Thick as Thieves (1998 film)

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Thick as Thieves is a 1998 film about two master thieves who are at odds when one sets the other up for a crime.

Directed by Scott Sanders. Written by Scott Sanders and Arthur Krystal from the novel by Patrick Quinn.
It's all about payback. (tagline)


I'm so tired of the drama!


You can take the bitch outta the ghetto, but you just can't take the bitch outta the ghetto!


Cop: Come on, we're headin' downtown.
Sugar Bear: Where your warrant at?
Cop: Behind that preposition.
Sugar Bear: What?
Cop: Didn't you go to school? You can't end a sentence with a preposition.
Sugar Bear: Oh. Then, uh, where your warrant at, motherfucker?


  • It's all about payback.


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