Walter Eucken

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Walter Eucken

Walter Eucken (17 January 189120 March 1950) was a German economist of the Freiburg school and father of ordoliberalism. His name is closely linked with the development of the concept of "social market economy".

Quotes about Eucken[edit]

  • Walter Eucken was a valuable friend for me. In the late 1930s, before the outbreak of the war, when I first acquired a car and made the trip from London to Austria by automobile, I regularly made a stopover in Freiburg just to visit Eucken and to keep in touch with him. Although Eucken had little time left in which to take part in our efforts to defend liberalism, our contacts later had an important consequence.
    • Friedrich Hayek, "The Rediscovery of Freedom: Personal Recollections" (1983), published in The Fortunes of Liberalism (1992)

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