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Tin Man was a television fantasy miniseries on the Sci-Fi Channel. The story is continuation of L. Frank Baum's fantasy novel, The Wizard of Oz. It gives the story a science fiction/fantasy steampunk emphasis and gives only allusive references to the original story.

Part 1[edit]

Azkadellia: I felt a chill, doctor, and your little freak is going to tell me what it means.

Azkadellia: [about DG] My God. The little bitch has gone to see the wizard.

DG: What are you doing?
Glitch: Up here? Little anklebiters thought it might be funny to keep me hanging around. Loosen that rope and I might have the last laugh! [gives DG a hopeful look, who hesitates] C'mon doll, if mom and pop really are on the route to Central City, then you're falling further and further behind.
DG: You know the way?
Glitch: Sure! But it's kinda hard to give directions from up here. Unless you have a better offer?
DG: ...What the hell? [loosens rope]
Glitch: Hey, you aren't so hot on first glance either, honey! [pause] I-is there a problem?
DG: Oh, um... Your zipper's undone.
Glitch: Oh! Didn't mean to offend! Gotta be careful not to lose your marbles. But, since the sorceress made her medicos take mine... well, you flick the abucus.
DG: Why would they take your brain?
Glitch: Because of what I know. Or used to know. Whatever it was. [pause] Name's Glitch! On account of sometimes my synapses don't fire right. Sometimes my synapses don't fire right.
DG: You just said that.
Glitch: [blank look] Did I? [grin] There you go, Glitching again!
DG: [bemused smile] And here I was thinking this nightmare couldn't get any weirder.
Glitch: This isn't a nightmare. This is the O.Z. Used to be a piece of heaven too. Before Azkadee got her claws into it.
DG: [realization] Azkadellia! Sorceress of darkness!
Glitch: [nod] Mm.
DG: Village raider. Brain thief.

Azkadellia: How is it that a young unarmed girl in a party dress eludes the toughest division in my army?

Part 2[edit]

DG: You are twisted.
Azkadellia: Why? Because with a little re-wiring I was able to acquire the things I have missed out on for too long? A father's love, a mother's affection.

Azkadellia: Oh DG. My lovely little sister. That was the wrong... answer. Now we do it your way. Remember this: the next time I snuff out your insignificant little life, there will be no one standing by to save you.

DG: Are you clear?
Mystic Man: I've never been clearer. It's all coming back to me now. My troubled childhood, a long life of scholarly pursuit and my brief but glamorous foray in show business. Though that part's a bit hazy.

Tutor: Azkadellia.
Azkadellia: In the flesh. A little older, a lot smarter and most definitely still in charge.
Tutor: Nothing like a bloody coup to win the hearts and minds of the people. What do you want?
Azkadellia: I want the very thing you've dedicated your feeble life to: magic my friend. Those who can't do teach, right? Your freedom in exchange for your help.

Little Girl: [crying] Help me.
Young DG: Our mother's not far away. We'll go get her.
[The little girl transforms into the Evil Witch of the Dark]
'Evil Witch of the Dark: NO. Ohhhhhh, the magic is strong in you. Let go. LET GO!

Part 3[edit]

DG: Green really isn't your colour.
Azkadellia: I can see you in marble. Green marble.

Glitch: You know, when I had a brain, I was twice as scared as I am now. Which means, if I had no brain, I'd be four times as brave as I was when I was brainy.

Azkadellia: Do you know how long I have waited to see that look on your face? No phony smile, no brave front, just pure and utter shock. Possibly the only honest gift you ever gave me, Mother.
Lavender Eyes: I am not your mother.
Ahamo: Our daughter is dead.
Azkadellia: Both of your daughters are dead.
Ahamo: [shocked] DG is dead?
[Lavender Eyes gasps]
Azkadellia: Your royal line ends today in darkness. Permanent darkness.

Azkadellia: Oh look. The Resistance has decided to throw me a fireworks display. Boys and their toys. But nobody's toy compares to mine.

Evil Witch of the Dark: Have the little bitch. I care not. [realises Azkadellia has the Emerald of the Eclipse] Give me the Emerald. Give it to me. GIVE ME THE EMERALD!

DG: Now that's the O.Z. I remember.