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Transformers: Prime is one of several animated television series featuring the Transformers toy line.

Season 1[edit]

Darkness Rising, Part One[edit]

[Bumblebee arrives.]
Jack Darby: Friend of yours?
Arcee: Family.

Raf Esquivel: What are they?
Jack Darby: Talking cars that turn into robots. Or the other way around.

Raf: So, if you guys are robots, who made you...?
Ratchet: Ugh! Puh-leez...

Optimus Prime: We are autonomous robotic organisms, from the planet Cybertron...

Megatron: Decepticons! I have returned.

Darkness Rising, Part 2[edit]

[To the newly returned Megatron.]
Starscream: Then, as your humble servant, shall I ready the space bridge to bring forth the Decepticon army you have surely gathered during your three years in space?

[Megatron has tested the Dark Energon on a deceased Cliffjumper, resulting in an out-of-control zombie.]

[Ratchet is arguing against keeping the humans at the base.]
Ratchet: They have no protective shell! If they get underfoot, they will go...squish.

Bulkhead: Team Prime knows when to use force, and how much to use!
[Bulkhead crushes a tool in his fist]
Ratchet: Bulkhead, I NEEDED THAT!

[Megatron studies the Dark Energon.]
Megatron: Blood of Unicron, how I might fathom the depths of your mystery, become worthy of wielding your astonishing power!

Miko Nakadai: Robots who get dizzy?
Raf Esquivel: Robots with emotions....
Jack Darby: Robots...who can die.

Jack Darby: Well, if I don't call my mom, like, now, I'm pretty sure the cops will be out looking for me.
Optimus Prime: Have you broken a law?

Arcee: Grab your helmet, it's go time.
Jack Darby: Aww, it's Saturday!
Arcee: You can watch cartoons back at base with Bumblebee.
Jack Darby: Tchh. Cartoons? I'm sixteen.

Darkness Rising, Part 3[edit]


—Ratchet's tools suffer further abuse... from one of his already abused tools.

"I fear that when our master reached for the stars, he came down with a touch of... space madness."

—Starscream, ever ready to undermine Megatron.

"Besides, Ratchet hasn't been in the field since the war." "My pistons may be rusty, but my hearing is sharp as ever!"

—Arcee, on Ratchet's current military qualifications.

"Rise my army! Behold! The Power of DARK ENERGON!!!"

—Megatron raising the dead

Darkness Rising, Part 4[edit]

"Megatron has desecrated the resting place of our fallen ancestors... and his own!" "Not even the dead are free from his war-mongering."

—Ratchet states the obvious in a slightly novel way while Optimus rues the depth of Megatron's evil.

"I wouldn't." "Oh, but I might..."

—Arcee threatens Starscream, who doesn't feel very threatened.

"I like pie. Can we stop for pie?"

"You found Fowler! ROCK ON!"

—Delerious Fowler and Miko.

"No point in long good-byes. Here's the door."

—Ratchet fights back the tears as Jack prepares to leave.

"I ordered you to await my command! Instead, your mindless agenda resulted in the disabling of my ship, and the delay of my plans!" "My intentions were pure, master. I only wanted you to be rid of Optimus—"(Megatron slams his foot on Starscream's face) "NO ONE RIDS ME OF OPTIMUS PRIME BUT ME! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?! DO YOU?!" (Choking) "Lord Megatron, I will make things right, I swear! I know how to set your plans back on course...!" (Megatron picks him up by the throat) "Explain, Starscream. Quickly."

—Megatron raging, Starscream groveling.

"I've been raised to be responsible. To my schoolwork, to my mom, my job."

—The Spectacular Jack Darby

"Optimus, these are engineering specs for a space-time vortex generator." "Megatron is building a space-bridge. If he hasn't already." "The sooner he leaves, the better." "Bulkhead, a space-bridge runs in two directions. Megatron may not be trying to leave Earth, but to bring through his conquering army." "The main event Megatron referred to? But the only place Megatron could possibly recruit that many fallen warriors..." "Precisely...CYBERTRON."

-The Autobots have a sudden realization.

Darkness Rising, Part Five[edit]

Ratchet: Optimus, if you leave me stranded on a planet teeming with humans, I will never forgive you.

Megatron: Optimus Prime never disappoints. Unlike YOU, Starscream!

Starscream: Surely, Lord Megatron, the Autobots are up to something.
Megatron: [sarcastically] Really, Starscream?

Megatron: Ah...misdirection Optimus. You would've made a fine Decepticon.
Optimus Prime: I chose my side.

[With the destruction of his space bridge approaching, Megatron turns to find his forces retreating.]
Megatron: Starscream! Where is my ship?!
Starscream: We would never make it, Lord Megatron! Don't be a fool! Take flight and retreat!!

[Starscream is delivering Megatron's eulogy.]
Starscream: Decepticons, it is with deep sorrow that I note for the log... Megatron's spark has been extinguished... All. Hail. Starscream.

Optimus Prime: Without a means of leaving this world, we Autobots take strength in the bonds we have forged with our three young friends - true warriors. If not in body, then in spirit. My name is Optimus Prime, and I send this message. Though we did not choose to be of Earth, it would seem that we are here to stay. If you approach this planet with hostile intent, know this: We will defend ourselves. We will defend humanity. We will defend... our home.

Masters and Students[edit]

Vechicon Soldier: If we failed to conquer Earth under Lord Megatron's command, what hope do we have now while the Autobots still defend it?
Starscream: [growls] Allow me to be crystal clear: I studied for millennia under our former master, thus I am equipped to lead you. I, Megatron's true heir - Lord Starscream, EMPEROR OF DESTRUCTION!
[Vehicons begin to murmur]
Starscream: [snarls and storms out in frustration] What use are troops who can't rise to the task of inflicting unspeakable destruction in my name?!

Arcee: Maybe it needs one of these doohickeys... [Holds up a part]
Jack: You're a motorcycle, Arcee. Shouldn't you know how to build a motorcycle engine?
Arcee: You're a human, Jack. Can you build me a small intestine?

Starscream: Awaken, warrior. Rise and serve your new master!
Skyquake: Skyquake serves only one master.
Starscream: Excellent. Your loyalty and devotion will set a fine example for the troops. No need to be timid, Skyquake - you may bow.
Skyquake: You fail to grasp my meaning. I am here on a mission, assigned to me by my one master: Megatron.
Starscream: Yes...him. Sadly, Megatron longer with us.
Skyquake: Impossible!
Starscream: [Annoyed] Why is this so difficult for everyone to accept?! Skyquake, I located you. I awakened you. Thus I, Lord Starscream, am now your master!!!
[Skyquake growls and glares down at him]

Skyquake: [After scanning a jet mode] Air superiority achieved!

[Starscream yanks a shard of Dark Energon from Megatron's chest.]
Starscream: And this time...STAY DEAD!


Raf Esquivel: The Arctic? I've always wanted to see snow.
Optimus Prime: I would invite you to join, Rafael, but the conditions are much too extreme, even for we Autobots.
Raf Esquivel: I understand...
Optimus starts to leave, then pauses.
Optimus Prime: But, I will bring you back a snowball.

"Bulkhead, you never run." "Miko, you haven't seen a swarm of these things devour a bot. I have. They pick you apart from the inside out, going for the small juicy bits first, fuse by fuse, circuit by circuit, 'til there's nothing left, and I mean nothing... not even your optics."

—Miko gets some nightmare fuel from Bulkhead.

"I get to be your bodyguard for once. How cool is that?!" "Raf found the first one here, right?" (Lights turn off for a second followed by Bulkhead's scream) "Did you just scream like a little girl?" "No! ...Maybe... Can we talk about this later?"

—Miko and Bulkhead searching, and a more hilarious reversal of roles cannot be found.

"What do you suggest? Wait, how about a game? Let's play 'Who Screwed Things Up Back at Base'." "Our predicament could be the result of a simple malfunction." "Caused by Bulkhead."

—Arcee and Optimus prove that when things go wrong, blame it on Bulkhead.

"Bulkhead may be...too large for this world. But his inner strength is without bounds. One should not be measured by size alone."

—Optimus gives us a life lesson while finding a nice way to call Bulkhead fat.

"Ready for the main course? Come and get it!"

—Bulkhead, king of one-liners.

"I'd invite you in, but the place is a mess."

—Seriously, give Bulkhead a crown.

"We're just fortunate that this infestation happened...on a Saturday."

—Ratchet finds there's an upside to having human companions.

Con Job[edit]

"Do you not see that you are vastly outnumbered?" "I see fellas who might vastly enjoy watching me pound some dents into you."

—Starscream and Wheeljack

"I'm still picking shrapnel out of my backside!" "I'm not surprised, given the size of your backside."

