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Any reason the CIA wouldn't know about this?

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (2002) is the first game in the Splinter Cell series of books and video games. Released in late 2002, the game follows NSA agent and former U.S. Navy SEAL officer Sam Fisher, a "Splinter Cell" in the counter-terrorist group "Third Echelon", a division of the NSA, as he investigates the mysterious disappearance of two CIA intelligence officers in Tbilisi, Georgia, which leads him to uncover a plot involving mass conspiracy and high-tech information warfare.


Sam Fisher[edit]

  • I'm looking for two Americans... Probably dead.
  • I need you to understand we never talked.
  • That's detailed intelligence.
  • Don't ask any more questions; answers only and fast.
  • Goody.
  • I'm tired and I hate making people scream; it gets me down.
  • I see more suicides on this job...
  • He was never such an angel to start with.
  • The police are on their way or here already. Until they get here, I'm the only friend you've got, and I'm not a very good one.

Sarah Fisher[edit]

Irving Lambert[edit]

  • These cops are as crooked as a Virginia fence.
  • Knowing everything is my job.
  • Time just got scarce.
  • You've got incoming B2s and I promise you... You do not want to be there when they arrive.
  • We'll call back.
  • A SIGINT ninja with an unconscious bureaucrat on his shoulder is less than copacetic, so don't let him see you.

Vyacheslav Grinko[edit]

  • Alert! All men to full alert! We have an intruder in Nikoladze's office! Wake up you bastards - I want troops in there now!
  • Damnation! The Americans have taken the basement. I want all available men armed to converge on the basement! We'll kill them all!

Guards and enemies[edit]

  • It's probably not my problem.
  • Alarm, alarm!
  • That's not right at all.
  • What was that just now?
  • Check the corpse; make sure he's dead.

Tbilisi policemen[edit]

  • The rent's gone up in jail.
  • You want to die tonight? That's free. You want to sleep tonight? It'll cost you one hundred lari.
  • Unidentified assailant!
  • Nothing? How about drunk and disorderly? Assaulting a police officer, slandering the badge?
  • Shots fired!
  • Maybe it's better if I didn't see anything.
  • Must've been nothing.
  • Returning to patrol.
  • One of our men has been killed!
  • Officer down! I think he's dead!

Georgian Land Forces soldiers[edit]

  • Identify yourself!
  • It doesn't make sense.
  • Intruder!
  • Who's there?! Come out!

Russian mafiosos[edit]

  • Last week, it was those turrets. This week, it's these wall mines. So, I work with the tools they give me!
  • I got a corpse here!
  • Somebody attacked one of our guys!
  • Whoa! How did that happen?! (after spotting the shot out lights)
  • Come out wherever you are.
  • Olly olly oxen free!
  • You're good as dead.

CIA Security Protective Service officers[edit]

  • There's an armed man inside Langley!
  • We have an intruder in the agency!
  • 10-14, I repeat, 10-14!
  • Possible 10-14!
  • I've got a heavily-armed 10-14!
  • Show yourself!
  • Maybe it was nothing.
  • You'll get caught sooner or later!

CIA intelligence officers[edit]

  • Agent reporting on-site hostilities!
  • Call the security; we have an intruder!

Chinese PLA soldiers[edit]

  • The embassy's being invaded!
  • Where are you?
  • You can't hide!
  • Show yourself!
  • I saw something.
  • What is it, boy? (with dog)
  • One of us has been killed!
  • An American commando!

Georgian Presidential Palace Guards[edit]

  • He's picked up a scent. (with dog)
  • He's picked up a trail. (with dog)
  • I saw something.
  • Man down! He's not breathing!
  • Must've been part of this Nikoladze business.
  • We'll find you!
  • You're surrounded! Give up!

Georgian Elite Patrol[edit]

  • Relay alert! I found a body!
  • Reporting a corpse!
  • I see movement.
  • Maybe it was a shadow.
  • Engaging enemy!
  • Show yourself!
  • Give yourself up!
  • You can't hide from me!

Mercenary (Former Spetsnaz)[edit]

  • Who is that?
  • That's not right.
  • Where are you American?!
  • You can't hide forever!
  • Shoot 'em in the head!!!
  • Coming trouble!
  • Come out and die!
  • Come out!!!


Lambert: That was pretty tight. You still breathing?
Fisher: Doing my best.

Lambert: Blaustein's heart stopped beating forty-three hours ago.
Fisher: Any reason the CIA wouldn't know about this?
Lambert: Nope.
Fisher: Nice of them to share.

Fisher: One false move and you're dead. I need information.
Hostage: Okay.
Fisher: I'm looking for two Americans, probably dead.
Hostage: I--Grinko will kill me!
[hostage yelps in pain]
Fisher: Where are they?
Hostage: Nearby. In the morgue, they're dead. I helped the mortician find the mircochips under their scalps.
Fisher: The subdermals?
Hostage: Yes. Please don't hurt me!

