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Vasily Nebenzya (Born 26 February 1962) is a Russian diplomat and the current Russia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations. His official title is Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.

Vasily Nebenzya (Dec. 2016)


  • This deployment of Russian troops in our own territory is getting our Western and U.S. colleagues to say that there's going to be a planned military action and even an act of aggression ... A military action of Russia against Ukraine that they're all assuring us is going to take place in just a few weeks, if not a few days. There, however, is no proof confirming such a serious accusation whatsoever being put forward.
  • This is despite the fact that we are constantly rejecting these allegations, and this is despite the fact that no threat of a planned invasion into Ukraine from the lips of any Russian politician or public figure over all of this period -- no such threat has been made. Rather, at all levels, we've been categorically rejecting such plans

Quotes about Vasily Nebenzya[edit]

  • Ambassador Nebenzya has called Kyiv the clients of the West. Actually, Kyiv is fighting to be independent of anybody.
He calls them a criminal Kyiv regime. In fact, Ukraine has a democratically elected government.
He calls them Nazis. Well, the president is Jewish, the defense minister is Muslim, and they have no political prisoners.
He said that Ukraine was wallowing in corruption. Well, Aleksei Navalny documented how honest and full of probity his own country is.
He blamed the war on US neocolonialism. In fact it is Russia that tried to exterminate Ukraine in the 19th century, again under the bolsheviks, and it's the third attempt.
He said that we are prisoners of Russophobia. ‘Phobia’ means irrational fear. Yet we are being threatened almost every day by the former president of Russia and by Putin propagandists with nuclear annihilation. I put to you that it’s not irrational when Russia threatens us. We trust it.
He said we are denying Russia's security interest. Not true, we only started rearming ourselves when Russia started invading her neighbours.
He even said that Poland attacked Russia during World War II. What is he talking about? It is the Soviet Union that attacked Poland together with Nazi Germany on the 17th of September in 1939. They even held a joint victory parade on the 22nd of September.
He says that Russia has always only beaten back aggression. What were Russian troops doing at the gates of Warsaw August 1920? They were on a topographical excursion? No, the truth is that for every time that Russia has been invaded, she has invaded ten times.
He says that this is a perfidious proxy war by the West. My advice is: Don't fall into the "Western trap". Withdraw your troops to the international border and avoid this "Western plot".
He also says that there was an illegal coup in Ukraine in Kyiv in 2014. Well, I was there. There was no coup. President Yanukovich murdered a hundred of his compatriots, and he was removed from office by the democratically elected Ukrainian parliament, including his own party, the Party of Regions.
And finally he is saying that we, the West, are somehow trying to persuade that Russia can never be beaten. Well, Russia didn’t win the Crimean War, it didn’t win the Russo-Japanese war, it didn’t win World War I, it didn’t win the Battle of Warsaw, it didn’t win in Afghanistan, and it didn’t win the Cold War. But there is good news. After each failure, there were reforms.
Such demagoguery is unworthy of a member on a permanent basis on the Security Council. But what the ambassador has achieved, is to remind us why we resisted Soviet domination, and what Ukraine is resisting now. They failed to subjugate us then. They will fail to subjugate Ukraine, and us, now.

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