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The Wild Thornberrys (1998-2004) is a Nicktoon involving the wildlife and young nerdy girl adventurer Eliza Thornberry, who has the magic power to communicate with animals more than humans thanks to a witch doctor.

Season 1 (1998-99)[edit]

Dinner with Darwin[edit]

Marriane Thornberry: "You Online?"
Tribal Chief: "Sure, Who Isn't?"

The Temple of Eliza[edit]

Darwin: "I'm always the royal pet chimpanzee." (sighs)

Matadi or Bust[edit]

Debbie: "(scoffs) She's talking to the monkey again."

Vacant Lot[edit]

(Debbie is listening to the radio when a possum-like animal breaks the antenna when he's sleeping on it)

Debbie Thornberry: "AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHH!! (to the animal) WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU? I don't even know what you are! (The animal is backing away from Debbie) OK . . . if I was an antenna, and I wasn't destroyed by a . . . thing, I'd be . . . in the closet!" (The animal looks towards the camera)

Season 2 (1999-00)[edit]

Rebel Without a Trunk[edit]

Rosie: "Atta-girl, Eliza!"

Koality & Kuantity[edit]

Lyrebird: "Lyrebird."

Dear Diary[edit]

Rat: (about Debbie) "What's her problem?"
Eliza Thornberry: "She doesn't get out much, can you tell me where the water's coming from?"
Rat: "Through that hole."
Eliza Thornberry: "Thanks. (to Debbie) Debbie, come on, there's water up here!"
Debbie Thornberry: (Scoffs) "Like I'm Thirsty."

Season 3 (2000-01)[edit]

New Territory[edit]

Debbie Thornberry: (to Eliza) "You spend all your time talking to a monkey, and you're telling me how to talk to people?"

Hello, Dolphin![edit]

Collin: (about Debbie) "Does everyone in your family yell?"
Eliza Thornberry: "Sorry, they're catching us on a bad day."


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