—Bulkhead reminisces, Arcee zings.

"If anything happens to my favourite Wrecker, I'm coming after you!"

—Wheeljack tells Miko to take good care of his best bud for him.


"Ah-ah, no need, Agent Fowler. I will handle the driving." "It's going to be a long trip."

—Optimus Prime lets Agent Fowler in on his no-touch policy.

"Gentlemen, stop their engines."


"Is that so? Tell me, Si, what's the market price for a D.N.G.S. these days?" "What makes you think we intend to sell it, Agent Fowler?"

—Agent Fowler and Silas discussing the value of Fowler's Dingus.

"After a long road trip, feels good to get out of the car, stretch my legs, and kick some tailpipe!"

—Bulkhead, the reigning king of one-liners.

"You want me to not only bridge you into a confined space, but one traveling at 90 miles per hour? I can't even count the number of things that can go wrong. Mass displacement trauma, twisted limbs, metal burn! Well, maybe not the last one."

—Overly attached Ratchet to Jack, Miko and Raf

"First rule of combat: Never leave the enemy with the spoils."


Deus ex Machina[edit]

"Miko, listen. If you fail high school, you can't go to—uh...uni...kesa...colls...w-wait, what's that word again?" "Uh, 'college'?"

—Bulkhead tries to give Miko a lecture on academia.

"Look Miko, before I became a warrior I was a laborer, construction. I can build stuff, I can break stuff, and that's it." "I love breaking stuff! I wanna be just like you, Bulk." "Aaargh...why would you wanna be like me, when you can be a medic like Ratchet?"

—Bulkhead fails to convince Miko regarding the benefits of education.

"It's about time, Knock Out. I do not enjoy being kept waiting!" "Ah, it was a long drive, Starscream. I'm still picking bugs out of my grille." "Yes, right, you're one of those." "Come again?" "Never understood why any self-respecting Decepticon would choose 'automobile' as his vehicle mode when he could have flight!" "I like the way I look in steel-belted radials."

—Starscream and Knock Out discuss an infraction of the norm.

"We have a history." "(chuckles) And you have a pet. Does it play catch?"

—Bulkhead and Breakdown, just before the latter throws a giant stone pillar at Miko.

"We're already trespassers and thieves. Why not add forgery to the list?"

—Jack Darby, master of logic.

"Wait! What are you doing?!" "What I do best: (grabs Energon Harvester) Breaking things!" (punches Starscream)

—Starscream is no match for Bulkhead's sheer awesomeness.

"He's a glutton for punishment." (Autobots arrive) "Fight?" "Mmm, drive."

—Knockout and Breakdown are prevented from killing Bulkhead.

Speed Metal[edit]

"Winning isn't enough, Jack. You want to make him cry."

—Arcee explains her method of getting even.

"You have been street racing among the humans again, haven't you?" "I'm not only an automobile, I'm an automobile enthusiast." "I DO strive to run a tight ship, Knock Out. I would strongly suggest that you seek my permission next time you decide to disappear on one of your little...jaunts." "No worries, Herr Kommandant." "It is 'Lord' to you." "Only if Megatron takes a nosedive." "Hhhnnn. The day our master emerges from stasis, I will graciously relinquish the title. But I believe that outcome is unlikely. Something to do with the quality of medical care around here. So continue buffing. We do want Megatron looking his best for the memorial." (Starscream leaves the room.) "Buff this."

—Knock Out and Starscream don't exactly see eye-to-eye.

Arcee: Have you guys seen Jack? Miko: ...not since...we last saw him. Arcee: They're racing, aren't they? Raf: Just this once. Arcee: Did you know about this? Bulkhead: No. Maybe. A little.

—No one on Team Prime can lie.

"'Bee, do not engage. Your first priority is to keep Jack safe. [murmurs] Until I get my hands on him."

—Arcee is a scary guardian.

Raf: We should just tell Optimus the truth. Miko: Absolutely not! We made a deal. Just act completely normal. Optimus: Raf, Miko, do either of you know where the others have gone? Miko: (innocently) Why, no, sir. We do not know. Raf: (stiffly) Miko is correct. We do not know. Miko: Why would we know? Optimus: (raises an eyebrow) Hmm.

—Seriously, it's a minor miracle the kids haven't blown their cover with their parents yet.

"Do you know how hard that is to replace?!"

—Knock Out loses a door to Optimus Prime.

"Knock Out! Was I not clear?! You have defied my orders yet again!" "My mistake, Commander Starscream. But, I've learned my lesson, and paid the price..." "It. Is. LOOOORD! And you have paid, when I say you have paid. Do not worry, your punishment shall be merely... cosmetic." (Starscream extends a razor-sharp finger) "No... Not the finish! Anything but the finish! NOOOOOOOOOO!"

Lord Starscream reminds Knock Out where he stands.


"I may not have stinger-proof metal skin, Arcee, but in a pinch, I can use my multi-function pocket knife and magnesium fire-starter to cook up some freeze-dried mac and cheese."

—Jack subtly plants a Chekhov's gun.

"Partners don't ditch partners. " "Get this straight, you're not my partner, you're a liability!" "I don't believe you! I can see it in your eyes: you're afraid, Arcee. And you're never afraid."

—Jack calls Arcee's bluff.

"These days, I travel solo in pursuit of my new hobby." "I got a look at your souvenir case." "You mean my trophies. I collect endangered species. Of course, they aren't really endangered...until they meet me."

—Airachnid shares her favorite pastime with Arcee.

"So much for closure."

—Arcee is annoyed as Airachnid gets away.

Sick Mind[edit]

"Is he displaying brain wave activity?" "Spiking hard. His sick mind's still at work."

- Arcee namedrops the title.

"I will NOT allow Optimus to pass knowing that Megatron will outlive him!"

- Ratchet, increasingly desperate to save Optimus.

"An inglorious fate that he should remain in this vegatative state..."

- Starscream composes poetry about Megatron. Sound familiar?

"If this is my subconsious...WHAT ARE YOU DOING INSIDE MY HEAD?!"

-Megatron unintentionally makes us laugh.

"You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours."

- Starscream to Knock-Out, who evidentally doesn't remember what happened the last time Starscream's claws got close to him.

"Speak now, or forever hold your peace."

- Starscream to Soundwave as the former is about to take Megatron off life support. And Soundwave STILL won't say a word.

"I'm out... or should I say, in?"

- Megatron cackles as he awakes in Bumblebee's body.

Out of His Head[edit]

"Lucky for us Megatron was still alive. <Bumblebee beeps> "Yeah, I actually said that."

—Arcee surprising us all.

"Hm, hm. Yes, very nice."

—Ratchet is unimpressed with Raf's picture of his family.

"Yes! I love when a plan comes together!"

—Starscream, fan of the A-Team.

"Decepticons! Your rightful lord and master has returned!"

—Megatron reawakens.

"Megatron's greatest mistake was ever allowing you to live, Prime!"

—Starscream, a few seconds before Megatron shows up.

"Lord Megatron?'re healed! Praise the Allspark! It is a miracle!" "Oh, it will be a miracle all right, Starscream, if you survive what I have planned for you!

—Starscream discovers that Megatron doesn't tolerate traitors anymore.

"But the Autobots! Optimus! Right there, waiting for you!" "My greatest mistake? I've made a few. But there is one I do NOT intend to make again!"

—A desperate Starscream and a surprisingly self-aware Megatron.


"You cannot harm me while Dark Energon flows through my veins!"

Starscream, seconds before Optimus blows his arm off.

"I can't see without my glasses!"
"What are you, ninety?"
"Not. Helping!"
"[sighs] I'll get them!"

—A glasses-less Raf, a jerky Miko, and a frustrated Jack.

"Uhhh, Starscream, I don't quite understand how this could have happened..." "And yet, it DID! Can you imagine my horror, there I am, minding my own business, when my arm just FALLS OFF! Clearly Megatron inflicted more damage upon me than you realized...DOCTOR..."

—Starscream feeds Knock Out a string of completely unbelievable lies.

"How can a zombie arm move faster than the actual zombie?"
"I don't know, Miko. Must re-animated itself."

—That's a very good question, Miko. And a good answer from Raf.

"Look what I found in storage- What are you doing?" "You were right, Knock Out! I'm much too attached to my original appendage. I will retrieve it."

—Knock Out is confused when Starscream suddenly changes his mind.

"Ratchet, can we triangulate the geographical position of the cell phone signal?"
"In a parallel dimensional plane?!... Let's find out."

Optimus Prime poses a challenge for Ratchet .

"Look, if you're going to blame anybody, blame me."
"I'm sorry, could you repeat that? ...a couple dozen times?"
"That's a lot of owning up."

