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My name is Kasia, born in 1986. I'm 2nd year student of English Filologue at Kazimierz Wielki University. I am from Poland, and I live in Poland. I was registering on EN-wikiquote 5th February 2008, but from an anon I edited before. I love my knowledge about Polish, history and idea of computer science. I am English and computer geek:). My interests concentrate around English, Polish history between 1743-1950, Polish Romanticism literature, books written by H.Sienkiewicz, Psychology, MS Windows sistems (main Win XP/Win Vista) and..knowlegde about Polish grammar and English literature.

Since 6th July 2006 I'm English student, but..really I'm English student since 2th October 2006. I have a Driver License category B. I usually open en wikiquotes 1-2 days on all week. But do not worry, because I'm going to probably respond on Your question, when I open wikiquotes. I've learnt about Polish grammar, and I've been learning English since 1995, so in Semptember I will have been learning English for thirteen years yeah! And I played the volleyball:). Currently I'm not play the volleyball, because I have brace on my teeth. I was listening music by Chopen in may 2007. I'll install Windows Vista in soon future. Probably I'll installing Vista in May/2nd week of April. Before I'll install Vista I think very good about change my operating system. I use Microsoft XP as my operating system since June 2006. My first operating system it's Windows Millenium, which I was using between 2003-2006. On the benniging I didn't want install Win XP. But later I changed my opinion about XP and I changed my operating system on XP. I was learning Germany between 2003-2006, and I was learning Spanish between August 2006-December 2007. Polish is my native language. And in really life I am member computer geeks:) What would I like to do here? Here I add interwiki to other wikiquotes/wikiprojects, sometimes reverting vandalisms etc. Currently I rarely edit wikiprojects, because I have not a lot time, probably to July, when I will have to more free time than now. I am going to add new quotes/quotes translated from Spanish/Polish/Germany. From English literature I read Romeo and Juliet written by Szekspir; Hamlet etc. And I was in England in 2005, and I'm going to go to England in future. From Polish literature I wrote e.g Dziady written by A.Mickiewicz and all romantic literature, few Positivism literature etc. I think that Adam Mickiewicz is the best Polish poet. I'm going to work as English teacher in high school.

My username derives from my name - Kasia. Between 2005-2006 I was member of company "Polscy historycy" (english: "Polish histories"). And between april 2007-june 2007 I was living in Manchester. In England was cool:]. And I shall go to England in future. Before I went to England, I had long learned English.

What said about me my friends?


Kasia is friendly, and she isn't bare, and she can help me, when I have hard life-situation


You're friendly, and you have good character:)


Kasia is calm, she's sensitive, and she always help me, if I have problem.