Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

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Pandora Tomorrow is the second game in the Splinter Cell series of books and games. This game follows NSA Agent Sam Fisher, a 'Splinter Cell' in the anti-terrorist group Third Echelon, as he is taken on missions to stop a terrorist gang called Darah Dan Doa, whose leader has become unstoppable due to a scheme he calls Pandora Tomorrow.



  • I've got your French brains, Lambert.
  • I'm a penguin hunter.
  • Murder frozen organs? You can't murder the dead.
  • Who are we torturing?
  • Where's your sense of humour?
  • I'll try not to get too lonely.
  • You're underestimating my charm.
  • First Dahlia, now Ingrid. I'm starting to think you don't like women.
  • If I had any blood left, I'm sure I'd be blushing.
  • Here. I would have gift-wrapped him, but I didn't have any duct tape.
  • Details, details.


  • I hate this kind of thing.
  • Apparently, he had a disagreement with a landmine.
  • Leave him alive, if you don't mind. Updates on your OPSAT.
  • Well, you asked where my sense of humour was.


  • I've got a dozen Displace snipers around the camp. You can't see them, but you better believe they're there.
  • Good god, old man, you sure show up in unexpected places.


Lambert: What are you doing, Fisher?
Fisher: Heading out to sea.

Lambert: What the hell are you doing?
Fisher: Trying to convince you it's time to let me retire.
Lambert: That's not funny.

Lambert: You're not going to like this.
Fisher: Chances are...
Lambert: Security camera tap shows a lone guard overlooking the next courtyard, wearing nightvision goggles. There's an automated searchlight they haven't shut down; should be blinding through night goggles.
Fisher: You're telling me to stay in the light?
Lambert: I said you wouldn't like it.

Fisher: I need information.
Guard: I... I don't speak English.
Fisher: I'd be willing to bet your neck that you do.
Guard: I know a little English.
Fisher: Good to hear. I'm going inside to meet your friends. Anything I need to worry about?
Guard: They have guns.
Fisher: I'm shocked and amazed. What else?
Guard: My men planted the mines on our way out. We had to escort- (stutters) To defend the village!
Fisher: Escort who?
Guard: Nothing!
Fisher: Escort who?
Guard: Ahh! Nobody. I-I made a mistake.
Fisher: Escort. Who?

Fisher: I've got your French brains, Lambert.
Lambert: So that's what happened to them.
Fisher: Mortified dumped the clients and took the ND133.
Lambert: I guess we can assume he's not CIA. If he's willing to murder.
Fisher: Murder frozen organs? You can't murder the dead.
Lambert: Semantics...

Lambert: That was a fine way to thank Coldeboeuf.
Fisher: I get the feeling you're being sarcastic.
Lambert: He didn't need to die.
Fisher: Fine. I won't kill him next time.

Coen: What do you think?
Fisher: The world is small, nasty and complicated. And everybody dies alone.
Coen: Hm. What do you think about Norman Soth?
Fisher: He's small, nasty and complicated. And I guess how he'll die is up to him.

Lambert: Nobody knows whether he's a US agent or a terrorist.
Fisher: Those things aren't mutually exclusive.
Lambert: Hippy. Until we know different, we're treating him as a friendly so don't blow his cover. Don't do anything to compromise him.
Fisher: Does that include killing him?
Lambert: Yeah. Leave him alive, if you don't mind.

Fisher: Talk to me about level of force.
Lambert: It's them or you.

Guard 1: I've got this feeling like somebody's kicking me in the head.
Guard 2: Now there's an idea.

Fisher: You make this job too easy.
Grimmsdottir: Just respecting my elders.

Lambert: Great work, Fisher. Now find out what's in it.
Fisher: I could open it.
Lambert: And you could play Russian roulette with a clip-loading pistol.
Fisher: Where's your sense of humour?
Lambert: We've got a CIA analyst waiting with Coen. Man by the name of Bellagio Sampler.
Fisher: Bellagio Sampler?
Lambert: You asked me where my sense of humor was.

Fisher: Hi. How's your English?
Technician: Super.
Fisher: Super, I need you to raise that submarine.
Technician: Why?
Fisher: Because hurting people ruins my sweet disposition.
Technician: Ahh. Yes, yes. Right away.
Fisher: Thanks.
Technician: You're welcome.

Guard 1: I'm gonna go down for a cup of coffee. I'll be back in a few minutes.
Guard 2: Could you bring me a cup?
Guard 1: No. You know the equipment is too sensitive for us to drink in here.

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