Miko owns up, while Jack makes it clear he's still ticked off. And Ratchet is about to blow his top.

Operation: Breakdown[edit]

"As much as I'll miss our little reunions... hammer time."

Breakdown before being captured by MECH

"It's a trap!"
"Would this be a 'roll out' kind of trap?"

Optimus Prime ackbars and Arcee continues to be genre savvy.

"'Marco!' You're supposed to say 'Polo!'"

Bulkhead plays with MECH.

"Never run when you can fight."


"One day, you will repay your debt to me, Breakdown... the day it comes time to choose sides."
“Huh... between ‘Bots and ‘Cons?”
“Between myself – and Megatron.”

Starscream informs a confused Breakdown of his plans for the future.


"Ah, the mother lode."
"Government database?"
"Social networking page."

Silas teaches Airachnid the fastest way to track down a teenager.

"Now, I know we promised the spider-bot that she would have first crack at you, but something tells me she's going to turn our mutual crisscross... into a double-cross."


"Jack, your motorcycle?"
"I can explain, Mom. Wait, I already did."

—Even with June Darby in mortal peril, Jack can still crack wise.

"Oh, not again!"

Agent Fowler is exasperated at Decepticons copying his vehicles.

"So that's how it's done. Genius."

Silas on seeing how Airachnid scans a vehicle mode.

"Mom, meet my science fiction club!"

Jack introducing June to the Autobots

Metal Attraction[edit]

"Allow me to redeem myself, master. What I have a constant reminder that I must never again fail you."

Breakdown rather darkly references his new eyepatch.

"I heard a rumour about a rogue 'Con. How about I hogtie you and haul you in?"

Breakdown has no sympathy for those who disrespect Megatron's rule.

"Where's Arcee?"
"Let's just say she's got your back."

—A confused Bulkhead, a sarcastic Miko, and an annoyed Arcee.

"Still up for a truce, muscles?"
"Only because I hate Bulkhead more than I hate you."

Airachnid and Breakdown decide to look at the bigger picture.

"Wanna dance?"
"You're not my type."

-Bulkhead and Airachnid exchange words before they go toe to toe.

"Arcee, I think I owe you an apology."
"You do?"
"I worry...especially when I feel like I can't control things—which, with a teenager, is all the time."

June admits the troubles of being a single mother to Arcee.

Megatron: Breakdown, you dare to return empty-handed?!
Breakdown: No, Master.
[Turns around, revealing Airachnid magnetized to his back]
Megatron: has been some time.
Airachnid: Lord Megatron...what can I say? It's good to be back.

—It would seem the Autobots have a new problem to deal with...

Rock Bottom[edit]

"Do you have any idea how long I've been waiting to see Slash Monkey?"
"Forever! And it's their only U.S. date!"
"Well, there's a shock. I mean, who doesn't love obscure Bulgarian shriek metal?"

Miko and Jack discuss rock concerts.

"She went in. Unbelievable."
"Really? Have you...met her?"

Arcee and Jack watch Miko run into the cave.

"DO NOT TAKE ME FOR A FOOL, STARSCREAM! I have been wise to your transgressions from the beginning. Not only did you pluck the Dark Energon from my chest in a failed attempt to snuff my spark, but you tried to raise yourself own undead warrior with it. It's no secret that you lost an arm in the process, which you've since had replaced."
"You know about that?!"

Megatron and Starscream discuss the latter's endeavors.

"You have ceased to be of use to me, you shall simply cease to be."

Megatron, with possibly the most hardcore one-liner he's ever delivered.

"Roll out."

Jack being genre savvy as he activates some Decepticon mining equipment.

(In front of a collapsed mine, which Megatron was in) "Heh heh...Haahahahaha! "Predictable", master? Is that what you called me? Well, now who has hit rock bottom? ...What's that? I'm sorry. I can't hear you beneath all that rubble. Hahahahahaaa! Farewell, Lord Megatron! May you RUST IN PEACE!"

Starscream monologues a little, thinking Megatron is dead.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Think of the glory, seize the day! Optimus would."
"No, he wouldn't. Not like this."
"I will be sure to share the details of our little conversation with Optimus, the day I rip out his spark!"

—A pinned Megatron is discovered by Jack, who refuses to take advantage of the situation and kill him.

"If you think I'm going to beg for mercy, Starscream, forget it!"
"Er, yes, begging for mercy would be quite pathetic, wouldn't it?"

Bulkhead unintentionally insults Starscream.


Starscream: "Master! You're alive! Thank the Allspark! [ Megatron glares at Starscream ] I did not abandon you, master! I returned! To save you!"
Megatron: "Save me?"
Starscream: [ scared ] "Look into my spark, Lord Megatron! My intentions were true! PLEASE! HAVE MERCY!!"


"I have been a fool. Made mistakes. Monumental ones. I now realize I was never destined to be leader, or even an equal partner. And, I am at peace with that. I have gained a clear understanding of my place in the universe. Of who I am. Of who I was always meant to be. STARSCREAM: second in command, humble servant to Lord Megatron. Thank you for listening, Soundwave."

Starscream speaks before Soundwave. Like talking to a brick wall.

"Hey partner, heck of a view you got up here. If there's even a small chance your spark is out there listening, well, we could really use you, Cliff. Seems like everyday another Decepticon arrives on the scene. We're outnumbered and outgunned. Yeah, I know what you'd say, 'Sounds like a fair fight,' and if that's the world we live in, so be it. I just want you to know, I haven't given up. I'm going to find the Con who took you from us."

Arcee visiting Cliffjumper's grave, and foreshadowing all at the same time. Multi-tasking.

"Oh you would do well to respect me, Airachnid. Before I joined Megatron, I was Air Commander of a squadron of Energon Seekers."
"On Cybertron, and how many eons ago was that?"

Starscream tries to be hot, and gets burned by Airachnid

"Airachnid... what I wouldn't do to get my hands around her wretched throat."
"So we can agree on one thing."
"Oh, you have no idea. She showed up one day and the next thing you know, she's acting like she runs the place. She whispered lies into Megatron's ear, maneuvered to remove me of my rightful place."
"Well... she terminated my partner."
"What?! She's taking credit for scrapping him now too?! That was my doing!"
"What? You weren't there."
"Uh, of course I wasn't. I don't know what I was thinking."
"Who are you talking about?"
"No one. Who are you talking about?"
"Who's Tailgate?"
"You are the one. You extinguished Cliffjumper!"

Starscream and Arcee compare their stories on Airachnid only for Starscream to let it slip about Cliffjumper. I pity the fool.

"You left Starscream with the Autobots?! Do you have any notion of the consequences of your blunder?!"
"But, my lordship! It was Starscream's incompetence that cost us the Immobilizer!"
"I don't care about some trinket! My second-in-command is a prisoner of the enemy! Which means all Decepticon intelligence could be at the fingertips of the Autobots!"

Megatron rages while Airachnid watches her chances of being his new BFF vanish.

"It is the external wounds which heal the quickest."
"I thought settling scores would allow me to move on... instead I chased away our hope of winning this war anytime soon."
"Wisdom cannot be granted, Arcee. It must be earned, sometimes at a cost."

Optimus Prime and Arcee on being the better 'bot.

"I have been a fool. Made mistakes. Monumental ones. But I have gained a clear understanding of my place in the universe. Of who I am. Starscream: aligned with no side; servant, to no one."

Starscream goes rogue on us.


Bulkhead: Hey, Ratch, check out the monster truck rally Miko took me to last week. Miko: I compiled some highlights with my cellphone. Ratchet: Innocent vehicles battling for the entertainment of human spectators? (shudders) Bloodsport! Bulkhead and Miko: Yeah!

—Ratchet disapproves of Bulkhead and Miko's taste in sports.

"Come to papa." (Bulkhead knocks him away) "Run to mommy!" (Breakdown grabs Bulkhead from behind) "Say uncle! Say it!"

—Knock Out, Bulkhead, and Breakdown continue with humorous mid-battle banter.

"How about our Sunday morning dune-bashings? Rocking out to Slash Monkey? Helping me with my homework? Trick question! You know I don't do homework...don't you?"

—Miko is at least more subtle in her remember-who-you are monologue than Raf was.

"You...painted my paint job! Prepare for surgery!"

—Knock Out really needs to sort out his priorities.

"Because the energy took Bulkhead's mind with it. Heavenward. Lost to the stars. It's my fault you'll never know the rest of the formula, and it's my fault Bulkhead's gone forever."

—Miko pulls an Optimus on us.

Stronger, Faster[edit]


—Ratchet gets a new catchphrase. He needed that.

