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The Zoot Cat (also referred to as simply Zoot Cat) is a 1943 American one-reel animated short and is the 13th Tom and Jerry short. It was produced in Technicolor and released to theatres on December 23 1943 Or February 26, 1944 by Metro-Goldwyn Mayer.

Directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Produced by Fred Quimby.


Tom: [imitating Charles Boyer] Ah, I love you. When I'm with you, I am what you call, uh, a hep cat. I am hip to the jive. I'm in the groove, darling.
Toots: Now you're REALLY sendin' me, Jackson.
Tom: Ah, you set my soul on fire. It is not just a little, uh, spark. It is a flame; a big roaring flame. Ah, I can feel it now. It is burning... burning... burning... hey. [to the audience] Something is burning around here!
[Tom then realizes what is burning and leaps about screaming. He sees his burned foot]


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