Threatening the President of the United States

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Threatening the President of the United States is a felony under U.S. federal law. Case law has recorded many notable threats.


  • President Wilson ought to be killed. It is a wonder some one has not done it already. If I had an opportunity, I would do it myself.
    • United States v. Stickrath, 242 F. 151, 152 (D.C. S. D. Ohio 1917).
  • Wilson is a wooden-headed son of a bitch. I wish Wilson was in hell, and if I had the power I would put him there.
    • Clark v. United States, 250 F. 449 (C. A. 5th Cir. 1918).
  • We ought to make the biggest bomb in the world and take it down to the White House and put it in the dome and blow up President Wilson and all the rest of the crooks, and get President Wilson and all the rest of the crooks and blow it up.
    • Ragansky v. United States, 253 F. 643.
  • They always holler at us to get an education. And now I have already received my draft classification as 1-A and I have got to report for my physical this Monday coming. I am not going. If they ever make me carry a rifle the first man I want to get in my sights is L. B. J.
    • Watts v. United States, 394 U.S. 705.
  • Ronnie, listen chump! Resign or you'll get your brains blown out. [accompanied with drawing of gun shooting bullet]
    • United States v. Hoffman (1986, CA7 Wis) 806 F2d 703.
  • Its too bad that Hinckley wasn't successful in killing that son of a bitch . . . the only thing I will do is blow the head off the President of the United States.
    • United States v. Carrier (1982, CA2 NY) 672 F2d 300.
  • You can't keep me from killing George Bush; One day I will have my chance, just watch and see.
    • United States v. Manning, 923 F.2d 83.
  • Im fed up with President Bush. In is so call kinded gentler world but he isnt dont Anything for the American People who are poor, hungry and he doesnt want the average Joe on the street to get a minimum wage hike but he thinks he & Congress needs one hes full of Shit And I think Some one ought to Take him OUT AS IN "Death" but then we would be stuck with Quaye and god knows he isnt Any Count. I would like to kill Both of Them. Ask Secret Service About ME especially the ASS hole Agent in Miami Ron Collins we had a Run In in 1986 in Ft Lauderdale hes the one he fuck up my Life by lying To The Courts. I may be drinking Now but Im telling the Truth he And that Female bitch Assit US Attory karen what Ever Sent ME to Prison for no Reason--And They should And will pay if I have Anything To Do with it You can Take That to the bank. I Live here in The city now.
    • United States v. Smith, 928 F.2d 740.
  • We are going to give you 21 Gun-Salute — 21 guns are going to put bullets thru your heart and brains.
    • United States v. Kosma (1990, ED Pa) 749 F Supp 1392.
  • I was in on the assassination of President Kennedy and I am going to kill President Johnson in the near future. I have sold some cattle and purchased a rifle with a scope. I have written a letter to the White House today in which I told the President I would kill him.
    • Normand P. Michaud v. United States of America, 350 F.2d 131, July 7, 1965.[1]
  • I Ray Dan Pierce hear by [sic] being of sound mind & body do hearby [sic] swear to kill the President of the United States of America the first chance I get...and by the way send me $100.00 for cigarette money.
    • Pierce v. United States, 365 F.2d 292.
  • Dear Mr. President, I am going to kill you, I am going to send you a pipe bomb. Love, Timothy Ballard.
    • United States v. Ballard, 6 F3d 1502.
  • If you were to find a bullet waiting for you once you looked out of the white house how would that feel while you were looking out your window. Do you know what Nitrometheane, Tovax, cannon fuses, a few barrels, a spool of shock tube and Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer will do. . . Well do you Mr-President. Well Id say not till it's used on you or yours. This is your first and last warning from me and the National Socialist Movement of Freedom. So bombs away you're a coward bastard.
    • Troy Stafford.[2]
  • Are you serious!?!? omg. Am I in a lot of trouble?
    • Kirstie Wilson, after being informed that the Secret Service was investigating her "Kill Bush" message on MySpace.
    • Report on Foxnews.

In fiction[edit]

  • American President: What's it going to be, Plissken? Them or us? (Armed forces approach)
Snake: I shut down the third world; they lose, you win. I shut down America; you lose, they win. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
American President: So, what are you going to do?
Snake': Disappear. [Types "6-6-6" on the remote]
Brazen: He's entered in the world target code...Sir, that will shut down the entire planet.
  • Escape from L.A. Written by John Carpenter, Debra Hill and Kurt Russell. Based on characters created by John Carpenter and Nick Castle.
  • Professor Xavier: [Time frozen right before a televised address]] Good morning, Mr President. Please, don't be alarmed. We're not going to harm anyone.
American President: Who are you people?
Professor Xavier: We're mutants. My name is Charles Xavier. Please, sit down.
American President: I'd rather stand.
  • X2 screenplay by Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris and David Hayter. Story by Bryan Singer, Zak Penn and David Hayter.
  • [As he intercepts her on her bath]
Batman: Amanda Waller. Born in St. Louis, road scholar, PhD in Political Science. Served in Intelligence, under three administrations. Disappeared from public life, four years ago.
Amanda Waller: (deadpan) Am I supposed to be impressed? Maybe I should rattle off your resume now? Y'know, I could blow the whistle on you any time I want...
Batman: Fine, why don't we step into the light together? I'm sure the American people would be just as interested in your activities as mine - Secret weapons, illegal cloning experiments, bypassing Congress...
Amanda Waller: What do you want!?Batman: I want to know what you think you're doing.
Amanda Waller: Did Superman ever mention that to get Luthor's pardon, he had to tell us about your parallel universe adventure? All about it? We started to wonder what would if you took the same action that the Justice Lords did. So I had my people run some computer simulations: If the Justice League ever went rogue, what do think would be the result?
Batman: That's moot...
Amanda Waller: (Dryly) Humor me. In every single scenario, you beat us. Badly. But that was before CADMUS. Now we have the technology to defend ourselves:
Batman: (Threatening) Whatever you think you're doing, if you present a threat to the world, the Justice League will take you down...
Amanda Waller: (Angry) If we present a threat!? You got a spaceship floating over our heads with a laser cannon pointing down! In another dimension, seven of you overthrew the government and assassinated the President! We're the good guys, protecting our country from a very real threat: You!
  • Near: We will be removed. All because of that chicken—shit President… No, far from chicken—shit: less than chicken—shit president.