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Vegetables are parts of plants that are consumed by humans or other animals as food.


  • They sowed the duller vegetables first, and a pleasant feeling of righteous fatigue stole over them as they addressed themselves to the peas.
  • See dying vegetables life sustain,
    See life dissolving vegetate again;
    All forms that perish other forms supply;
    (By turns we catch the vital breath and die.)
  • Peas and beans are as dank here as a dog, and that is the next way to give poor jades the bots.
  • Hence! I am qualmish at the smell of leek.
  • And now, folks, get a load of what our cameraman found in Ecuador. Vegetables on vacation! You've only seen this kind of thing after a party, but down in sunny Ecuador they see it any time—and no hangover to follow! Monster plants on the march! Say, now, that's given me a big idea! Maybe if we can educate our potatoes right we can fix it so they'll walk right into the pot.
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