Ratchet: (clicks as he walks by) How's it hummin'? Arcee: ... Did he just? Bulkhead: Stronger... faster... studlier.

—Yeah, he did.

"It's all right, I'm an emergency vehicle!" [transforms]

—Ratchet, engaging the Decepticons, threatening the title holder of King of One-liners

"You know your problem, Optimus? For such a big, strong ''re SOFT. You didn't pound Megatron into scrap when you had the chance! Many chances, in fact!!"

—Ratchet under the influence of Synth-En, getting a little too close to the truth.

"Yeah, she's kinda domineering and the extra arms are weird, but... I find myself intrigued by her."

—Breakdown chats to a Vehicon about Airachnid.

(Megatron twists Ratchet's arm, and he cries out in pain) "Ratchet is a bit more spirited than I recollect..." "Chemical enhancement, perhaps?" (Megatron savagely rips Ratchet's chest open, causing him to bleed Synth-En. He slams Ratchet to the ground.) "There's your laboratory sample, doctor. Find out."

—Megatron talking to Knock Out, apparently forgetting that this is a kids' show.

One Shall Fall[edit]

"And it was written in the Covenant of Primus that 'when the forty-seven spheres align, a perpetual conflict will culminate upon a world forged from chaos and the weak shall perish in the shadow of a rising darkness.'"

-Optimus Prime recites a passage of ill tidings.

Arcee: "No 'sky is raining fire'?" Ratchet: "Goes without saying. It is a doom prophecy, after all." Bulkhead: "I say it's a load of hooey."

-The Autobots' reaction to the above passage.

"Um, Optimus! You wanna see something funny?" "No."

—Jack learns of Optimus Prime's minimal sense of humor.

"Agent Fowler, I fear that Megatron's desperation may be at its zenith, and you know that I cannot condone a single human casualty."

-Optimus Prime encourages Fowler to leave defense of the US base to the Autobots (and provides a hint of foreshadowing).

"It would seem I swatted a bee and squashed a bug."

—Megatron, who is being a jerk.

"Does he seem to be... 'losing it'?" "A bit..."

—Knock Out and Airachnid discuss Megatron's state of mind.

"Curse my Cybertronian pride! We've welcomed these humans into our lives, yet I bothered to learn so little of their science, or medicine."

-Ratchet panics over his inability to help Raf.

"I have been foolish not to see what history has proven over and over again: that Autobots and Decepticons will never mend their ways. If there can be no diplomatic solution to this perpetual conflict, then I must not allow more darkness to fall upon this or any planet. Megatron must be destroyed!"

—It's about slaggin' time, Optimus Prime.

"I have come for Megatron, and him alone. Stand down and be spared."

-Optimus Prime is on the warpath. Primus help us all.

"Megatron! I am here, on your ship! Come and FACE ME!"

—Optimus hailing Megatron, using the wrist communicator of a dead Vehicon. Dude is hardcore.

"Megatron, today you answer for your crimes against Cybertron and against humanity. One shall stand..." "And one shall fall. You, Optimus Prime!"

—Optimus Prime and Megatron, who has heard this speech before.

"Your defeat was foreseen here by the ancients. What was it they wrote? 'The weak shall perish?'" "Do not believe everything you read."

—Megatron and Optimus Prime, unusually philosophical in the middle of a death-match.

One Shall Rise part 1[edit]

"The ‘Cons killed a unicorn?" (Awkward silence) "White horse with a horn on its head... prances around all sparkly?"

-Miko sure knows how to lighten the mood.

Optimus: June, it deeply grieves me that I have failed. But I will do everything in my power to ensure that no harm comes to our human friends – or any human – ever again.
June: Optimus… they’re children. They do not belong in your world. They should be worrying about grades, prom dates, pimples – not their own survival!

-A spark-to-heart in which Optimus and June don't quite see eye to optic.

Miko: Do you really expect me to get into a non-transforming vehicle?
June: Miko, I’m serious.
Miko: You’re not my mother.
Bulkhead: Miko…
Miko: Neither are you!

-Miko asserts her independence - again.

"...I awaken..."

-Unicron, bringing all the sinister foreboding you'll ever need.

"Before the beginning... there was Primus. And, there was Unicron. One, the incarnation of creation – the other... of destruction. For eons; Primus and Unicron battled, the balance of power shifting between them more times than could be counted. Only by creating the Thirteen – the original Primes who preceded me – was Primus finally able to defeat Unicron, and cast him out. Primus became one with the very core of our planet, creating life through the Well of All Sparks, while Unicron was never to be heard from again... until now."

-Optimus Prime tells the tale.

Megatron: I feel your presence, share your very spark! I call upon you as my lord and master, oh mighty Unicron.
Unicron: [Rising] WHO DARES?
Megatron: Your servant most humble. Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, and the wielder of the Dark Energon which binds us. To awaken you once again. The prophecy has been fulfilled. It is only the beginning of what we shall accomplish together. For you shall rule this planet, and those who walk upon it through me.
Megatron: Master, I did not mean to overstep...
Megatron: Please, my lord, I exist only to serve you.
Megatron: That is Optimus, the last of the Primes; our sworn enemy.
Megatron: I will destroy him for you! His screams shall be heard--

-Confronting Unicron himself, Megatron starts to feel a little like Starscream.

Optimus: I humbly request your ear, Lord Unicron.
Unicron: And what would a Prime be so compelled to say to me?
Optimus: I make this appeal not for myself, but for this planet which you constitute – and the beings that inhabit it. Humankind relies upon you; for life, sustenance. Your resurrection will only result in the destruction of a species which evolved from the seeds of your very greatness.
Unicron: So this humankind of whom you speak… you consider them my progeny?
Optimus: Indeed.
Unicron: PARASITES! They, too, shall know my wrathful hand – once I am finished with you!

-Nice try, Optimus, but Unicron has never been much of a people person.

Unicron: The line of Primes has grown weak in my absence. And thus, you shall fall!
Optimus: That outcome is inevitable… but not on this day!
(Optimus shoots the golem until it breaks. Several more then form from the surrounding rock.)
Unicron golems: Yes, disciple of Primus… on this very day. For Unicron may be one… but we all are Unicron!

One Shall Rise part 2[edit]

"Optimus! Have you uncovered any further sign of Unicron's emergence?" "Unicron is power incarnate, and you, the last of the Primes, shall perish!" "I take that as a yes."

—Ratchet finds out that Unicron has awakened

"It is rather ironic, considering our last encounter. If memory serves, you were desperately attempting to extinguish my spark." "That option remains very much in play." "I would expect nothing less!"

—Megatron and Optimus talk about the good times.

(GroundBridge opens up next to Bulkhead, Arcee, and Bumblebee) "Wait. We're opening up a direct path into our base with Megatron standing right there?!" "And seriously, he's gonna risk his own spark to save us?" "(Laughter) Hardly my nature!"

—Arcee and Bulkhead doubt Megatron's motives, which he finds amusing.

"It appears our leader has abandoned us while this world erupts in chaos. I believe we must consider the possibility of a future without Megatron."

—Airachnid fills the quota for scheming in Starscream's absence.

"So this is where the magic happens. Quaint."

—Megatron enters the Autobot base.

One Shall Rise part 3[edit]

Raf: Megatron was an Autobot? Miko:Optimus was a 'Con!? Rachet: No, on either count.

– The kids get confused while Ratchet gets ready to tell a tale.

"Watch out for the quiet ones…"

—Knock Out after witnessing Soundwave "veto" Airachnid's motion to leave Earth.

Unicron: Megatron! Destroy the Prime! I command you! Megatron: Megatron is commanded by NO ONE! Aaaaaargh!!

– He's not wrong this time.

Optimus: Where are we Megatronus? Megatron: ...Don't you remember, old friend?

– …uh, that was unexpected.

Season 2[edit]

Orion Pax part 1[edit]

Megatron: —and the first to address him as Optimus Prime will have their voice box torn out.

Knock-out: Welcome back to the winning team.

Orion Pax part 2[edit]

"You do not suggest that our leader... would speak falsehoods?" "Hahahahahaha! You...You truly are being kept in the dark, aren't you?"

—Starscream, upon learning of "Orion's" deception.

"The Decepticon Space Bridge is located right here, deep within an energon mine." "Adjacent to a raw fuel supply, clever. What's our intel?" "A... reliable source"

—Ratchet talks to Arcee about their tip, without realizing he's calling a Decepticon reliable.

"Command, this is Space Bridge Control! We are under attack! Command, do you read me?" (commlink static) (Bulkhead smashes the Vehicon's face) "Shhhh."

—A Vehicon is reminded of the no talking rule by Ratchet.

