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Ultimate Spider-Man is a video game based on the comic book of the same name by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley. The game was released in 2005 for the PC, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and the Nintendo DS. Treyarch, who made the console games based on the Spider-Man movies, developed the console game, while Vicarious Visions developed the DS and GBA versions and Beenox Entertainment ported the PC version from consoles. The game centers around childhood friends Spider-Man and Venom; three months after Venom's supposed death, Eddie is back and out for revenge against Trask Industries for stealing their inheritence, the cancer curing symbiote, invented by their fathers.

For the comic, see Ultimate Spider-Man.

Main Story[edit]


Peter Parker: This is how it all began...
Peter is bitten by the OZ spider and screams in agony.
Peter Parker: Which of course
Spider-Man screams"WOHOOO!!!" as he swings through the comic panels.
Peter Parker: Leads to nonsense like this. A few months ago, I reunited with my childhood friend Eddie Brock.
Peter Parker: What is that?
Eddie Brock: It's... our inheritance.

Father's Pride[edit]

Venom: Our fathers died to create me. And now, you will too.

Peter Parker: Stop this before you do something you'll regret!


Mary Jane has told Peter she'll fix the hole in the rear of his tights
Mary Jane Watson: I just need to stitch up a hole in the butt, and I'll give it back to you.
Peter Parker: I can explain the hole in the butt by the way.
Mary Jane Watson: Please don't.

Peter Parker: Are you done with my butt... Erm, hole, yet? Eh, there's some idiot causing trouble a few blocks from here. I need to skedaddle.

Spider-Man swings in to stop Shocker
Spider-Man: I didn't know your name was Her-man!

Human Torch: Yo yo yo Spidey.
Spider-Man: Johnny Storm, of the world famous Fantastic Four. What are you doing in Queens?
Human Torch: What, I can't be in Queens?
Spider-Man: I have to be here, but you? Go save the world.
Human Torch: I got a better idea. What do you say, a quick race around Queens?
Spider-Man: What is this, you think just because you can fly through the sky in a streak of fire, WHOA, you can beat me?
Human Torch: I'm doing it to believe because that's what I'm saying.
Spider-Man: Then I got three words for you. Bring it on!

Feeding Time[edit]

Little boy: Yay! Balloon!
Venom eats the boy. This is a reference to a frustrating occurrence during the Spider-Man 2 video game based on the film, where a randomly, yet frequent occurring goal has a small child lose their balloon & the player has to retrieve it.

Hell of a Mess[edit]

Wolverine: Ya don't say?
Wolverine brings his claws out

Wolverine: See these claws? Unbreakable. You? Bet not.

Wolverine: Bub, you have no idea how big a mistake you just made.

*Venom climbs up the wall*

Wolverine: What the Hell are you trying to do?!

Like a Rhinoceros, but Bigger[edit]

*Spider-Man sees Rhino hunched over*
Spider-Man: Hey, you! Is that a rhinoceros horn or are you just ha-ppy... to see...
Rhino stands up straight & Spidey realises how big Rhino actually is
Spider-Man: I am so scared I can't even finish my lame joke.

Spider-Man: Why not a guy dressed up as a teddy bear who gives hugs? How about that, huh? Just once, a huggy-bear instead of a big rhino or-or a scorpion?

Spider-Man: [Weakly] Oh, that's a boo-boo...


Spider-Man: Wet cement, big crazy guy, wrecking ball? This gives me an idea.


Venom: MINE!
Electro: Like hell! I had dibs!
Spider-Man: Hey! Are you fighting another superhero on the side other than me? I thought we had something special. I bet it's Daredevil, isn't it? What does he have that I-
Electro: Back off, kid!

*After Electrocuting Spider-Man*

Electro: ...I did it! I finally got that little yutz!

Cool Suit[edit]

Spider-Man: (Referring to Beetle) There's something you don't see every day. Well, almost every day. Not every day.
Spider-Man: Cool suit. Where'd you get it?

*swings out of frame, then back in*

Spider-Man: And by cool, I mean bulky and cumbersome.

Spider-Man: Are we playing catch because you SUCK AT IT!

18 & Over[edit]

Spider-Man: How does it feel to get your butt kicked by a fifteen year old kid?!

Spider-Man: Aww, lil' fella's all tuckered out.

Spider-Man: Why don't you hit yourself for a minute while I go get a glass of water.

Spider-Man: (Singing) The fist bone's connected to the face bone!

Spider-Man: [After being thrown through the roof of a building] Okay, I have officially run out of ways to say "Ow".

Spider-Man: [When fighting the Green Goblin, referring to his fireballs] Only you can prevent Spider-Man fires!


Spider-Man: [When fighting the Green Goblin/While racing him] Ah, you big nudnik!

The Great Escape[edit]

Venom: Parker... is MINE! Mine! And you can't have him!

Silver Sable: I'm glad your loose Brock. I can kick your ass good and proper now.


Spider-Man: Crazy-silver-hottie threatens my family, I should let Eddie eat her! He'd be doing me a favour! Oh, but then I'd feel guilty about that too, because, clearly, I don't have enough things to feel guilty about. So here I am, trying to save the crazy woman. If my life were any more stupid, it would be on network TV.


Eddie Brock: (After Carnage pushes him over) Oh my God! I... know... (Venom's voice) ... YOU! PARKER!

The Final Battle[edit]

Spider-Man: Eddie, Trask doesn't wanna play!

Spider-Man: Oh I swear I'm gonna smack those giant teeth out of your head if you don't knock it off!

Venom: I know how to control the suit now... isn't that what you wanted?

Venom: You used me.

Trask: You're gonna tip us over!

Eddie Brock: Mr. Trask! I have been looking forward to this!
Trask: Eddie? I can't... believe...
Eddie Brock: You know what I can't believe? I can't believe that, after all the things you did, all the things you made me do, that, after all of that, all you got was three years in a golf-course prison!
Trask: [panicked] You can't do anything to me in here! The guards!
Venom: They aren't nearly well-armed enough! [Venom lunges at Trask]

Races against Johnny Storm[edit]


Spider-Man: I have come to reclaim the honor of my family name!
Human Torch: What?
Spider-Man: I was watching "Fist of Legend" last night.

Human Torch: Heh, I knew you'd come back.
Spider-Man: Just came by to say: I won the last one!
Human Torch: You did not!
Spider-Man: I won! You lost!
Human Torch: You so did not!
Spider-Man: Aaaand, the one before that.
Human Torch: Not a big fan of reality, are you?

During the race[edit]

Human Torch: Madam Web's faster than you, and I don't even get the reference!
Spider-Man: Speedball's faster than you!
Spider-Man: Darkhawk's faster than you!
Spider-Man: If you played more video games, you'd make those turns better.
Spider-Man: That feeling that just overwhelmed you; that's losing!

Post race[edit]

Spider-Man: HA! Now I own you!

Spider-Man: Now I get to hit on your sister, right?

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