Thomas Anthony Dooley III

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For other people known by the same name, see Tom Dooley.

Thomas Anthony Dooley III (1927–1961) was an American physician and humanitarian who worked in Laos and Vietnam.


  • I must remember the things I have seen. I must keep them fresh in memory, see them again in my mind's eye, live through them again and again in my thoughts. And most of all, I must make good use of them in tomorrow's life.
    • Deliver Us From Evil (1956); recounting Dooley's life-changing experience in 1954, while in the Navy and stationed in Vietnam evacuating anti-Communist refugees, observing the misery of the people.


  • I know of but one meek, humble man who accomplished anything. That was more than 1,900 years ago, and I'm not so sure he was meek and humble.