthy, its un-American...

Lor: On our planet we call that a golf course.

Tino: If a game doesn't have rules, it's not a game is it?
Carver: No, it's politics.

Carver: You have a point there, Lor.
[Frantically checking her chest]
Lor: Where?

Tino: We may not be as interesting as the people on Teen Canyon, but at least we aren't made up characters on T.V... or are we?

Tino: Want me to leave so you can say bad words?
Tino's Mom: Yeah that would be nice...

Tino: Why can't you be one of those nice moms who just say "That's Nice, Dear" and leave it at that?
Tino's Mom: That's nice, dear.
Tino: Well it's a little too late for that now.
Tino's Mom: That's nice, dear.
Tino: Okay, you can stop that now.
Tino's Mom: That's nice, dear.
Tino: No talking!

[Tish is forcing her friends to do a radio play]
Carver: I can't work under these conditions! I'll be in my trailer!
[Walks into a closet and closes it]
Tino: That's my closet, Olivier.

[a girl who humiliated Carver is waving at him at the beach]
Carver: SHE'S WAVING AT ME? Isn't there a law against that?
Tino: [Sarcastic] Yeeah, it's enforced by the Federal Bureau of Waving.

[Tino is poking his dinner with a fork, but not eating it]
Tino's Mom: It isn't going to bite you.
Tino: That works out nicely, because I don't plan to bite IT.

Carver: Do you have a compass in there?
Tino: Yup!
Carver: Maybe you can use it to find your way back to REALITY!

Tino: They're coming to get me! Mutant clowns from the Hollow Earth! They're real! It's the clown-pocalypse! Aaah!
Carver: I think he's getting better.He's rolling on his own.

Mrs Duong: Thank you for helping Helpers Helping the Helpless. Your help was very... helpful! And if anyone finds my thesaurus please let me know.

Tish: Me? JEALOUS? I haven't got a jealous bone in my body!
Carver: Do you have any jealous internal organs?

Carver: Excuse me while I spend the rest of my life in the attic.
[Carver walks off]
Lor: Wow! That must be a pretty nice attic! Er... what?

Tish: Lor, don't you think you're being a tad melodramatic?
Carver: A tad? More like five tads and sixteen smidgins.

Carver: Ugh, I think my stomach just resigned in disgust.

Tino: I think your cooking may have military applications.
Tino's Mom: Watch it...

[Tino is upset because he didn't win a category in the yearbook]
Tino: I'm just a fat, ugly, loser.
Lor: You're not fat!

Francis: [dressed as scissors for Halloween] Pointy, pointy.

[repeated line]
Francis: [snickers] I like pointy things...
[snickers again]

Dixon: [playing ball] Try to keep your eye on the ball this time, it won't bite.
Tino: It's not so much biting I'm worried about as much as bone-shattering impact.

Tino's Mom: [Tino refuses to leave his room] He said he won't come out until the city's been cleared of its un-holy clown infestation.

Lor: Have you seen the World's Funniest Medical Blunders?
Carver: I have. Once, this guy swallowed his dentures and when the doctors gave him an x-ray, his kidneys were smiling back at him.

Tino: Hello, could you at least knock before you enter my mind?

Lor: [watching Carver riding Tino's scooter] Huh,you have pretty good posture for someone without a backbone.

Tish: If you need an idea, use your imagination.
Lor: I think I sprained mine.

Tino: Can I have a map to that sentence?

Lor: [Mowing Tino's lawn] Was that a rosebush?
Tino: Not anymore.

Tino: Tish has lost her dignity.
Lor: Look under the sofa cushion. I find all sorts of stuff under there.

Tino: How long have we been here?
Lor: Somewhere between an hour... and a hundred thousand years.

Tish: Don't you want to broaden your minds?
Lor: Our minds are already broad enough.
Carver: Yeah, I already have trouble finding hats that fit.

Carver: How do you spell handsome?
Cherrie: M-e-l G-i-b-s-o-n

Tino: [Carver is wearing a latex suit and helmet] You look like a roll-on deodorant.