"Thank you, Starscream." (Bulkhead looks at Arcee) "Who else would it have been?"

—Arcee's too clever by half.

"Don't worry, Space Bridging is just like Ground Bridging." (Space Bridge fires up with a loud noise) "(Shouting) JUST A LITTLE MORE INTENSE!"

—Arcee tries to ease Jack's nerves about going on the big boy rides.

"Somebody say something, pronto!" "Rafael, patch in Agent Fowler."

—Agent Fowler gets exactly what he wants, just not what he expected.

Orion Pax part 3[edit]

"Why did it have to be Scraplets?"

—Bulkhead channels Harrison Ford.

"Why does history portray me siding with the Autobot aggressors? And why did Starscream call me a Prime? I must know...who am I?" "You are my clerk."

—"Orion Pax" questions his identity, while Megatron responds with a firm establishment of the pecking order.

"You will finish Project Iacon by the time I return...or I will carve out your spark before your very EYES."

—Megatron threatens "Orion Pax".

"Hey guys—the main course!"

—Jack directs the Scraplets to their other menu choices.

"That may be true, or yet another deception, but this much I do know: my sympathies lie with the Autobots, and you are not one of us!"

—"Orion Pax" to Megatron, realizing the truth.

"Are you...certain I am worthy?" "You have no idea."

—"Orion Pax" and Jack.

"Megatron—be gone!"

—Optimus Prime, before delivering the most awesome series of punches in the entire series.

"This time, he's coming with us!"

—Bulkhead, keeping his crown with one-liners.

"Optimus, it has truly been our darkest hour, but know this: from every indication your spark never ceased being that of an Autobot."

—Ratchet, assuring Optimus of his virtue.

Operation Bumblebee part 1[edit]

"The new Urbana 500. It won't just rock your world. It will transform it."

—The commercial narrator hates Bumblebee.

"You want to ride with the siren on?" "No, thank you."

—Ratchet attempts to cheer up Raf.

"Still don't know how you talked me into this. You're worse than Miko."

—Bulkhead on Bumblebee's persuasiveness.

"Bumblebee, where's your famous engine power? Show me some speed!"

—Knock Out, unintentionally striking a nerve.

Operation Bumblebee Part 2[edit]

"You and I both know there exists a way to make him whole again." "A transplant. But that would require a donor." "You need look no further than the Autobot standing before you."

—Ratchet tells Optimus Prime that he is willing to make a sacrifice.

"...I think I leaked a little transmission fluid."

—Knock Out sums up how intimidating his master truly is.

"Do you ever not speak?"

—Silas says what we're all thinking to Starscream.

"Mine's bigger!"

—Bulkhead compares hammers with Breakdown.

"Time to jet! Because I can!"

—Starscream, who really should learn to keep his mouth shut.

"I am able! Just ask Bantor! He was all mandrill untill I put a tiger in his tank!"

—Delerious Ratchet, spouting random Beast Wars references.

Loose Cannons[edit]

"Not this again!"

—Agent Fowler gets his vehicle scanned by a 'Con for a third time.

Wheeljack: You know Wreckers don't call for backup. Wheeljack and Bulkhead: They call for clean-up!

—The remaining Wreckers provide an alternative to "Wreck and Rule!"

"I will be quite surprised if we ever set eyes upon Dreadwing again."

—Megatron putting his faith into his soldier.

"Sorry, Jackie. It's 'cause I love ya."

—Bulkhead shows the tough love.

"Sorry, fishies!"

—Bulkhead runs towards water with a bomb attached.

"So, who do we call for clean-up?"

-Wheeljack being...Wheeljack


"I know we've never seen eyes-to-eye, but that doesn't mean we can't patch things up."

—Airachnid baits Breakdown with extra-strength puns.

"You dare turn your back on a superior life-form? I am Commander Starscream!"

—Starscream using his former position to get others to do what he wants...again.

"You and your beast would do well to remember—I honed my skills in the pits of Kaon!"

—Megatron reminds all that he is not so easily beaten.

"Never trust a 'Con. Kick Buckethead's bucket!"

—Bulkhead is dubious of Dreadwing's trustworthiness.

"You disobeyed my orders in following me here. You will make a fine first lieutenant."

—Megatron might have finally made a good choice for second-in-command.

Nemesis Prime[edit]

"Yes, that's it. Follow the light." "Wait, what? Not the best choice of words, Ratchet."

—Ratchet and Arcee

"I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, and I bring you this message."

—Nemesis Prime steals one of Optimus's catchphrases.

"Be on your guard. My double could be anywhere." (Bumblebee beeps a reply) "I'm sorry. What?"

—Nemesis Prime tries and fails to fool Bumblebee.

"...But the key difference between you and me? body can't feel PAIN!"

—Silas at the controls of Nemesis Prime, right after shoving his blade through Optimus' torso.

"The internal damage to his organs is massive, and beyond the scope of conventional medicine. Fortunately for our leader, MECH is anything but conventional."

—MECH Surgeon on Silas's future.


"Soldier, too close."

—Agent Fowler doesn't like close ups of his face

"Of course, Big Foot and I don't always see eye-to-eye."

—Agent Fowler summing up his relationship with Bulkhead

"Arcee may be a bot of few words, but Bumblebee doesn't use any, that we can understand."

—Agent Fowler describes Arcee's and Bumblebee's communicative (or lack of) skills.

"General Bryce, Prime is no loose cannon. He's anything but."

—Agent Fowler describing Prime's mental state - the opposite of Wheeljack's.

"Defies all logic, Bill. Dark energon? Then you go on record saying that you believe in magical horses with horns on their heads." "What?" "Do you deny previously reporting that Megatron helped defeated a unicorn?" "Oh? That's what you...? Unicron! The ultimate evil! Permission to strike this from the record."

—General Bryce makes the second unicron/unicorn joke in 25 years, and Agent Fowler avoids a psychological evaluation.

Fowler: General Bryce here just needs to confirm the state of your health and welfare." Optimus: I am fine, General Bryce. How are you?" Bryce: I am well, uh, soldier.

—Agent Fowler calls on Optimus Prime, who makes awkward smalltalk with General Bryce.


"This is for Cliffjumper! For Bumblebee! For everything."

—Bulkhead delivers some much-deserved payback to Starscream. Well, actually his clone, but what's the difference?

"You left me no choice."

—Bulkhead pulling an Optimus. At least he didn't rip Starscream's face off.

"My genetic code provides my clones with a T-Cog I no longer possess, and all I get is their agony?!"

—Starscream laments over the side-effects of cloning.

"Exterminating you was so gratifying the first three times."

—Megatron approaching the last of Starscream's clones.

"When you extinguish my spark, make it hurt. You know I would extend that courtesy to you."

—Airachnid, creepy to the last.

Bulkhead (rushing inside the Autobot's base): Guys, you are not gonna believe the day I had! [Bulkhead spots Airachnid in stasis, then looks at Ratchet and Arcee] Bulkhead: Oh, you too, huh?

—It's been a busy day for everyone.

"I feel your pain. Really I do. [Fires missle at his clone] AAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGHHH! Scrap, that hurt!"

—Starscream killing the last clone.

Flying Mind[edit]

"My own vessel dares to address me in threatening tones?!"

-Megatron reacts to the Nemesis' newfound attitude.

"Doc Knock is knocked out!"

—Miko makes the joke we've all been waiting to hear.

"Say Ahhh!" "I'm here to offer a second opinion!" [Ratchet punches Knock Out]

—Knock Out's dentistry leaves something to be desired, while Ratchet gives Knock Out the hint that he might want to consider going back to medical school.

Tunnel Vision[edit]

  • "Face."

—Jack, throughout the episode.

  • "Well, I've actually been in subway stations. I grew in a major metropolis. Unlike Mr. 'I've never been outside of Jasper, Nevada'."
  • "I have been to Cybertron."
  • "Cybertron doesn't have subways! ... Does it?"

—Miko's argument against Jack soon falls short.

  • Knock Out: "You have lovely features. Perfect for a painful little procedure I like call the nip and tuck."
  • Arcee dodges, and kicks Knock Out
  • Arcee: "Dodge and kick."
  • Arcee runs for the relic, but gets plugged in the back by Knock Out's prod
  • Knock Out: "Shock and drop."

—Knock Out and Arcee carry on witty repartee.

  • "You scratch my face, I scratch yours!"
  • Arcee and Bumblebee cock their blasters*

—Knock Out tries and fails to reference a previous episode.

  • Vogel watches the Autobots and kids leave*

"Robots who turn into vehicles."

  • Vogel turns to look at his sweeper train*

—We've all done it before, Vogel.


"Faster, you pathetic excuse for transportation!"

