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Apparently I have the copy edit gene. As I read these quotes to pass the time I find errors and feel compelled to fix them. Furthermore I am a Python programmer. As such structured text is second nature to me. To that end here is what will make up the majority of my edits on Wikiquote:

  • I prefer consistency in formatting and will strive to make a page as internally consistent as possible.
  • As a programmer I grew up on the mantra of "commit early, commit often". I edit one section at a time and will commit when done with that section.
  • More often than not I will be a negative force on pages.
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Loose list of projects (past and present)[edit]

  • Creation of the Strange Days page.
  • Creation of the Anansi Boys page.
  • Cleanup of TV/Film articles.
  • Reduction of quotes from TV/Film articles.
  • General RC tracking/vandalism reversion.
  • See my contributions for an exhaustive list of my activities.

Personal Quotes[edit]

Just a few phrases I've uttered over the years that I am rather fond of.

  • Rush is so right, he's wrong.
  • The ingenuity of human stupidity will never cease to amaze me.

Wiki link scratchpad[edit]

Links to things I am currently working on or intend to work on soon.

TV cleanup Rob Zombie Strange Days (film)
Grey's Playground Sam Harris Ayn Rand