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Wide Awake is a 1998 comedy-drama film written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan and produced by Cathy Konrad and Cary Woods.

Although it was made in 1995, the film was not released until 1998.

Joshua Beal[edit]

  • Before this year, bullies were just bullies for no reason, weirdos were just weird, and daredevils weren't afraid of anything. Before this year, people I loved lived forever. I spent this year looking for something and wound up seeing everything around me. It's like I was asleep before and finally woke up. Know what? I'm wide-awake now.
  • My name is Joshua A. Beal. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And I believe two things. Not all angels have wings. And sixth grade's got to be easier than this.


Joshua A. Beal: My question is about my Aunt Denise. She's not baptized, so that means she's going to hell, right?
Sister Terry: Uh, no, actually she's not, Joshua.
Joshua A. Beal: And my dad's best friend, he's not baptized either, and that means *he's* going to hell.
[kids beginning to clammer nervously]
Sister Terry: Joshua, I think you misunderstood.
Student: Oh man! Seth Greenburg rides my bus, he's not baptized...
Sister Terry: Okay, wait a sec...
Student #2: Hey, my cousin's going to hell?
Sister Terry: No, I don't think....
Student: The family living next door - their whole house is going to hell!
Sister Terry: No, that's not what it says in the book. If you'll notice, on page 4... Okay, alright, quiet! No one is going to hell!

Frank Benton: Hey, Josh, is today tomorrow?
Joshua A. Beal: No, Frank, tomorrow's tomorrow. Today's today, and tomorrow's tomorrow.

Sister Terry: Joshua, why do you feel the need to do these things?

Mrs. Beal: [waking him] Joshua. Joshua. Joshua, *please*, you're a 5th grader today, you're almost a man.

Joshua A. Beal: Those are the kids in my class. Kids in uniforms don't smile very much.

Joshua A. Beal: [looking across into girls' play yard] I don't know why they put this fence up. Why would anyone want to go over there, anyway?

Mr. Beal: Joshua, the pope is not God.
Joshua A. Beal: I know that, but he's his best friend.
Mr. Beal: We're not going to Rome.

Sister Terry: Every day at sunset, you'd bow your head to the east and pray, is that right?
Joshua A. Beal: Uh, I stopped that.
Sister Terry: Okay, well, what did you think about when you prayed?
Joshua A. Beal: Nothing mostly. Sometimes, I'd wonder... What made that smell in the carpet?


  • First kisses. Outrageous pranks. A teacher with a killer fastball. To survive this year, Joshua Beal will have to stay...
  • Meeting your best friend. Finding your favorite teacher. Having your first crush. Remember what it felt like to be...
  • A comedy that will raise your spirits and keep you laughing.
  • She Had All The Answers... Until Now!




  • Heather Casler - Hope
  • Dan Lauria - Father Peters
  • Stefan Niemczyk - Frank Benton
  • Michael Pacienza - Freddie Waltman
  • Michael Shulman - Robert Brickman
  • Jaret Ross Barron - Dan
  • Jarrett Abello - John
  • Joseph Melito - Billy (Credited as Joseph Melito Jr.)
  • Peter A. Urban Jr. - Newman
  • Jahmal Curtis - Student
  • Michael Craig Bigwood - Little Boy
  • Gil Robbins - Cardinal Geary
  • Marc H. Glick - Father Sebastian
  • Robert K. O'Neill - Young Priest
  • Deborah Stern - Mrs. Waltman
  • Joey Perillo - Mr. Waltman
  • Jerry Walsh - Football Coach
  • Liam Mitchell - Gym Teacher
  • Charles Techman as Janitor
  • Antoine McLean as Wilson
  • Arleen Goman as Mrs. Pitman
  • Mets Suber as Race Starter


  • Gina Allegro - Nun
  • Rena Anakwe - Extra
  • Pierce Cravens - (singing voice)
  • Stephen Dunn - School Boy
  • Josh LaBove - Schoolboy
  • Patsy Meck - Nun in hallway
  • Jamies James Spector - (singing voice)

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