War and Peace (1968 film)

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War and Peace is a 1968 Soviet war film. It is considered one of the most expensive films ever made.

Directed by Sergei Bondarchuk. Written by Sergei Bondarchuk, Vasili Solovyov. Based on the novel of Leo Tolstoy.


  • On 12th June, 1812, the forces of western Europe crossed the frontiers of Russia and war began. In other words, and event took place that was contrary to all human reason and human nature.
  • A moral victory which compels the enemy to recognize the moral superiority of his opponent and his own impotence was won by the Russians at Borodino. The direct consequence of the Battle of Borodino was Napoleon's flight from Moscow, the destruction of the invading army of 500,000 men, and the destruction of Napoleonic France, on which was laid for the first time, at Borodino, the hand on an opponent stronger in spirit!


[Prince Andrei is dying]
Prince Andrei Bolkonsky: Natasha... I love you too much. More than anything in the world.
Natasha Rostova: And I! But why too much?
Prince Andrei Bolkonsky: Why too much? Well, what do you think? What do you feel in your soul, deep in your soul? Shall I live? What do you think?
Natasha Rostova: I'm sure of it.
Prince Andrei Bolkonsky: How good that would be.


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