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Wide Awake is a 1998 comedy-drama film about a 10-year-old boy who goes on a search for God after his grandfather dies.

Directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan.
A comedy that will raise your spirits and keep you laughing.taglines

Joshua Beal

  • Before this year, bullies were just bullies for no reason, weirdos were just weird, and daredevils weren't afraid of anything. Before this year, people I loved lived forever. I spent this year looking for something and wound up seeing everything around me. It's like I was asleep before and finally woke up. Know what? I'm wide-awake now.
  • My name is Joshua A. Beal. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And I believe two things. Not all angels have wings. And sixth grade's got to be easier than this.
  • Those are the kids in my class. Kids in uniforms don't smile very much.
  • [looking across into girls' play yard] I don't know why they put this fence up. Why would anyone want to go over there, anyway?


  • Sister Terry: Joshua, why do you feel the need to do these things?
  • Mrs. Beal: [waking him] Joshua. Joshua. Joshua, please, you're a 5th grader today, you're almost a man.


Joshua A. Beal: My question is about my Aunt Denise. She's not baptized, so that means she's going to hell, right?
Sister Terry: Uh, no, actually she's not, Joshua.
Joshua A. Beal: And my dad's best friend, he's not baptized either, and that means *he's* going to hell.
[kids beginning to clammer nervously]
Sister Terry: Joshua, I think you misunderstood.
Student: Oh man! Seth Greenburg rides my bus, he's not baptized...
Sister Terry: Okay, wait a sec...
Student #2: Hey, my cousin's going to hell?
Sister Terry: No, I don't think....
Student: The family living next door - their whole house is going to hell!
Sister Terry: No, that's not what it says in the book. If you'll notice, on page 4... Okay, alright, quiet! No one is going to hell!

Frank Benton: Hey, Josh, is today tomorrow?
Joshua A. Beal: No, Frank, tomorrow's tomorrow. Today's today, and tomorrow's tomorrow.

Mr. Beal: Joshua, the pope is not God.
Joshua A. Beal: I know that, but he's his best friend.
Mr. Beal: We're not going to Rome.

Sister Terry: Every day at sunset, you'd bow your head to the east and pray, is that right?
Joshua A. Beal: Uh, I stopped that.
Sister Terry: Okay, well, what did you think about when you prayed?
Joshua A. Beal: Nothing mostly. Sometimes, I'd wonder... What made that smell in the carpet?


  • First kisses. Outrageous pranks. A teacher with a killer fastball. To survive this year, Joshua Beal will have to stay...
  • Meeting your best friend. Finding your favorite teacher. Having your first crush. Remember what it felt like to be...
  • A comedy that will raise your spirits and keep you laughing.
  • She Had All The Answers... Until Now!


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