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Tiny Toons Looniversity is an animation created by Warner Bros. Studio. It’s a reboot of Tiny Toon Adventures as it sets in a separate continuity from the original series. It revolves around Buster, Babs, Plucky, Hamton and Sweetie Bird in ACME University.


Season 1[edit]

Freshman Orientoontion[edit]

Plucky Duck: I didn't know there was a sing competition on the first day.

Give Pizza a Chance[edit]

Furrball: Peanut Brittle? My favorite!
Buster Bunny: No! Don't!

Extra, So Extra[edit]

"Bugs Bunny": Oh, hey, Doc. How's t'e mentorship goin'?
Buster bunny: Merlin seems… Nice… But I think we might be a bad fit.
"Bugs Bunny": Is t'at so?
Buster bunny: I'm here at Acme Lou to learn from the best. Like you! Bugs?
"Bugs Bunny": Kid, look, I don't mentor. Between Wabbit Season and Ski Season, I am booked! Maybe you should give Moilin a chance. He's been your mentor for, what, five minutes?
Buster bunny: You're right. I guess I was kinda disappointed. But everyone has lessons to teach. I'll apologize to Merlin. Let me go find him.
"Bugs Bunny": [in Merlin's voice] Why? He's already here. [casts a magic spell on himself revealing to be Merlin the Magic Mouse as Buster noticed the magic trick in awe]
Buster bunny: WHAT?! MERLIN?! [Merlin winks as Buster gets close to Merlin in excitement] How did you do that?!
Merlin the Magic Mouse: Time to teach you some real magic.

Tooney Ball Lights[edit]

Sweetie Bird: There's a cure for that. We! Don't! LOSE!
Buster Bunny and Sweetie Bird: YEAH, BRO!
Sweetie Bird: Sorry. I should warn you. I've been doing a lotta chest press!
Buster Bunny: Like I said, "Great Tooneybacker".

Save the Loo Bru[edit]

Buster Bunny: These pictures of Montana Max are all fake! It's the same face on all of them! He lied about being a student to buy the Loo Bru!

Prank You Very Much[edit]

Granny: I just got a call from the dean of Aqua Lou. Did you launch their school into a giant pie?
Buster Bunny: Yeah. We won the Prank War.
Granny: But Prank War is next month.
Babs Bunny: What?! That can't be right!
Ling Lobster: What about these flyers saying it's this month?
Granny: Now, if the Dean of Acme Lou and the Dean of Aqua Lou both know when Prank Week starts, why would someone need to announce it?
Buster Bunny: So, these flyers are a… PRANK?!?!
Hamton J. Pig: But then who made them?! [Scene goes to a room, revealing that Dizzy is the one who made the fake flyers]
Dizzy Devil: Dizzy prank everyone! Oh, got them so good! Not even my birthday!

General Hogspital[edit]

Sweetie T. Bird: He's still wearing the shoes!

Souffle, Girl Hey[edit]

Lola Bunny: I had some leftover ingredients. So, I just threw together this triple-whipped Dulce de leche with balsamic strawberries.

Tears of a Clone[edit]

Furrball: You wish you could be as hardcore as me.
Plucky Duck: Lucky for you, I'm an expert at Jack-Kour.
Buster Bunny: You like Jack-Kour, too?! Time to be hard on myself!

The Show Must Hop On[edit]

Bugs Bunny: Great job up there, kids!
Hamton J. Pig: (stutters) That’s all folks!

Season 2[edit]

Things That Go Tweet in the Woods[edit]

Whatever Happened to Babsy Bunny?[edit]

Spring Break[edit]