Van Helsing: The London Assignment

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Van Helsing: The London Assignment is a 2004 film about Gabriel Van Helsing tracking Mr. Hyde.

Directed by Sharon Bridgeman. Written by Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens.


Gabriel Van Helsing: Those women died at the hands of a monster.
Cardinal Jinette: But from my witness accounts one who was once a man. Keep in mind that this man's soul can still be saved.
Gabriel Van Helsing: Not every soul deserves to be.
Cardinal Jinette: Van Helsing, since time immemorial, the Knights of the Holy Order have served and sacrificed as humanity's protectors from an evil so ancient, all have forgotten it but we few.
Gabriel Van Helsing: That monster showed no mercy to those women.
Cardinal Jinette: To remain true to our calling, we must believe all souls are worthy of salvation.

Gabriel Van Helsing: Could you stop squirming?
Carl: If you had bought me the proper sized corset I wouldn't have to squirm!
Gabriel Van Helsing: There. A vision of loveliness.
Carl: I told the cardinal when he got your cable, I am not a field man!
Gabriel Van Helsing: There isn't much danger of you being mistaken as any kind of man, Carl!


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