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Who is America? is an American political satire television series created by Sacha Baron Cohen that premiered on July 15, 2018, on Showtime. Baron Cohen also stars in the series as various characters and executive produces alongside Anthony Hines, Todd Schulman, Andrew Newman, Dan Mazer, and Adam Lowitt.


Episode 1 (15 July 2018)[edit]

Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr.: I want to say, with Charlottesville, when people attacked our president, why should Why should the President pick a side between anti-facists and facists? He's the president of all people.
Corey Lewandowski: There is a place and a time to disagree with people everywhere. Okay? You don't have to agree with people. You have to respect them, and you can't be attacking them.
Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr.: You can't be attacking honest, fascist people that just want to express their right to start a genocide. That is their right!

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