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life: an unexplained event with a poor explanation; e.g. canned religion.

life: exiled to oblivion.

life: a trek thru space with an wildly drunken bus driver; you, along with everyone else are in the back seats with your hands tied behind your backs - the driver continually tells everyone that it’s going to be fine - he's lying.

life: you get screwed into it, get screwed while living it only to get screwed out of it.

life: heaven or hell depending on your lotto pick.

television: medicine for the mindless.

myspace: electronic watering hole - have a drink.

wikipedia: electronic hell hole - danger: don't fall in.

Gun Control: is like atomic weapon control; just a smaller oxymoron.

Gun Control: not pulling the trigger.

05/04/2006 - New quote from me:

"life: sprinkle your stardust and see what happens"

waldo, driving down the interstate this morning.


as of 4/22/2006 I'm in jail for WHO KNOWS HOW LONG NOW? Please go and look at my user page and see the notable/non-notable cowards there. thanks at wikipedia... 0waldo 03:19, 23 April 2006 (UTC)


as of 4/15/2006 I'm in freekin jail for a week or who know how long over at pedia thanks to the haakon/snargle conspiracy - I was hacking out paid advertising from the computer wallpaper article and got booted and shoun not have thanks to SCEPTRE the snake :)

Attn Jeff - where are you bro when waldo needs you???

Hello All, Mr. self promoter here! \/\/aldo here! I hope you enjoy listening to me listening to myself talking about myself :)

I wanted to share my latest personally done work of art for my friend JeffQ at WikiQuotes! I don't want anyone to think that I did this out of a bad conflict with JeffQ, quite the contrary; I think he has a "good personality" and I'm hoping some of it's going to rub off on me!

If you like my picture of JeffQ you will love the full size version that I did: it took me six hours to do and my pinkies really got tired but I personally fell that it was worth the effort! You can see it here: (click on the link that says newest tile)

All the best!

Update! 02/03/2006

"Free arz! free arz! Babe's arz is mighty; we gett'in free arz at last!"

A new quote by Waldo! GOD I feel GOOD today! FREE AT LAST! (that is to say, no blocks on me baby)

03/29/2006 - I was in bed this morning, very early, tossing and turning as usual, asking GOD the big question: "what am I doing here", that is to say, living on this planet? And this voice in my head said: "to add color to the lives of the Monochromatic Zombies".

4/14/2006 - my new quote: "life is a prison and GOD is the warden".

I'm SO OMG NOTABLE!!!!!!!!

\/\/aldo. Here is some of my artwork, GADZ i'm SO FREEK-N notable!