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A cartoon of Vittorio Arrigoni by Carlos Latuff made following his murder.

Vittorio Arrigoni (Italian: [vitˈtɔːrjo arriˈɡoːni]; Besana in Brianza, February 4, 1975 - Gaza, April 15, 2011) was an Italian journalist, writer and activist.


  • I, who don't believe in war, don't want to be buried under any flag. If anything I would like to be remembered for my dreams. Should I die one day - in a hundred years - I would like to have what Nelson Mandela said on my gravestone: "A winner is a dreamer who has never stopped dreaming". Vittorio Arrigoni: a winner.[1]
  • I believe there are different types of resistance, there is an armed resistance and there is another resistance: a civil resistance.[2]
  • I don't believe in borders, barriers, flags. I believe that we all belong, regardless of latitudes and longitudes, to the same family, which is the human family.[2]
  • [Referring to Israeli-Palestinian conflict] I knew I was coming to see terrible things, but not such terrible things.[3]
  • In the end, even if history has some bad pupils, it somehow teaches.[4]
  • Justice and human rights cannot be selective.[5]
  • Knowing is the first step towards a solution.[6]
  • We will continue to make poems out of our lives, until freedom is declaimed above the broken chains of all oppressed peoples.[7]

Gaza: Stay Human (2010)[edit]

[Translated by Daniela Filippini]
  • Stay human.
  • They will make a desert and call it peace.
  • The 'civilized' world's silence is more deafening than the exlopsions covering the city like a shroud of death and terror.
  • Please, someone stop this nightmare. Choosing to remain silent means somehow lends support to the genocide unfolding right now. Shout out your indignation, in every capital of the 'civilised' world, in every city, in every square, covering our own screams of pain and terror. A slice of humanity is dying while pitifully listening out for a response.


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