Three Men and a Little Lady

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Three Men and a Little Lady is a 1990 American comedy film, the sequel to the hit film Three Men and a Baby (1987), starring Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson. This is the first sequel to a Touchstone film.


Mary: What a crock!
Sylvia: Mary! Where did you hear that?
Peter: [on the phone] What a crock!

Michael: When I was at summer camp, I bunked with a kid who collected farts.

Peter: I think she knows that actors are just like regular people.
Jack: [enters dressed as Dracula] Good afternoon.

Jack: Do you want to marry me?
Peter: Jack!
Jack: [to Sylvia] Want to sleep on it?
Michael: She did that once before, Jack!
Jack: Hey, shut up!
[turns back to Sylvia]
Jack: Do you want to marry me?
Sylvia: No.. but thank you for asking.

Peter: Where are you going to live?
Sylvia: London.
Jack: London, England?
Michael: [sarcastically] No. London, New Jersey.

Peter: [once again] I'll give you $1,000.00 if you do it.

Mary: Do you have a penis?

Sylvia: [brings in breakfast] Here's my specialty. Liver moose and poached eggs.
Edward: [looks at the tray and stammers] What an attractive combination, but we do have a cook for these sort of things.
Sylvia: I like doing it.
Mary: Try it, Edward. You'll like it.
Edward: [sees Mary holding her tea cup in the palm of her hand] Whoever taught you to hold your teacup like that?

Peter: [to a farmer] Do you have a car we could borrow?
[farmer shakes his head]
Peter: A horse? Anything that moves?

Jack: [seeing the amount of luggage Vera brought with her] What? No furniture?

Sylvia: Edward is a wonderful person, but something keeps me from saying yes.
Vera: Would that something happen to be a tall architecht?

Jack: [Jack and Michael have come up with a list of potential husbands of Sylvia and Peter has rejected every one of them] Bill, Billy Bob, Billy Joe? Come on, Peter. We're not asking you to marry the guy!

Peter: [Mary is upset about leaving New York for England] Close your eyes. Can you see us?
Mary: [she has her eyes closed] No.
Peter: Well, you're not looking hard enough. Look harder. Way in the back. Can you see us now?
Mary: Yeah.
Peter: Okay, what are we doing?
Mary: Michael's drawing, Jack's looking in the mirror, and you're watching basketball on TV yelling at Jack for not cleaning up the kitchen!
Peter: Well, that sounds about right to me!

Sylvia: I think we need drinks.
Peter: I think we need shovels.


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