What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

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What's Eating Gilbert Grape? is a 1993 American drama film about a grocery-store clerk who, after his father's death, must care for his mentally disabled brother, Arnie, and his morbidly obese mother.

Directed by Lasse Hallström. Written by Peter Hedges, based on his 1991 novel of the same name.
A story about the love you find...in the last place you look.taglines

Gilbert Grape[edit]

  • We don't really move. I mean, we'd like to, but... my mom is sort of attached to the house. Attached is, I guess, not the right word. She's pretty much wedged in.
  • I know a boy whose name is Arnie... he's, uh, 'bout to turn 18 and have a big party. I know a boy whose name is Arnie. C'mon down, buddy.

Arnie Grape[edit]

  • I'm having a birthday party, but you're not invited, but you can come if you want.


Becky: Tell me what you want, as fast as it comes to you.
Gilbert: Uhh...
Becky: Okay?
Gilbert: 'Kay.
Becky: Okay. What do you want?
[He's thinking about it]
Becky: Faster!
Gilbert: Okay. I want a new thing. House. I want a new house. And a family.
[He sighs heavily]
Gilbert: I want Momma to take aerobics classes. I want Ellen to grow up. I want a new brain for Arnie. I want...
Becky: What do you want for you? Just for you?
Gilbert: I want to be a good person.

Gilbert: [climbing of the water tower] It's not going to happen again. This is the last time. Right Arnie?
Arnie: It's the last time.
Gilbert: Okay. Let's go.
Arnie: But I want to go back up there again.

Becky: I love the sky. It's so limitless.
Gilbert: It is big. It's very big.
Becky: Big doesn't even sum it up, right? That word big is so small.

Gilbert: You know what? You're such a big boy.
Arnie: Yeah!
Gilbert: You're such a big boy.
Arnie: I'm a big boy!
Gilbert: You know what? I bet you could do this all by yourself if you really wanted to. Could you do this by yourself?
Arnie: I'm a big boy!
Gilbert: Yeah, you're a big boy. Now take this...
Arnie: Take this.
Gilbert: Wash everything, your towels are there.
Arnie: Okay!
Gilbert: And your robe is there.
Arnie: Okay! The big boy is gonna wash himself!

Gilbert: [to Becky] I don't know what to say.
Arnie: Say "thank you," Gilbert. "Thank you."
Gilbert: [whispering] Thank you.

Betty: Hey. I could have had any guy, any guy, but I chose you. I chose you.
Gilbert: Why did you?
Betty: [pause] Because... I knew you'd always be there. Because I knew you'd never leave.


  • A story about the love you find...in the last place you look.
  • Arnie knows a secret. His big brother Gilbert is the greatest person on the planet.
  • An unusual story of life...and love in the heartland.
  • Life is a terrible thing to sleep through.
  • Life hasn't passed Gilbert by... it's just taken a slight detour.
  • A film about the love you find... in the last place you look.


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