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lightskinned male here, I've been putting a lot of time and labor into the shesaid campaign, will list some names of people I come across that I think should have a page on Wikiquote in case it's helpful to anyone. Thank you to everyone who has taken/takes time to give me good faith feedback. Planning to start editing some on the Spanish language site and always appreciate help with attempted translations

Carol Lee Sanchez , Yevgenia Ginzburg , Aharon Appelfeld , Hans Asperger , Nancy Cott, Mary Heaton Vorse , Ramon Betances , Esther Frumpkin , Bernice Mennis , Josefina Fierro de Bright , Carolyn Merchant , Joseph Eliyia

Topic pages to add: 18th century , 1950s , indigenous groups (Navajo, Iroquois, ), Wounded Knee Massacre , Standing Rock , chicano movement ,

Will add some of the quotations I think about a lot when I'm on here

  • Elizabeth Martinez- "Ask almost anyone outside of academia to name famous US women of Mexican origin and you will probably hear ‘Dolores Huerta.’ If the person knows our contemporary writers, maybe ‘Sandra Cisneros’ and ‘Ana Castillo.’ If you ask for a name from earlier times, you might get ‘Sor Juana’-the rebel nun of the 1600’s. When you try to dig deeper, your companion may whimper, ‘I give up! Well…there’s the Virgin of Guadalupe, she’s on a lot of T-shirts. It was inevitable, then, that the need for a book like this would be recognized." And "the problem of locating photos often confirms the indifference to women’s presence in history, as reflected in the media, books, historical records, museums, university libraries."
  • Dolores Huerta- "That's the history of the world, his is story is told, hers isn't" (so far)
  • Maya Angelou- “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

A few more people I've found especially inspiring while putting time into this project: Aurora Levins Morales Irena Klepfisz Grace Paley Ernestine Rose Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz Emma Goldman Linda Hogan (writer) Maxine Hong Kingston Robin Wall Kimmerer Naomi Shihab Nye Ann Druyan Marge Piercy