Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015 TV series)

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Transformers Robots in Disguise is an American television for kids coming in March early Spring. The series sets place on Earth after the events of Transformers: Prime where Bumblebee leads a team of Autobots to fight Decepticons on Earth.





Optimus Prime: I need you on earth Bumblebee

Trust Exercises


More than Meets the Eye




Sideswipe on the Moon

Strongarm: Sideswipe, what are you doing?
Sideswipe: Watching Space movies. Duh!
Strongarm: Ugh! (walks away)
Sideswipe: Hmm. This gives me an idea.

Fixit: What the heck is he doing?
Sideswipe: There. Finished. I present to you the Sideswipe1.
Grimlock: You're gonna go to Space in that?
Sideswipe: Yep.
Strongarm: (watching Sideswipe climb into the Spaceship) Bye, Sideswipe!
Bumblebee: See ya!
Sideswipe: Bye, guys!

Sideswipe: (believing he is on the moon) I'm on the moon! I'll be sure to tell my friends all about it when I get back to Earth.

Sideswipe: (climbs out of the Spaceship) Hey, guys!
Bumblebee: Hey, Sideswipe! How was the moon?
Sideswipe: It was great. I really want to tell you everything.
Strongarm: Well, then, let's hear it.

The Athletic Autobots

Bumblebee: Don't despair, kids. Maybe everything that Strongarm said wasn't entirely true.
Grimlock: You mean the Athletic Autobots are real?
Human Kid #1: I knew it! I knew it!
Human Kid #2: Tell us about them!
Human Kid #1 and Human Kid #2: Please!
Bumblebee: Well, let's just say while the other Athletic Autobots are busy doing other things and like to keep their identity a secret, (in a tough guy tone) Thunder 'Bee and Dino-Might are there for you!
Grimlock: Dino-Might? Who's that? He sounds good!
Bumblebee: (normal) Shh, I am giving my heroic speech. (tough guy tone) The residents of this city shall live in fear no longer. The Athletic Autobots are forever athletic!
Human Kid #1: Please watch over us, Athletic Autobots!
Human Kid #2: We're counting on you.
Bumblebee: Oh, you can count on me. You can count me indeed!

Bumblebee on Mars

Bumblebee: Wow! Scientist really do known everything about these planets.
Russell Clay: Yeah. But did you know that Martians live on Mars?
Bumblebee: No, I didn't. But I would really love to meet one.
Sideswipe: Well, why not build a spaceship like I did and go there yourself?
Bumblebee: Okay, then. I will.

Bumblebee: (believing he is on Mars, having landed in a desert) I'm on Mars! Wow!
Grimlock: (looks for Bumblebee) Bumblebee! Bumblebee!
Bumblebee: (hears Gimlock) There are Martians here!
Grimlock: (comes into view) Bumblebee! There you are!
Bumblebee: Greetings, friendly Martian! I am Bumblebee! I mean you no harm!


Fixit: Bumblebee, don't drink that! That's Robot Fuel! If you drink it, it'll get into your systems and then...
Bumblebee: Too late. I already drank it.
Fixit: Ugh! You see, I told you not to but did you listen? No!
(Suddenly, Bumblebee starts gibbering and then shuts down. Sideswipe is confused)
Sideswipe: What's up with him?
(Bumblebee suddenly bounces back to life)
Bumblebee: (robotic voice) Greetings, my friend. I await your command.
Russell: What's he talking about?
Fixit: Don't you get it? After Bumblebee drank that Robot Fuel, he's turned into a real robot.

Bumblebee: (robotic voice) Malfunction! Malfunction!
Strongarm: Now, look what you did! You've made him malfunction!
Sideswipe: So?
Fixit: We need to switch him off before he makes a real mess!
Grimlock: But how?
Fixit: I don't know!


Jetstorm: Believe me, sir! Fixit does not have any courage whatsoever!
Fixit: I do too have courage! [poses heroically] See?
Slipstream: If you want to show us true courage then prove it!
Fixit: Alright then! I will!

[a huge pile of stasis pods collapses]
Jetstorm: We must get out of here! [starts running]
Slipstream: Indeed! [starts running also]
[The Minis try to escape but the stasis pods fall on them, trapping them in the process]
Jetstorm: Now look what you've done!
Slipstream: I thought it was your fault!
Jetstorm: [sighs] Anyways, we must call for assistance. We must let the others know where we are.
Slipstream: Indeed!
Jetstorm: [activates his COMM. unit] Mayday! Mayday! This is Jetstorm requesting assistance! We need help!

