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The World Between Us (traditional Chinese: 我們與惡的距離) is a 2019 Taiwanese television series written by Lü Shih-yuan and directed by Lin Chun-yang. The series stars Alyssa Chia, James Wen, Chen Yuu, Tracy Chou, Chang Chien, Hsieh Chiung-hsuan, Allison Lin, J.C. Lin, Pets Tseng and Wu Kang-jen.

Classical lines[edit]

Li Ta-chih[edit]

  • People in the world has said that he is a perverted murderer, I think this reason is perfect! (全世界都說了,他是變態殺人魔,我覺得這理由很好啊!)
  • Why can I laugh? And those who are hurt by my brother can they still laugh? (我憑什麼可以笑,被哥傷害的那些人,他們還可以笑嗎?)

Liao Niu-shih[edit]

  • We're all good people. I don't understand why things will become. What does God teach us to learn? (我們都是好人,不知道為什麼事情會變成這樣子,老天爺到底要我們學什麼?)

Lin Hsiu-li[edit]

  • There is no parent who spends 20 years to raise a murderer in the world. (全天下沒有一個爸爸媽媽,要花一個20年去養一個殺人犯。)

Liu Chao-kuo[edit]

  • I also sincerely believe that the best method to solve the injury is to aftercare and prevent. 我也誠心地相信,解決傷害最好的方法是善後跟預防。
  • If you find the truth and motivation, there will be no next victim! 你找到真相找到動機,就不會有下個受害者了!
  • Don't pick up calls for work during the holidays, each one should have their own lives. 休假日不要接工作電話,人應該要有自己的生活。
  • I'm not God, and I'm not so great, either. (但我不是上帝,我沒這麼偉大。)

Liu Tien-ching[edit]

  • Adults are really weird. Why do you not love yourself? And why can't I love? (你們大人真的很奇怪,憑什麼你們自己不愛了,為什麼我就不能愛?)

Liu Tien-yen[edit]

  • Hope is behind clouds. (希望就在雲的背後)

Sung Chiao-an[edit]

  • You can't even see your truth, however, do you want to view the whole world? (你連自己的真相都看不清,還想看清楚世界的全貌?)
  • I hate one who says sorry to me, don't make mistakes! (我最討厭人家跟我說對不起,有本事就不要犯錯誤啊!)
  • Someone else can I leave behind? I can't even leave behind my husband and son, so what does it mean to care? (我還可以留著誰呀?我連我自己的先生和兒子都留不住,所以關心有什麼意義?)
  • When others make mistakes, do we have to make mistakes? 別人犯錯,我們也要跟著犯錯嗎?
  • Do you have depression? If you do, see a doctor. It's unable to hide yourself. 你是不是有憂鬱症呀?有憂鬱症要趕快看醫生,躲起來是沒有用的。
  • Do you dare to step into the real life? (敢不敢踏進現實的世界。)
  • I don't want to be a victim's family for the rest of my life. (我不想一輩子當被害者家屬。)

Sung Chiao-ping[edit]

  • In my experience, families don't treat each other, only hurt! (根據我的經驗,家人沒有互相治療的,只有互相傷害!)
  • Because you're brave. (可能是因為,你比較勇敢。)

Ting Mei-mei[edit]

  • Protect your family before you're qualified to help others. (先保護好自己的家庭,才有資格去幫助別人。)

Wang She[edit]

  • What is a good person or a bad person, do you have a standard answer? (到底什麼是好人,什麼是壞人,你有標準答案嗎?)
  • One who should be dead also have human rights in need. This is the right to equality in life. (再該死也有人權。這是人生而平等的權利。)
  • You have happy fortunes, and you don't worry about yourself. However, maybe we have a father who can't find a job, drink alcohol and have domestic violence against Mom every day. (你真的很幸運,不用擔心生活。但我們可能有個找不到工作的爸爸,每天酗酒打媽媽。)

Ying Ssu-tsung[edit]

  • Why is me? Why do I get the disease? (為什麼是我?為什麼是我要得這種病?)
  • Charlie Chaplin said "Close look at life is a tragedy, far see is a comedy.". (卓別林說過一句話,人生近看是悲劇,遠看,就是喜劇了。)

Ying Ssu-yueh[edit]

  • Why do you care your governor thinks about? The point is what you think about yourself! (你幹嘛管你們長官怎麼想你?重點是你自己怎麼想的!)

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