Carver: Interesting. And how did you obtain your data?
Tino: I made it up.
Carver: I see.

Carver: Those geeks... those geeks... Those geeks are my friends!
Tino:Way to go Carver! Wait, did he just say geeks?

Tino's Mom: You know, a kite flies on a string, not a stick.
Tino: [pause] Wow, I could see your lips moving, but all I heard was "blah, blah blah".

Lor: It's the crazy, backwards universe.
Tino: Where up is down and boy bands play instruments.

Tino: The cliff-dwellers didn't have skateboards! Cliffs plus wheels equals BAD!

Lor : It's the crazy, backwards universe again.
Tino: Where cats chase dogs and sitcoms are funny.

Lor: If that counts as dancing then it counts as singing when I burp.

Tino: Mom, which one of these shirts projects a mysterious, vulnerable, dangerous, lost puppy quality?
Tino's Mom: Come here. Let me feel your forehead.

Tish: I have here plans for a twelve-foot granite pyramid with twenty thousand miniature workers dragging stone blocks.
Tino: Uh-huh? And I have *here* cardboard, glue, sticks and paint.
Tish: Okay. How about a one-foot pyramid with two miniature workers dragging a sugar cube.
Tino: I know you spent a lot of time on those plans, Tish. I'm sorry you had to compromise your artistic vision.
Tish: And *I'm* sorry you had to sit on a tube of paint.
Tino: Oh great. Looks like I sat on a leprechaun.

Carver: You guys are toast.
Tino: Well you're double toast.
Lor: You're triple toast.
Tish: You're *French* toast.
Tino: *French* toast?
Tish: [sighs] It's been a long day.

Lor: Go fish.
Carver: We're playing Crazy Eights.

Tino: You're going to be combing pudding out of your hair!
Carver: You can't comb dreads!

Tino: Games involve strategy, cunning, and knowledge of the humans psyche. Sports involves me looking like a geek.

One of Lor's brothers: [literally handing Lor over to Tino, Carver, and Tish] She makes waffles, she says "please," she won't punch anybody. FIX HER!

Tino's Mom: You know, there's a lesson in this.
Tino:'" Why did I know there would be?
Tino's Mom: Sometimes, we think somebody would be perfect if only one thing about them. But when we change that one thing, suddenly they're no that person we knew."
Tino: Yeah, OK."
Tino's Mom: And before you know it, you're divorced and raising a child all on your own."
Tino: This isn't about Lor anymore, is it?
Tino's Mom: Lor who?

Tino: So, Carve, imagine the worst thing that can happen if you went back on the radio.
Carver: Well, I go in, totally choke really bad, get suspended from school, get kicked out by my parents, hop a freight train out west, get arrested for being a hobo, and end up in a chain gang with a guy named Lenny who calls me George and keeps talking about the rabbits.
Tino:'re not allowed to use your imagination anymore.

Carver: I am clearly not fit to be the voice of Bahia Bay. Don't worry, I'm completely content with being the voice of total failure.
Lor: You could start with being the voice of mediocrity and work your way down from there.

Carver: [on the way to sign Tino up for clown school] Don't worry, T., we're all gonna sign up for clown school with you.
Lor: [cheering] Clown school! Clown school! Clown school!
Tino: Great, my friends will be there to see me get scared and vomit.
Lor: [cheering] Vomit! Vomit! Vomit!

Lor: [As the gang celebrates getting yearbook superlatives] I'm gonna have "Most athletic" tattooed to my face!
Carver: Oh man, I was gonna do that, only with "best shoes."
Lor: Why would you wanna tattoo "best shoes" to my face?

Bluke: Gum from the sidewalk tastes best.

Tino's Mom: You can't force yourself to mature.
Tino: Can so.
Tino's Mom: Can not.
Tino: Can so.
Tino's Mom: Can not.
Tino: Can so.
Tino's Mom: Can not times infinity.
Tino: Blast.

[When trying to help Lor study but she cannot stay focused]
Tino: Man, her brain has like totally shut down.
Tish: I think it’s a mechanism evolved by her Scottish ancestors to protect her from bagpipe music.