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Trolls Holiday is a 2017 computer-animated television special that premiered on NBC on November 24, 2017. Based on the film Trolls, the half-hour Christmas special was directed by Joel Crawford and produced by DreamWorks Animation. The main cast all reprised their roles, as their respective characters, most notably Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, and Zooey Deschanel as Poppy, Branch, and Bridget, respectively.

Directed by Joel Crawford. Written by Josh Bycel and Jonathan Fener.


Bridget: I guess what I'm saying is... hmm. Maybe it's best if you, um, go and stand somewhere, like, where we're not.
Poppy: Oh. Uh, you mean, like, back here?
Bridget: Uh... hmm...
Poppy: [steps back] How about here?
Bridget: Mmm-mmm.
Poppy: [steps back] You mean, like, over here?
Bridget: Maybe farther?
Poppy: Wait, are you... mad at me?
Bridget: No, I'm not mad. I'm just feeling a feeling that's the opposite of happy.
Guy Diamond: [whispering] What is happening?
Branch: I don't know. It's like, the nicest fight ever.

Prince Gristle Jr.: My goodness, excuse me. Have you not been getting our cards back?
Branch: Uh, yeah. I especially liked the "Wednesday" one. You know, it really made me appreciate the middle of the week.

Branch: [singing] ♪ You're the best friend that I ever had ♪
♪ I've been with you such a long time–♪
Poppy: Branch, stop! I keep telling you to stop and you just keep on singing! It's like you're not even listening to… Oh, my holy realization. That was what I just did to Bridget, wasn't it?
Branch: Whew! There it is. I was running out of songs.

Voice cast[edit]

  • The only character that doesn't appear from the snack pack was DJ Suki, for unknown reasons.

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