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I don't sing my mother tongue
No, this is not a love song

Till Lindemann (born 4 January 1963) is a German singer, songwriter and poet. He is best known as the lead vocalist and lyricist of Deutsche Härte band Rammstein and solo project Lindemann. Rammstein have sold over 45 million records worldwide, with five of their albums receiving platinum status, and Lindemann has been listed among the "50 Greatest Metal Frontmen of All Time" by Roadrunner Records. He has appeared in minor roles in films and has also published two books of poetry: Messer ("Knife") in 2002 and In stillen Nächten ("In Silent Nights") in 2013. He has presented some of his original poems and scripts to galleries.


  • The Communist Manifesto was our Bible... It's in our souls, our friendship, our music… This is music for the people. We were kamikaze. For your land you would kill everyone that came from the capitalist foreign land.

Reise, Reise (2004)[edit]

  • We're all living in Amerika
    Amerika ist wunderbar
  • I don't sing my mother tongue
    No, this is not a love song
    • "Amerika"
  • Ich werde euch die Richtung zeigen
    Nach Afrika kommt Santa Claus
    und vor Paris steht Micky Maus
    • I will show you the way
      To Africa comes Santa Claus
      and before Paris stands Mickey Mouse.
      • "Amerika"

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