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From my user page: "More often than not I will be a negative force on pages."

There are different ways to take this but I have one specific idea in mind.

On many of the pages that I take enough interest in to edit, largely TV/Film pages, there is an abundance of quotes. Each person who added quotes will increase the size of the page. In other words looking on the Recent changes page their edits will have a positive number behind it. That signifies the number of bytes added to the page.

My principle concern on editing these pages is proper formatting, wikified formatting as opposed to equal and equivalent HTML formatting and a reduction in the number of quotes so as to avoid copyright issues. I'll remove quotes like some random character saying an utterly forgettable line like, "Wow!", visual gags where the quote cannot stand without an extensive explanation of what is happening on the screen and so forth. As a result of this many of the edits on the Recent changes page will have a negative number behind it to show how many bytes that have been removed.

It is in that context, the size of the page and not the quality of the page, the subtractive nature of my edits that I mean when I say I will often be a negative force on pages I edit. -- Greyed 21:51, 25 January 2008 (UTC)