—That's not gonna work, Starscream.

"What a team we make! I am so glad that you prevailed, Optimus Prime! That wretch Dreadwing was going to terminate me! Now, if you could just remove my bonds, I can lead you straight to the relic." Optimus cocks his blaster "You will lead me there regardless." "Hmph! You're welcome!"

—An excited Starscream and a totally thankful Optimus Prime.

"Are we really going to stand out here in the freezing cold, completely at the mercy of human bureaucracy?"

—Starscream is incredulous at the thought.

"I haven't had this much fun since I punched that hole in Cliffjumper!"

—Starscream really doesn't know when to shut up about that.

"I will beat the living spark out of you, just so I will never again have to hear you pontificating!"

—Starscream says what he thinks of Optimus Prime's speech pattern.

[Evil laugh] "That tickled! *Evil laugh* Fools! Not only am I intelligent, I am INVINCIBLE!" "Yet you cannot fly!" "Nobody's perfect!"

—Starscream and Optimus Prime, the former enjoying the suit a little too much.

"Cowards! You will not escape my might! [beat] Wait... [beat] You two are up to something!"

—Starscream being genre savvy.


“I'll be sure to be on my best behavior, Doc." "Please don't call me 'Doc'." "Whatever you say, Sunshine."

—Wheeljack pulls out a rather unfitting nickname for Ratchet.

"Wait a minute, a grenade inside of Laserbeak, inside of Soundwave? Like a turducken!" "I'm sorry?" "It's a turkey, stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a... never mind."

—Raf fails to enlighten Ratchet.

"Any last words?" "..." "Right... silent type."

—Wheeljack remembers only too late that Soundwave ISN'T going to say anything.

(Weakly)"...Doc?" "Wheeljack, I TOLD you not to call me that!" "...I'm sorry..." "...What's wrong? Where are you?" "...You have...two minutes..."

—Ratchet knows something's wrong when an injured Wheeljack apologizes over the comlink.


"I can has cheeseburger!"

— Yes, Agent Fowler actually said that.

"Leave it to Megatron to send a bug to do his dirty work." "You would know a thing or two about dirty work yourself, Wrecker."

— Bulkhead receives a "right-back-at-you" from Hardshell.

"Now, you see, the thing about bugs your size: They make a bigger mess when I SMASH 'EM!"

— Bulkhead being true to his wrecking nature.

"Come on soldier, dump that rock and come on home!"

—Fowler coaxes Bulkhead through his grueling mission.


(Buffing his paintjob) "Detailing was so much easier when Breakdown was around!"

—Knock Out gives fangirls an inch.

"Wheeljack. The one who enjoys...explosive devices."

—Megatron, describing more Wheeljacks than one.

"Talk during battle is a sign of weakness." "Only when you're too primitive to do two things at once."

—Hardshell and Wheeljack exchange smack talk.

"I thought I told you to hit autopilot." "Bad things happen to bots when I leave their side."

—Wheeljack shows concern for Miko, who is not entirely wrong.

"The Autobot did THIS?!" "No, my lord... it was... a human... girl."

— Megatron quickly learns that some humans make good on the promises they make.

Out of the Past[edit]

"So this is Kaon, huh? Love what you Decepticons have done with the place. The ruins are especially picturesque."


"Your reasoning is hardly...logical."

—Shockwave channels Mr. Spock.

"Surrender the encryption code, and I will see to it that you perish quickly." (Arcee mumbles something under her breath) "Speak up. I can't hear you when you whimper." "...Get. Fragged."

—Starscream tries to intimidate Arcee, but all he gets is a scathing Cybertronian expletive.

"While it often pains me, I do TRY to be a team player."

—Starscream, telling us what we already know.

"Funny. At first I didn't think I'd ever get used to Cliff's constant chatter. Now...there's nothing louder to me than the silence."

—Arcee mourns her fallen partner.

New Recruit[edit]

"The tap-dancing monkey strikes again!"

—Jack on Raf's latest anti-Bumblebee-sighting hack.

"Puh-lease! Isn't having three humans here enough?!" Everyone stares at Ratchet in disbelief

-Ratchet finally speaks his mind on Jack, Miko and Raf.

"All these Cons came out of one pod?" "Humans refer to the phenomenon as a 'clown car'!"

—Arcee asks a question, and Ratchet offers an explanation.

Miko: What's your story, Smoke? Where did you come from? How did you get here? How many blasters are you packing? Smokescreen: So these are the lifeforms we're supposed to protect? Are they all like this? Ratchet: Fortunately not.

—Smokescreen meets Miko.

"The Red Energon is mine, humans, for you are powerless in the face of the mighty Star- What? Where is it?!"

—Starscream's melodramatic entrance is deflated.

"Any last words, Smokescreen?" "Just four—kiss your armor goodbye!"

—Starscream gets a last warning from Smokescreen before literally getting his tailpipe kicked.

"You aren't the only one sporting a fancy wrist-mounted device!"

—Starscream on his fancy rockets.

The Human Factor[edit]

"Thank you all for your dedication and a lifetime of service. But I now seem more suited to keep the exclusive company...of titans."

—"Cylas", just before brutally killing his own men. And this is a kids' show?

"Bulkhead! I NEEDED THAT!"

—Ratchet still hasn't learned that saying that phrase won't change anything.

Jack: You've got to be kidding, Raf! You of all people, grounded? Raf: Big time. I misplaced some homework and blew a couple of tests. Miko: Translation, A- instead of A.

—Miko thinks Raf is Mr. Perfect when it comes to school, unlike herself.

"This is the human who dissected Breakdown!" Knock Out activates his circular saw "Please, my liege...allow me to return the favor."

—Knock Out, finally confirming the fans' belief that he does care about his former partner.

Megatron: Cylas, you have earned your place at the table. Cylas: Lord Megatron, I am honored. Megatron: Knock Out's dissection table! Knock Out: Breakdown would be tickled.

-CYLAS learns the hard way that there is always a bigger fish.


Megatron: It cannot be. Power of this magnitude must never be allowed to fall into the hands of Optimus Prime no matter what. ...
Megatron:We Decepticons... now face our darkest hour.

Smokescreen:How epic was that?

Alpha; Omega[edit]

"So, did Alpha Trion ask about me?"


"Yeah, I don't think I'd ever wanna leave Miko" "We've made friends here. Family." "We could always... 'text' them."

—Bulkhead, Arcee, and Ratchet.

"At last we take our rightful places, Optimus, as gods, wielding the power of the cosmos." "I am but a soldier, Megatron, and you are a prisoner of your own twisted delusions."

—Megatron and Optimus Prime exchange banter during battle.

Hard Knocks[edit]

"Last one to the Omega Key has to scrub the Energon tanks for a week." "Didn't know we were keeping score."

—Smokescreen and Arcee

"Who knew that sound waves could be such a knock out?"

—See what Knock Out did there?

"How is it possible that speed-enhancing Energon takes longer to process than regular Energon?"

—Starscream learns how cruel irony is.

"Make sure you keep an eye on 'destiny's child', okay?" "Compared to watching Miko? Piece of cake!"

—Arcee giving Bulkhead some advice on handling the rookie.

"You love doing your dirty work from a distance, don't ya? Too bad you don't have the ball bearings to fight up close and personal!"

—Bulkhead gives Dreadwing some smack talk using an eyebrow-raising anatomic euphemism.

Inside Job[edit]

Knock Out: The question is, what are you still packing?

Knock Out scans Smokescreen to find the Key within him. Knock Out: Why, hidden treasure, of course!

Megatron: Tell me the function of these relics."
Starscream: Oh, how prudent it would be to gut you. To gut all of you...but first! Where does Optimus keep his key ring?
Optimus (in slow motion)

Starscream: I'm sorry, what was that? (mocks with garbled speech) You Autobots think you're so superior. But you know what you really are? SLOW!

Knock Out: I beg of you, my liege! Release me from this absurd predicament! (Referring to being trapped in the wall. Megatron: No. You shall serve as a reminder to those who dare fail me! -Megatron believes a little humbling is in order for Knock Out.

Megatron: I cannot allow Optimus Prime to be the one to revive Cybertron! We WILL find the Autobot base, invade it, and retrieve the Omega Keys!

Starscream appears Starscream: Been there, done that. Please pardon my unannounced visit, Lord Megatron. But I come bearing peace offering. Starscream bears all four Omega Keys -Starscream proves his mettle.


Megatron:Few things of value come without a price.

Knock-out:Megatron sure knows how to 'patch' things up, eh, Dreadwi-- [turns around to see that Dreadwing has disappeared] Dreadwing?


"Rise and shine! Your T-Cog transplant was a success! Yes, I am just that good."