Bumblebee: They must be around somewhere under this pile.
Fixit: I have their signals but I can't pinpoint them anywhere.
Sideswipe: I found a small gap but none of us bigger bots can get through it.
Fixit: Since I'm the smallest, I shall rescue Jetstorm and Slipstream.

Ghosts and Imposters

Optimus Prime: Bumblebee, I can see that you still do not know how to be a leader. So, I am sending you to an old boarded up mansion in the ghost town of the Far West. There, you will find a bookshelf and on it is a journal written by the Primes themselves. Take your team with you in case of Decepticon activity. Good luck! [disappears]
Bumblebee: Yes! The Far West! I have always wanted to see what that place is like.

Sideswipe: There's four different paths.
Bumblebee: Okay. Fixit, you and I will take the right path. Drift and Strongarm, you take the middle. Grimlock and Sideswipe, you take the left. Jetstorm and Slipstream, you take the far left. Questions?
Other 'Bots: Nope.
Bumblebee: Good. Let's move.
[The 'Bots head off in different directions. Bumblebee and Fixit continue down their path]
Fixit: Lieutenant, are you sure that the bookshelf is down this hallway somewhere?
Bumblebee: Yes. Now keep up, will ya? I don't want anyone on this team getting lost. Especially me.
Fixit: Well, at least there aren't any booby... [falls through a trap door] ...traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaps! [disappears]
Bumblebee: You're right. Now, keep up and let's move on, Fixit. [hears nothing] Fixit? [looks behind him] Fixit? Oh, no! [activates his COMM. Link] Has anyone seen Fixit?
Strongarm: No, lieutenant. But we'll keep an optic out for him.
Bumblebee: If any of you find Fixit, make sure he stays with you. Any way you can.
Strongarm: Understood.

[Slipstream gets caught in a tapestry on the wall and it spins round to where Sideswipe and Grimlock are and they gasp in horror]
Grimlock: You saw that, right?
[the two 'Bots run off in terror and the wall swings back round to Jetstorm and Slipstream falls out]
Slipstream: I think I broke my leg.
Jetstorm: [starts walking in the other direction] Well, at least we can't get separated.
[Slipstream gets up and follows Jetstorm. However, the two Minis fall through a trap door and land on Fixit]
Fixit: Oh, hi, guys.
Jetstorm: Fixit! We were looking for you.
Fixit: I was trying to find a way out.
[Up above]
Strongarm: Fixit!
Drift: Fixit!

Season 2


Mighty Big Trouble


"Oh please; there will be plenty of time for bowing and scraping. Now, where are my Mini-Cons?"

Starscream's back.

"There's no such thing as too much power. Not as long as there's more to be had."

Starscream lets the power he has go straight to his head.

"Autobots are good,
Decepticons are bad.
I'm so very sorry
That I made you...angry."
(The others stare at him)
"I couldn't think of anything that rhymes with 'bad'. What?"

Sideswipe's no poet.

"Don't let them leap into your hand. Thats how they get control."


" can you control me when..."
"When I couldn't control you? Maybe it's because we're both dinos, I don't know!"

Grimlock and Tricerashot try to explain last episode's inconsistency.

"Hello, Bumblebee. Nice to see me, isn't it?"

Starscream metaphorically strokes his goatee.

Mini-Con Madness


"How adorable. Bumblebee thinks he still has a chance."

Starscream then gets to practice his Evil Overlord Laugh.

"Starscream. He's harder to eliminate than servo-rust."

—Even Optimus Prime is tired of the cockroach emulation.

"Apparently it thinks I'm not totally worthy of it."

Starscream gives a captive Bumblebee a good laugh.

"...are we all friends now, or-"

Grimlock asks a silly question, and Aerobolt gives a definitive answer.

"But you're going to take me seriously, Bumblebee. You and Megatron!"
"Yeah, good luck with that."

Starscream just can't win.

"I don't feel right about this."
"You never feel right."
"And I'm usually correct."

Tricerashot voices his concerns to Sawtooth.

"Finally. Finally! I've WON!"

Starscream counts his robo-chickens before they hatch...



"I shoulda stayed unconscious."

Sideswipe witnesses Starscream's new power.

"I may no longer have the power to defeat you on my own, Optimus, but I still have six Mini-Cons and the Dark Star Saber."
"And still you will not achieve your goal, Starscream."

Starscream and Optimus Prime

"Make two fists."
"Huh? Why would I- waaaaaaah!"

Grimlock and Sideswipe improvise a new combat maneuver.