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A developing pallette of notable and impressive images with either wide or peculiar applicablitiy to use with quotes.

Semiotics · Philosophy · Ontology · Religion · Metaphysics · Mysticism[edit]

Monad.svg LuMaxArt Golden Family With World Religions.jpg Arco iris circular.JPGJUL Iris Soul Palm.pngJUL Soul Iris.pngHelm of Awe (white on black).svgEtruscan Horse 3.jpg Aegishjalmr.svg Dharma Wheel.svg Steering wheel ship.svg Tibetian Wheel.svg Coa Illustration Cross Of St Catherine.svg Coa Illustration Cross Keyring.svg Southern Cult Solar Cross.svg Circumpunct.svg Polytat.svg Caput mortuum.svg Dudeism.svg Yoism symbol.svg

A+O.svg Banner of Peace from the Roerich Pact.svg Eris circled K symbol.svg Blue Pacific.svg Wingedglobe2.svg Sol alado.svg Terry Pratchett Arms.svg Taijitu polarity.PNG Yyjpg.svg Ancient version of the Taijitu by Lai Zhi-De, sideways.svg Ancient version of the Taijitu by Lai Zhi-De.svg Yin yang.svg Yin and Yang symbol.svg Yin and Yang inverted (esoteric).svg Esoteric Taijitu.svg E=mc2.png BatQuaiDo.svg Pakua.svg Pakua with frame.svg Pakua with name.svg Yin yang symbol taking the place of the nucleus in an atom symbol.svg

Happy Human black.svg Happy Human white.svg Happy Human.svg Happyman.svg HappyHuman.svg RaisingNoodlesLogo.png SecularHumanismLogo3DGoldCropped.png Happy Human.jpg HRC logo with Happy Human.svg

Atom of Atheism-Zanaq.svg USVA headstone emb-16.svg Black Sun.svg Sasha Kopf's Celtic knot ring.svg S-Bahn Wien.svg S-Bahn Austria.svg Ishtar-star-symbol-simplified.svg Triple-Goddess-Waxing-Full-Waning-Symbol.svg Three-Crescents-Diane-Poitiers.svg Labrys-symbol-transparent.svg Seven Days New Crete (Graves) Watch North-Wind Rise symbols.svg Spiral Goddess symbol neo-pagan.svg Dearinth Goddess.png Triple-Spiral-labyrinth-variant.svg Triple-Spiral-Symbol-heavystroked.svg Lindisfarne StJohn Knot2 3.svg Drei Ringe von Krupp.jpg Triquetra-Interlaced-Triangle-Circle.svg Alchemic circle3.svg Squaredcircle.svg Sign of the Deathly Hallows.svg Chart Semiotics of Social Networking.jpg ReligijneSymbole.svg HexagramForWiki5.png TheStarOfRedemptionEng.svg The-Martinist-Pentacle.jpg Star of David.svg Schild davids transparent.svg IslamicHexagram.JPG Inscribed Star of David.svg Black Star of David.svg Solomon's seal (PSF).png LuMaxArt Golden Family With Star Of David.jpg עם ישראל חי.svg New Jerusalem (Michell) Sacred Geometry.svg Metatrons cube.svg Flower snark.svg Flower snarkv.svg Flower snark 3COL.svg Flower snark original.svg Circle-A red.svg Christian Anarchist Blot.svg Anarco logo Wikiquote.svg Dark Rosaleen Anarchy.svg Ama-gi.svg Uji-bashi 03.JPG Rorschach blot 10.jpg Dr Manhattan symbol.svg Sol symbol 2.svg Science-symbol-13a.svg Flower-of-Life-small.svg Tree-of-Life Flower-of-Life Stage.jpg TreeOfLife.svg Tree of life.jpg Tree of Life 2009 large.png St Paul's Sowrd.svg Christian morning star.svg Готический орден.png Ankh1.png Ankh.svg Ankh-Symbol.svg Ankh (SVG) 04.png Ankh (SVG) 01.svg Original Coptic cross.svg Opus Dei cross.svg