—Knock Out being modest about his surgery skills for a change.

Starscream: Wait, this is about Skyquake, isn't it?! I thought we had put that behind us!
Dreadwing: So have I!
Starscream: Casualties are unfortunate consequence of war! But I assure you, your twin met his end with great honor!
Starscream: Oh, you know about that... There must be something I can do! Some form of reparation I can offer you to alleviate your anguish!

"I said stand down! That is an order." "One which I cannot follow."

—Megatron gives his last order to Dreadwing, who gives his last words.

"I'm okay?... I'M OKAY! (laughs) Lord Megatron, you have my eternal thanks!" "Do not ever make me regret which one of you I spared."

—Starscream and Megatron, right after the latter blows a hole through Dreadwing's chest.

"Oh gee, why didn't I think of that?"

—Knock Out lamenting on Starscream's intelligence as he bashes an Omega Key against the table.

"Megatron must be stopped, no matter the cost."

—Optimus Prime makes the obligatory G1 shoutout.

"I will have those keys or I will have your sparks!" "I can help with the last part."

—Smokescreen verbally beats Megatron one more time.

"What crawled up his tailpipe and died?"

—Miko on Ratchet's curt reply.

Darkest Hour[edit]

Starscream: PRIME! He will pay for dooming Cybertron to remain a lifeless husk!
Megatron: [lets out a dark chuckle, which becomes manic laughter] They can run, but they can never again run home.

Bulkhead: Optimus... destroyed the Omega Lock.
Ratchet: What?! You did--?!
Optimus Prime: What was necessary. There was no time for another prolonged battle. Not with Earth in imminent danger.
Ratchet: So you destroyed the only device in any universe capable of restoring our home?! Optimus... we needed that.
Smokescreen: You weren't there, Doc. And it's not your place to second-guess a battlefield decision.
Jack: It wasn't that simple, Ratchet.
Raf: Megatron was using the Omega Lock to attack the Earth.
Miko: Optimus saved our planet!
Ratchet: WHAT ABOUT OUR PLANET?! All of our struggles, and energon spilled, and countless sacrifices - for nothing?!
Arcee: Right decision or wrong, what's done is done. But we have another problem here on this world. The Cons just changed the rules when they put Jack, Miko and Raf into play.

Megatron: Our opportunity to revive Cybertron has been lost, due to the treachery of Optimus Prime! But from our fortress of New Kaon, we will instead seize control of this world! DECEPTICONS! TRANSFORM AND RISE UP!
Starscream: I thought he'd never ask! Attack my armada! Attack! Attack! ATTACK!

Starscream: This is the place, all right.
Megatron: This was the place.
Starscream: United, we stand. Divided, they fall.

Season 3: Beast Hunters[edit]

Darkmount, NV[edit]

"Agent Fowler, I admit that war brings out the worst in me, but the conflict with the Autobots is now over, and our quarrel has never been with your kind. Now that the one true enemy of the Decepticons is no more, my only wish is to coexist on this planet with the human race... peacefully. Together, Agent Fowler, I believe that you and I can make that dream a reality."

—Megatron on the phone.

"Earth is our planet now, Starscream, and we shall finish what we started. Humankind has no idea what lies ahead for them."

—Megatron off the phone.

"How long does it take to exterminate a lone Autobot and her human pet?!" "Well, in my experience-" "Not a riddle, Starscream." "Sorry."

—Megatron and Starscream


"I find your reply to be... logical."

—Shockwave's response to Starscream's explanation. Or should we say Spockwave?

"Careful, Starscream. You may dislocate a landing gear patting yourself on the back."

—Knock Out echoes the audience's feelings about Starscream's "I killed Cliffjumper" noise.

"I present to you, my liege: The ultimate Autobot hunter."

-Shockwave unveils his prized monster


Miko: A dragon?! Where did the 'Cons get a dragon?! [Bulkhead and Wheeljack look at each other] Bulkhead and Wheeljack: What's a dragon? Miko: Giant, flying, fire-breathing lizard!

— Mythology 101 with the Wreckers.

"Yes! Snuff the Tragic Dragon!"

—Miko making a funny quip.

"Ultra Magnus? It's an honor!" "It's an honor, sir."

—Bulkhead meets Ultra Magnus who insists even praise follow proper etiquette.

"What is it now, "Lord" Megatron?"

—Agent Fowler must be getting a LOT of calls from Megatron.

"Autobots, take your pick." "Now you're speaking my language...sir."

—Ultra Magnus learns that the way to Wheeljack's respect is through his trigger finger.


"Looks like we'll have to sneak past enemy lines, Wrecker style." "I couldn't deal with 'Wrecker style' back on Cybertron, and I refuse to deal with it here."

—Wheeljack wants to go Wrecker style, but Ultra Magnus CAN'T DEAL WITH THAT RIGHT NOW.

"Starscream! Explain why my forces are scattering across this globe." "Renegade Autobot mischief, Lord Megatron. I am in the process of deducing how they are infiltrating our communications system without a base of-" (Soundwave gets their attention and shows where.) "The Harvenger." "You left abandoned Decepticon technology fully operational and UNSECURED?!"

-Megatron being angry at Starscream's incompetence once again.

"This isn't how the story's supposed to end."

—Smokescreen giving his two cents to the tried and true leadership inheritance patterns.

"I know that color scheme."

—Starscream noticing Optimus's new look, as he's coming to Darkmount. YOU KNOW THAT AUTOBOT!!!!

Optimus Prime: Commander? Ultra Magnus: Sir, you are looking... robust.

—The Autobot higher-ups have a

"Megatron, be gone!"

—Optimus Prime gives Megatron a reminder of a past beating.

"Soundwave, I require a Ground Bridge."

—Good timing, Shockwave.

"Awww, I missed it!"

—Bad timing, Smokescreen.

Ratchet: Is it true the Forge has been drained of its power? Then any hope of rebuilding the Omega Lock has truly been lost. Smokescreen: I... did what I felt was right. Ratchet: And your instincts once have again proven to be quite sound.

—Ratchet and Smokescreen on the Forge Solus Prime

Project Predacon[edit]

"What were you thinking, soldier?" "I was thinking Bulkhead could catch that lob."

—Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack air their grievances like mature adults who hate each other.

"I was nearly a Prime, but somehow I'm still a rookie."

—Smokescreen bemoans the show's return to status quo.

Raf: They're like Earth's dinosaurs. Jack: Which means for you guys, running into one would be like us meeting a T-Rex. Miko: So, then what were Dinobots? Bulkhead: Totally different.

—Predacon discussion leads to a wink and a nod.

"Autobots, we must become Beast Hunters."

—Optimus Prime sees the writing on the package--Er, wall.

"Pfft. Another scavenger hunt?"

—Starscream says the audience's line for us.

"How logical would it really be to locate all the dusty remains of your former pets?" "You are not suggesting that I would send my creations to a distant planet without first having them microchipped?" "Well, I-- Well, I was. But...seriously? You did?"

—...only to be shut down by Shockwave.

"Um... what's a kilt?" "Agent Fowler can at times be oblique. I find it best to simply nod and mobilize."

—Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime on Earth culture, proving again that the best comedy comes from having no sense of humor.

Chain of Command[edit]

"Wrecker Fact #17?" "'Guards never look up'."

—A trope-savvy Wheeljack and Bulkhead

Ultra Magnus: And what could have possibly compelled you to bring the native? [Wheeljack thinks back to just before they left the Autobot base] Miko: Yo. Can I come with? Wheeljack: Why not? "Are your circuits impaired, soldier?" "Prime told you to lead the Wreckers on this one. I assumed he meant all of them."

—Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack argue over Miko's Wrecker status.

"Tsk tsk tsk tsk. Even the strongest armor can't protect the weakest of creatures." "It protected you, didn't it?"

—Starscream's gonna need some ice after that burn.

"You do know that I vanquished Cliffjumper, don't you?" "Big whoop. I snuffed Hardshell."

—Starscream finally gets his "I killed Cliffjumper" boast shut down by Miko.

Plus One[edit]

"I wondered what was taking so long with those sodas."

—Raf has gotten used to Miko's disappearances.

"I didn't choose 'emergency' as my vehicle mode for laughs."

—Ratchet, the Autobots' secret weapon.

Wheeljack: Know what I love most about Vehicon troopers? Arcee: They're easily distracted.

—Wrecker Fact #[Insert Number Here] on henchbots.

Megatron: Knock Out, do not return empty-handed. Knock Out: Moi? Don't know the meaning of the word. Starscream: Isn't 'empty-handed' two words? Knock Out: You would know. Or did your missing armor turn up?

—Knock Out and Starscream try to impress the boss with a game of "so there"s.

