War for the Planet of the Apes

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War for the Planet of the Apes is a 2017 American science fiction action film about a confrontation between the apes, led by Caesar, and the humans for control of Earth.

Directed by Matt Reeves. Written by Mark Bomback and Matt Reeves.
For freedom. For family. For the planet. (taglines)


  • I did not start this war. I offered you peace. I showed you mercy. But now you're here. To finish us off... for good.
  • I did not start this war. But I will finish it.
  • This is my fight. I may not make it back. Make sure my son knows who his father was.

Bad Ape[edit]

  • Human get sick. Ape get smart. Then human kill ape. But not me. I run.
  • [often repeated line] Oh no!


  • The Colonel: All of human history has lead to this moment. The irony is we created you. And nature has been punishing us ever since. This is our last stand. And if we lose... it will be a Planet of Apes.
  • Red Donkey: I don't fear you.


The Colonel: Have you finally come to save your apes?
Caesar: I came for you.
The Colonel: For me?
The Colonel: My God. Look at your eyes. Almost human.
The Colonel: How'd you know I was here?
Caesar: I was told... you were coming. That more soldiers from the north were will be joining you here.
The Colonel: Joining me here?
Caesar: To finish us off... for good.
The Colonel: Who told you that?
The Colonel: Ok. Let's go.

Red Donkey: You know... Colonel shoot apes when wall's done.
Caesar: His wall is... madness. It will not save him, anymore than it will save you.
Red Donkey: I save myself.
Caesar: Is there anything left of you to save?

Caesar: Do not worry, Maurice. You are home now. Apes are strong... With or without me.
Maurice: Son will know who was father... And what Caesar did for us.


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