LuMaxArt Golden Family With Cross.jpg Ccross.svg Cross-Trinity-Borromean-interlinked.svg Patriarchal cross.svg Peter's Cross.svg Calvary cross.svg St James Cross.svg StJames Cross.svgForces Libanaises Flag.svgMaltese cross.svg Cross of MJC.svg Lazarus cross.svg Cathar cross.svg Rose Cross Lamen.svg Coa Illustration Cross Triple ragged.svg Coptic cross.svg Contre-jour.jpg He died for us.jpg USVA headstone emb-06.svg Gold Christian cross.svg Bulgarian Orthodox Cross.svg Croix recroisetée au pied fiché.svg Cross-Crosslet-Heraldry.svg Jerusalem-kreuz.svg Jerusalem cross.svg Jerusalem Cross.svg ReceBogaSwargi.svg Swastik4.svg 卐 卍 卐 卍 Swastika1.svg HinduSwastika.svg Indian Swastika.svg Falun Gong Logo.svg Raelian symbol.svg Tsseal1875.gif Ts seal.gif Theosophicalseal.svg Symbol of Chaos.svg Coa Illustration Cross Florencee.svg Unicursal user.svg Dragon's Eye Symbol png.png Lotus.svg DBC-Hope.jpg

Peace sign.svg Peace button large.png Wreck beach 1970.jpg Ouroboros-simple.svg

Rainbow diagram.svg Rainbow-diagram-ROYGBIV.svg PACE flag (without text).svg AmaroPace.jpg Carrousel Louvre (2).jpgPeace riding in a triumphal chariot Bosio Carrousel.jpg Dove peace.svg Peace Nazi.png Peace-3langs.svg Peace love and happyness award.svg V sign.svg Handshake icon.svg HexaGosperCurveColored.svg Sahasrara.svg WikiProject Scouting going home symbol.svg Mensural time signature 1.svg


Editor at large 1206.svg Love heart.jpg Polyamory.svg Love is Freedom.jpg A Love for the Arts by Delacorr.jpg 2006-12-03 Ring of love Edit.jpg Heart Flow.jpg 150px-Mother Galanda.jpg Herz aus Feuer.jpg Friendship love and truth.jpg

Psyché.jpg Psyche revived Louvre MR1777.jpg Psyche revived Louvre MR1777 n2.jpg Psyche revived Louvre MR1777 n3.jpg Psyche Cupidon Canova.jpg Canova-Psyche Revived By Cupids Kiss detail arm framing.jpg Zoom AntonioCanova PsycheRevivedByCupidsKiss.JPG AntonioCanova PsycheRevivedByCupidsKiss.JPG Psyche y Cupido en el Louvre.jpg Picture couple pregnant woman.jpg Francesco Hayez 008.jpg DickseeRomeoandJuliet.jpg Peace love and happyness award.svg File:RadicalRelationsHeart.svg WTP D17 Techserv 1.jpg Love01.jpg LOVE sculpture NY.JPG

Font images[edit]

Not viewable in all fonts (most are viewable with most modern browsers — but not always in optimal or desirable forms)

☥𓂗𓂖𓂀𓉳𓋠𓊗𓉕☸𓉖𓈌𓇴𓇵𓁿☤♘☥♌⚚☮⚓☺♒♌♒🙏😱👽◍🐚⊙क⎈⚡☠𝄐𝄑☮👼⚔☸♖ ҜⓥⓋ☋☊☉ⓀΨ༜Ẏ♥♡💔 💗 💜 💙

🌈🌀🐴🐰🔱🔌𝍦𐆓∴∵ ⑂ϟ ❽⚑ᖿᖼᖽᖾᏐփ ⩙ ⩗⩘ ∽༜☯♁ ㊌⌘ Ωohm Ω omega Ʊ𐄿𐄺𐄻 𐂂𐂃𐂄𐂅𐀸𓃗𓆙𓍶㊉

✌✌ ䷊Peace ䷋Standstill 凭 🐶犬 kangxi dog /⺨cjk dog

☳ Thunder ☶ Mountain


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