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Ultimate Spider-Man is a video game based on the comic book of the same name by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley. The game was released in 2005 for all 6th-gen video game consoles, including PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, DS, GBA, and PC. Treyarch, who made the console games based on the Spider-Man movies, developed the console game, while Vicarious Visions developed the DS and GBA versions and Beenox Entertainment ported the PC version from consoles.

For the comic, see Ultimate Spider-Man.

Main Story[edit]


Peter Parker: This is how it all began...
Peter is bitten by the OZ spider and screams in agony.
Peter Parker: Which of course
Spider-Man screams"WOHOOO!!!" as he swings through the comic panels.
Peter Parker: Leads to nonsense like this.

Father's Pride[edit]

Venom: Our fathers died to create me. And now, you will too.

Peter Parker: Stop this before you do something you'll regret!


Mary Jane has told Peter she'll fix the hole in the rear of his tights
Mary Jane Watson: I just need to stitch up a hole in the butt, and I'll give it back to you.
Peter Parker: I can explain the hole in the butt by the way.
Mary Jane Watson: Please don't.

Peter Parker: Are you done with my butt... Erm, hole, yet? Eh, there's some idiot causing trouble a few blocks from here. I need to skedaddle.

Spider-Man swings in to stop Shocker
Spider-Man: I didn't know your name was Her-man!

Human Torch: Yo yo yo Spidey.
Spider-Man: Johnny Storm, of the world famous Fantastic Four. What are you doing in Queens?
Human Torch: What, I can't be in Queens?
Spider-Man: I have to be here, but you? Go save the world.

Spider-Man: What, you think just because you can fly through the sky in a streak of fire, WHOA, you can beat me?

Feeding Time[edit]

Little boy: Yay! Balloon!
Venom eats the boy. This is a reference to a frustrating occurance during the Spider-Man 2 video game based on the film, where a randomly, yet frequent occuring goal has a small child lose their balloon & the player has to retrieve it.

Hell of a Mess[edit]

Wolverine: Ya don't say?
Wolverine brings his claws out

Wolverine: See these claws? Unbreakable. You? Bet not.

Wolverine: Bub, you have no idea how big a mistake you just made.

*Venom climbs up the wall*

Wolverine: What the Hell are you trying to do?!

Like a Rhinoceros, but Bigger[edit]

*Spider-Man sees Rhino hunched over*
Spider-Man: Hey, you! Is that a rhinoceros horn or are you just ha-ppy... to see...
Rhino stands up straight & Spidey realises how big Rhino actually is
Spider-Man: I am so scared I can't even finish my lame joke.

Spider-Man: Why not a guy dressed up as a teddy bear who gives hugs? How about that, huh? Just once, a huggy-bear instead of a big rhino or-or a scorpion?

Spider-Man: [Weakly] Oh, that's a boo-boo...


Venom: MINE!
Electro: Like hell! I had dibs!
Spider-Man: Hey! Are you fighting another superhero on the side other than me? I thought we had something special. I bet it's Daredevil, isn't it? What does he have that I-
Electro: Back off, kid!

*After Electrocuting Spider-Man*

Electro: ...I did it! I finally got that little yutz!

Cool Suit[edit]

Spider-Man: (Refering to Beetle) There's something you don't see every day. Well, almost every day. Not every day.
Spider-Man: Cool suit. Where'd you get it?

*swings out of frame, then back in*

Spider-Man: And by cool, I mean bulky and cumbersome.

Spider-Man: Are we playing catch because you SUCK AT IT!

18 & Over[edit]

Spider-Man: How does it feel to get your butt kicked by a fifteen year old kid?!

Spider-Man: Aww, lil' fella's all tuckered out.

Spider-Man: Why don't you hit yourself for a minute while I go get a glass of water.

Spider-Man: (Singing) The fist bone's connected to the face bone!

Spider-Man: [After being thrown through the roof of a building] Okay, I have officially run out of ways to say "Ow".

Spider-Man: [When fighting the Green Goblin, referring to his fireballs] Only you can prevent Spider-Man fires!


Spider-Man: [When fighting the Green Goblin/While racing him] Ah, you big nudnik!

The Great Escape[edit]

Venom: Parker... is MINE! Mine! And you can't have him!

Silver Sable: I'm glad your loose Brock. I can kick your ass good and proper now.


Spider-Man: Crazy-silver-hottie threatens my family, I should let Eddie eat her! He'd be doing me a favour! Oh, but then I'd feel guilty about that too, because, clearly, I don't have enough things to feel guilty about. So here I am, trying to save the crazy woman. If my life were any more stupid, it would be on network TV.


Eddie Brock: (After Carnage pushes him over) Oh my God! I... know... (Venom's voice) ... YOU! PARKER!

The Final Battle[edit]

Spider-Man: Eddie, Trask doesn't wanna play!

Spider-Man: Oh I swear I'm gonna smack those giant teeth out of your head if you don't knock it off!

Venom: I know how to control the suit now... isn't that what you wanted?

Venom: You used me.

Trask: You're gonna tip us over!

Races against Johnny Storm[edit]


Spider-Man: I have come to reclaim the honor of my family name!
Human Torch: What?
Spider-Man: I was watching "Fist of Legend" last night.

Human Torch: Heh, I knew you'd come back.
Spider-Man: Just came by to say: I won the last one!
Human Torch: You did not!
Spider-Man: I won! You lost!
Human Torch: You so did not!
Spider-Man: Aaaand, the one before that.
Human Torch: Not a big fan of reality, are you?

During the race[edit]

Human Torch: Madam Web's faster than you, and I don't even get the reference!

Spider-Man: Speedball's fater than you! Spider-Man: Darkhawk's faster than you! Spider-Man: If you played more video games, you'd make those turns better. Spider-Man: That feeling that just overwhelmed you; that's losing!

Post race[edit]

Spider-Man: HA! Now I own you!

Spider-Man: Now I get to hit on your sister, right?

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