"Knock Out to Lord Megatron. I have secured one vintage Predacon talon. Plus, two of the Autobots' pets, for you to employ as hostages, lab experiments...well, any way you see fit. So go on, Big M, tell me you love me more than Starscream." [Comm static] "My liege? Hello?" [More static] "Too familiar?"

—Knock Out gets the wrong idea from the communications blackout.

"Bromance trumps romance."

— Jack has it figured out.


"My, my, my. Whatever have you been inflicting upon poor Cylas?" "Ha! Well, anything that merits the need for a living petri dish."

—Starscream and Knock Out laugh over Cylas' misfortune.

Megatron: [Talking to Shockwave over comm] Tell me of the Predacon protoforms. What is the status of their incubation? Mm-hm. Uh-huh. Starscream: Master, if I do say so myself, I have made the most intriguing discovery. It appears that-- Megatron: Not now! [Back to Shockwave] Please continue, Shockwave. No, no one important.

—Megatron doesn't like to be interrupted when he's on the phone.

"Do you think he's actually trying to--?" "Suck out our energon with that thing? Sure seems that way."

—Starscream and Knock Out discuss Cylas' fancy new tongue.

Starscream: Megatron will undoubtedly hold us responsible. Knock Out: But...WE ARE! Starscream: Well, you are, mostly.

—Starscream blames someone else, news at 11.

"Aim for the head!" "What? How do you know?" "I've seen human horror films." [Starscream looks at him curiously] "At drive-in theaters!" [Starscream shoots its head off, but it keeps moving] "Forget the head! Go for the spark!" [Kills it by shooting it in the chest] "We severed its link to the Dark Energon. Human horror films, waste of time!"

—Knock Out schools Starscream on how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

"You know the worst part? After battling Autobots all these years, getting smacked down, shot at, blown up, this is how our lights go out?"

-Knock Out getting retrospective on us. This sounds familiar...

"If this is indeed the end, if we are to become Terrorcon-chow, it has been an honor serving Lord Megatron with you." "You're no Breakdown. Though I must confess, I have always admired your lustrous finish." [Awkward pause] "Well, then." "Should be going."

—Starscream and Knock Out begin a beautiful friendship…

[To Knock Out] "Allow me to handle this." [To Megatron] "It's Knock Out's fault!" "Precisely, my-- WHAT?!?"

—…which ends moments later when Starscream jumps at the first opportunity to throw Knock Out under the bus.

"Let me just say, you have been awarded more chances for redemption than anyone in Decepticon history!"

—Next contestant, Megatron from Kaon. Special subject, the obvious.

"Silas? Whatever have they done to you? But more importantly, thank you for freeing me." "No. Thank…you… [Dies] "Whatever."

—Airachnid is unmoved by Cylas' final words.

"Soundwave! I vow that on this day, the world will hear the sound of your screams." Soundwave proceeds to send her and her hive to a barren Cybertronian moon

—Airachnid's mouth writes a check that her abdomen can't cash.


"Strike me again, and I will bury that rod in your spark."

—Predaking speaks his first words.

"Your vision... is boundless."

—Megatron considers whether his former pet might become a future rival.

"The moment our 'Royal Highness' realizes that his army possesses greater might than what currently remains of the Decepticons..." "Evolution will give way to revolution."

—Megatron mocks Predaking's name and Starscream knows a potential coup when he sees one.

"Blow these beasts back to the Rust Age."

—Ultra Magnus adds an entire new article to the Wiki.

"Optimus. When we spoke earlier...what could be greater than an army?" "A human concept, one I have learned since coming to Earth: family."

—Optimus Prime imparts wisdom; Ultra Magnus is no longer able to applaud.

Minus One[edit]

"Master! Are you going to allow one lieutenant to harm another? Master?!" "I'm thinking."

—Starscream discovers that Megatron has been reading The Hands-Off Manager.

"I am tempted to force you to share my perception of things."

—Shockwave really hates or really loves having one eye, as he tells Starscream.

"Exemplary teamwork."

—Megatron, after Starscream convinces Shockwave not to share his perspective.

Shockwave: "My liege, forgive my impotence, but what is the logic behind ruling two worlds?" Megatron: "It has taken me quite some time to fully comprehend that Earth and Cybertron have always been linked. Two halves of one whole; Primus and Unicron. And that to rule only one, would be to never truly rule either."

—Megatron on the significance of Earth.

"Whoa. Optimus Prime, the remix."

—Miko comments on Soundwave's DJ skills.

"Soundwave superior, Autobots inferior."

—Soundwave paraphrases a little-known line from an obscure movie.

"Can't we throw a tarp over him? He's creeping me out." "Yeah, it's like he's watching. No matter where you go."

—Bulkhead and Smokescreen are intimidated even by a deactivated Soundwave.


"This is no place for a one-handed Autobot." "I'll take one bum hand over one good eye any day."

—Shockwave and Ultra Magnus trade politically incorrect barbs.

"Humans. Always the weak link."

—Starscream showing that he still doesn't quite get it.

"Ratchet didn't think this new hand he built for me was good enough. But I'll tell you what truly isn't good enough: giving up."

—Keep practicing those speeches, Ultra Magnus, profundity will come someday.

Ratchet: Megatron, you would just try to conquer Cybertron all over again, and enslave anyone who refuses to pledge allegiance to you. Megatron: Of course I would!

—Decepticon or not, Megatron has little use for guile.

Ratchet: What assurance do I have that you would leave humankind be, and that you wouldn't instantly terminate me once you get what you need? Megatron: None whatsoever. After all, we both know that as a Decepticon, any assurances I might offer would be worthless.

—Seriously, Megatron is crazy honest about lying.

"Miko, I needed that!"

—Raf hangs around Ratchet entirely too much.

Megatron: It will not take long for this Omega Lock's drives to be fully operational. All that is still needed to restore our home is the cybermatter to launch through it. Ratchet: Which requires a stabilized formula for the production of synthetic energon. Megatron: I have every confidence in you, doctor. Ratchet: I'll do it. But then you already knew that, didn't you?

—Ratchet makes a deal with the aptly named Megatron, after which one can only hope that he has Daniel Webster on speed dial.


"Starscream, you did destroy the Autobot base, did you not?" "With great fervor, my lord. Why do you ask?" "Because Laserbeak's frequency has been detected on radar." "But that's not possible. He's right here in Soundwave's torso."

—Megatron and Starscream with a sentence you can only get from Transformers.

[Over comm] "Lord Megatron. There's been a situation... more like an accident, really—" "Spit. It. OUT!" "THE PRISONER HAS ESCAPED!"

—Knock Out knows Megatron likes to shoot the messenger, but Megatron is a man who insists on hearing bad news immediately.

"At last. Good riddance to a wretched species." "Although I will say they manufacture some fine-looking automobiles."

—Starscream and Knock Out debate the merits of Earth.

"Why would my liege wish to destroy us?" "Having just been on the receiving end of your might, one theory springs to mind. Megatron fears you. And any like you."

—Predaking is confused by Ratchet's news of Megatron's betrayal. Maybe it was calling yourself a king that did it.

"Is it true that you ordered the annihilation of my army?!" "Indeed. And my only mistake was not seeing the extermination through."

—Predaking learns that Megatron doesn't fear him quite so much as Ratchet thought.


"Pack light. Pack light! [Finds his rotary buffer] Oh! Pack smart!"

—Knock Out, not needing to be told that cowards survive.

"You took my voice. You will never rob anyone of anything ever again."

—Bumblebee, getting payback at last.

"I will avenge you, Master!" [Shockwave grabs him] "Starscream, do not be a fool!" [They flee as Starscream resists] "Curse you and your logic!"

—Starscream and Shockwave debate the merits of revenge.

"Bumblebee..." "Your voice..." "My voice? What're you g-...My voice!" [grabs Ratchet in a great big hug] "Ratchet! I have my pipes back!" "Errhmm, y-yes! Yes we noticed!"

—Ratchet, Arcee, and Bumblebee in a crazy-happy moment. Admit it, you smiled too.

"Rrrgh, your elbow articulator is digging into my lateral flexer!" "Do you intend to whine for the duration of the voyage?"

—Starscream and Shockwave get used to each other's company. This is going to be a long trip.

"Ah, such luster." [Autobots stare in disbelief] "What? I'm joining the winning team."

—Knock Out proves once again just how self-important he really is, right before Miko shuts him up.

"Raf..." "I know Bee. You don't have to say anything." "I never did."

—Raf and Bumblebee share their last exchange...for now.

"Until we meet again, old friend..."

—Optimus Prime and Ratchet also share their last exchange, and in a way, to us.


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