Georgian civilian: I'd like to talk to your superior.
Tbilisi policeman: Perhaps I can help you, sir?
Georgian civilian: ... By fetching your superior.
Tbilisi policeman: I'm all there is. How can I help?
Georgian civilian: I'd like to register a complaint.
Tbilisi policeman: Than you'll have to ask at the desk to your right.
Georgian civilian: Very well.
[the civilian goes over to the other desk, the same policeman goes over to the desk]
Tbilisi policeman: Can I help you?
Georgian civilian: You're the same cop!
Tbilisi policeman: Yes, but this is the Public Relations Desk.
Georgian civilian: [irritated] Fine! I would like to register a complaint!
Tbilisi policeman: Of course sir, if you would be willing to wait until somebody is ready to help you.
Georgian civilian: You've got to be kidding me!
Tbilisi policeman: I can easily have you arrested sir.

Lambert: Grab him and make him talk, don't be afraid to use force.
Fisher: Who, me?

Lambert: They've got laser grid security in the courtyard.
Fisher: So I stay out the courtyard.

Lambert: Bad news, Fisher. Something got the military's attention.
Fisher: Oh boy.
Lambert: The oil rig just got bumped into the single digits on NATO's strike list. Find yourself a technician and get that data, time just got scarce.

Wilkes: Well, be careful.
Fisher: I've already got a mother, Wilkes.

Mercenary 1: You have blood on your shoes.
Mercenary 2: So I do.
Mercenary 1: This is terrible work.
Mercenary 2: The order came down directly from Grinko.
Mercenary 1: Yes; if I did not fear him like the reaper, I'd be long gone.
Mercenary 2: He told me to think of them as sheep. He says we are thinning the flock.
Mercenary 1: Hmph!

Russian mafioso 1: Are you sure he is dead?
Russian mafioso 2: Come on! You can see his brains; of course he's dead.
Russian mafioso 1: What about the key?
Russian mafioso 2: The key?
Russian mafioso 1: Yes, the encryption key.
Russian mafioso 2: I got it, it's destroyed, lets move on.

Mercenary 1: Last week it was those turrets, this week it's wall mines.
Mercenary 2: So? I used the tools they give me!
Mercenary 1: You obsess over them!
Mercenary 2: You have to admit, these are cool!
Mercenary 1: Yes, but if we plant too many, it's dangerous!
Mercenary 2: They're supposed to be dangerous! They're mines for God's sake!

Mercenary 1: We already checked this hallway.
Mercenary 2: We might have missed something, we'll check it again.
Mercenary 1: How could we have missed somebody?
Mercenary 2: Listen, this order came down directly from Vyacheslav Grinko. If just one of these geeks gets out of here alive, he'll skin us all!
Mercenary 1: Yeah, well...
Mercenary 2: Well what!?
Mercenary 1: Nothing!...Hold on a second, I need to visit the little boys' room.
Mercenary 2: Make it fast.

Lambert: Fisher, you're going to like this.
Fisher: It makes me nervous when you say that.

Lambert: Good lord, Fisher! That was General Kong Feirong!
Fisher: [sarcastically] Good lord! Who's that?

[A drunk man passes out]
Tbilisi policeman 1: Now what?
Tbilisi policeman 2: Check his pockets. I'll radio H.Q.

Feirong: I'm going to shoot myself!
Fisher: Not in the face.
[Feirong laughs]
Feirong: You are American, you are cause of all my sorrows, yes? Perhaps you can do me the favor... of killing me!

Chinese representative: You are American.
Fisher: You're Chinese.

[Sam interogating Grinko's driver Hamlet]
Hamlet: What the hell!?
Fisher: I'm going to ask you some questions. When I think you're lying, I'll do this.
[Hamlet groans]
Fisher: Who do you work for?
Hamlet: Vyacheslav Grinko.
Fisher: Tell me about him.
Hamlet: He used to be Spetznaz, now he's mercenary. He works for President Nikoladze.
Fisher: Where do I find Grinko?
Hamlet: He is meeting Masse in the elevator by the courtyard.
Fisher: Who's Masse?
Hamlet: Phillip Masse; some computer guy. He has access to Nikoladze's office.
Fisher: What's this meeting about?
Hamlet: I don't know. I swear, it has to be something bad if Nikoladze is willing to see Grinko face to face!
Fisher: I need you to understand we never talked.
Hamlet: I understand.
Fisher: Good.
[If Sam interrogates Hamlet again]
Fisher: Convince me we never talked.
Hamlet: If anybody finds out, Grinko will murder me.
Fisher: And you're frightened of Grinko?
Hamlet: God yes!.

Fisher: Are you Ivan?
Ivan: I... Yes. You are American? You are police?
Fisher: Yes and no. The police are on their way. Until they get here I'm the only friend you've got. And I'm not a very good one.
Ivan: We have to leave. We have to hurry. They'll find us soon.
Fisher: It's not my job. I'm here for your encryption key.
Ivan: That wasn't the deal.
Fisher: The deal still stands. The feds will get you out of here alive, but first you have to give me the key.
Ivan: That wasn't the deal I made with a woman on the phone.
Fisher: Listen, do I come to your job and tell you how to murder civilians?
Ivan: What?
Fisher: No, so don't come to my job and tell me how to do mine. Feds are on their way or here already, you're gonna be fine. You can give me the key or I can take it.
Ivan: That wasn't the deal.
Fisher: You're working from a very limited phrasebook. Listen, just give me the key. I'm tired and I hate making people scream - it gets me down.
Ivan: Here.
Fisher: Thanks. And until the feds get here... find a better hiding place.
Ivan: Goddammit!

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