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V. V. S. Laxman (born 1 November 1974), commonly known as V.V.S. Laxman, is a former Indian cricketer

V. V. S. Laxman

Quotes by V.V.S.Laxman[edit]

  • The reason why Indian bowling has done exceptionally well in this World Cup is MS Dhoni. When we wrote them off, he kept supporting them. When they were struggling, only he was standing by his bowlers.
    • On MS Dhoni's ability to handle bowler.
  • He has that uniqueness to respond to a tough situation with ease. He does not involve himself much emotionally, and that’s his quality. India are lucky to have a captain like Dhoni.
    • On Captaincy of MS Dhoni.
  • AB de Villers is the most complete player of the Modern Era.
    • On AB Devillers , superman of sports.

Quotes on V.V.S.Laxman[edit]

  • Statutory Warning:These stunts have been performed by an expert.Please don't try at home.
  • "If you get Dravid, great. If you get Sachin, brilliant. If you get Laxman, it’s a miracle.”
    • Brett Lee repeats the words of wisdom of his former captain, Steve Waugh (27 Sep 2004).[1]
  • Always the artist, never the superstar.
  • You have to see VVS Laxman bat to understand his magic.
  • You didn't bowl badly,you just came up against best batsman of spin bowling that i have ever seen.
    • Ian Chapell to Shane Warne on VVS Laxman[4]
  • Watch him. But don't try to imitate. Only VVS can play them.
  • If Sachin is a god of cricket,then VVS is angel we all strive to be.
  • Laxman could potentially play shots on either side of the wicket to any given ball.
  • I enjoyed Laxman's batting from the other end.It was like watching highlights package.
  • "When he walks in, whether you are batting in the middle or sitting in the pavilion and a wicket has fallen, he brings calm to the whole dressing room. I, personally, get a feeling of calm and solidity, not because Laxman will always score but because you know that he will never let you down in terms of effort: you know that he is there and he will pull his weight. There is no higher compliment. You know he has the requisite quality, and that he can read situations well. He has turned up in every circumstance: bad pitches, good pitches, when setting a total or after the opposition has piled up a big score."
  • I hope his back pretty sore for next week as well and he can't play.
  • When Laman bats,you just watch him and tell yourself not to carried away.
  • "When I walk out to play in Hyderabad, I will feel a deep void. A void that can never be fulfilled. My dear friend, VVS Laxman..."
  • On his day,he could beat 22 fielder and find the boundry.


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