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Trauma Team is a video game.


  • Let this disease pass from this world*
  • Life will continue
  • What do you mean by that?
  • (to Hank) ...I didn't do anything worth being thanked over.

Maria Torres[edit]

  • Yeah! Thats right! I'm the hero! Follow my lead, and we'll all save lives!

Hank Freebird[edit]

  • (to Gabriel) G-Good morning! I, uh... I tripped and I-I fell.
  • Hrm... Rock solid.
  • Cautiously continue on.

Tomoe Tachibana[edit]

  • I... agreed with that.

Gabriel Cunningham[edit]

  • For the love of god, this thing talks!?
  • If conferences save lives, I'd be the first in line.
  • Dammit! This is a waste of time! You're unbeatable.
  • Hahahaha... What do you know? You're actually right! I can't believe a computer talked some sense into me.
  • Gah! How long have you been standing there, Gramps!?
  • Ack! Y-You idiot, are you trying to kill me!?
  • You got to be kidding me. What's this thing doing here?
  • (getting out of the garbage container) That old geezer... "Safe" my ass.

Naomi Kimishimia[edit]

  • Little Guy?
  • The dead shall speak...

"Little Guy"[edit]

  • W-Wait for me, Dr. Kimishimia!


  • I must remain professional, doctor.


Maria: Tch! You bastard! What the hell did you break!?
CR-S01: I-I didn't mean to! I was just-
Maria: If you'd just quit moping, it wouldn't have happened!
CR-S01: N-No! My personality has nothing to do-
Maria: Dammit! Just shut up already before I punch you again!

Little Guy: Are you some kind of psychic superspy or something? Creepy...
Naomi: You'll pay for that slip of the tongue, Little Guy...
Little Guy: Whoa... S-Sorry! It was a joke!

Little Guy: Way to go Dr.Kimishima!
Naomi: Sucking up to me won't spare you from my wrath.