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New pages are created all the time, often by people with little familiarity of wikiquote standards, guidelines and oral traditions. To this effect, there is "New page patrol", also known as WikipProject welcoming committee. We welcome pages into the wiki by giving them a quick once over. The following procedure details the minimum that should be done for each new page -- at the maximum, you may choose to completely revamp the article.

  1. Is there an introduction which specifies the topic and/or link to wikipedia? Is there a same-named wikipedia article?
    • If the answer to both is "no", slap a {{no-intro}} on it, and you are done!
  2. If there is a same-named wikipedia article but no link to it, add a {{wikipedia}} at the top or bottom (add it at the top if there is no introduction whatsoever, otherwise add it at the bottom)
  3. If there is an introduction, but no wikipedia article, check if the introduction looks NPOVish and establishes notability. If not, you may want to VFD it.
  4. If you got here, there's a readable introduction and notability is probable. If the article is stubby, add a proper stub tag. If the article should be formatted better, add a cleanup tag. In any case, make sure there's a Category.
  5. That's it! Welcoming committee has welcomed another page.