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Quote in Stephen Colbert article[edit]

I've removed the

[Ed Helms, reporting live from Corpus Christi, TX] He is in stable condition after being shot by Vice President Dick Cheney during the weekend quailhunting exibition. Doctors say he is recovering quickly after being shot in the face by the Vice President. I'll be here all day with continuous coverage of how Vice President Dick Cheney shot a seventy-eight year old man in the face, after he mistook him for a small bird.

quote from the Stephen Colbert article because the attribution for the quote is Ed Helms, who appears on The Daily Show. The section for "The Daily Show" under Colbert's article is for those quotes that Colbert said while on The Daily Show, not for other members of the show (whose quotes belong in The Daily Show's article). —LrdChaos 19:54, 9 May 2006 (UTC)