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See also Wikiquote:Administrators' noticeboard/Illegitimate Barrister check and Wikiquote:Administrators' noticeboard/Rupert loup check

Basic information[edit]

Moved from Xsaorapa talkpage, after talkpage messages on block and block evasions were blanked by Xsaorapa.

Xsaorapa is the alias of a long-term abuser (hereinafter the "LTA") who has disruptively edited, wikistalked other editors, and engaged in other misconduct on Wikis including (but not limited to) vandalism (including blanking), spam, posting deliberate misinformation, personal attacks, abusing multiple accounts to alter the outcome of deletion discussions and dispute resolution, recruiting meatpuppets as proxies in support of his disruptive behavior, incivility, block evading, forum shopping, and filing multiple false, unsupported "complaints" against other editors and admins, a practice he has continued to engage in even after having been banned from editing which he evaded by using yet another anonymous IP and creating new sock accounts. and much more. This activity goes back to at least 2006, and has been carried out under hundreds of anonymous IPs (many since identified) and at least some dozen registered sockmaster/sockpuppet accounts of which many were created after being banned from wikis.

Xsaorapa is using socks for vandalism/blanking, and for spurious tag bombing, always with no rationale (apart from boilerplate edit summary), see also Talk:Rajendran Narayanan, while offering no rationale at all on the talkpage. That is disruptive. Note that he mostly tags the articles where Hindus or others were victims of genocide, persecution, terrorism or ethnic cleansing, for example the Bangladesh Liberation war was a genocide by the Pakistani army in 1972 on the Bengali population with millions of deaths. If a Nazi would tag the articles Holocaust and World War II because he said quotes about persecution of Jews are pov, would that be acceptable? Or if a Turkish Islamist tagging articles on Armenian genocide or Assyrian genocide or Greek genocide because he thinks that quotes about the persecution of Armenians are pov would that be acceptable? Also see [1].

Targeted areas, pages, themes
Habitual behavior


Confirmed and suspected accounts[edit]

Block evasion[edit]

are Confirmed socks of this user used for block evasion.

There are also over a dozen IP socks very obviously used for block evasion by this user.

--დამოკიდებულება (talk) 09:22, 14 August 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Continued Block evasion[edit]

More socks very obviously used for block evasion by this user:

More Block evasion[edit]

Cross wiki abuse[edit]

  • [2] :Block evasion with multiple accounts on wikiquote, user is blocked on wikiquote and user is indefinitely blocked on multiple individual wikis for abuse, having violated principles which are grounds for indefinite blocks, for hounding, BLP violations and personal attacks, and pov pushing on articles and talkpages with antisemitic conspiracy theories about 9/11, neocons and the mossad.
After doing some research on this sock and the SPI on other wikipedia sites, it is certain that the user is also using several sockpuppets at wikipedia, for example this user Numwide. The SPI is noting that the sock targets Rene Guenon, User:PiCo and Gog and Magog, all these are targeted also by this user as can be found in the user contributions. There are more clues in the contributions of Numwide and the wikipedia SPI that show they are the same user, who is edit-warring and personal attacks against users like @Fabien Gatti: [3] [4] [5] [6] [7].


Examples of relations of accounts: After checking his SPIs on multiple projects, all his socks have the same pattern, the same couple of tells, his contribution is a copy typical of his habits:

  • Using 2, 3 or more socks in vote stacking (several socks voting in the same vote).
  • Using socks with the goal of changing the consensus in talk page discussions (several socks discussing on the same talkpage to turn the consensus in the sock's favor). Many examples, even in RfC and dispute resolution pages (for example, where two or more socks were discussing against another user in a dispute resolution!)
  • Edit-warring with several socks in the same articles
  • Violations of indefinite ban on English and French wikipedia and wikiquote many times with many accounts
  • Personal attacks, harassment, hounding, defamation, intimidation, and stalking, spreading false and misleading claims, using socks for harassment and recruiting meatpuppets
  • Blanking and censorship vandalism
  • Anti-semitic and hinduphobic pov pushing
  • BLP violations and character assassinations of BLP people, for example of those he alleges to be Zionists, Neocons (especially BLP articles on Jews or Hindus)
  • Pov pushing apologist views and blanking content about terrorism, genocide, persecution, ethnic cleansing
  • Pov pushing fringe views and original research at Rene Guenon articles [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]. See the recent comments by @Fabien Gatti:
  • Favorite articles include: Rene Guenon, Quran, Kafir, Quran on infidels, Islam and violence, Neoconservatism, Leo Strauss, Daniel Pipes, 9/11, Islamism-related, Jewish-related, Hindu-related, Religion-related

Checkuser evidence[edit]

Checkusers confirmed Xsaorapa=TwoHorned=Feitoria.

  • The section is called :Request about : Feitoria, Betapictoris, Tecomu and was made by @Hesan:
  • Hesan made the request to check the user Feitoria against the sockmaster Two-horned, and some of Two-horned's confirmed socks "shravan" and "Betapictoris"
  • Hesan explains in many words how the edits of Two Horned and of the confirmed socks of Two Horned are identical to the sock Feitoria
  • Hesan explains that both socks were using many identical phrases and arguments
  • for example: "Il s'agit donc d'un avis non-notable" & "avis non notable" or "n'est repris par aucune source sérieuse" & "qui n'est repris par aucune source sérieuse" or identical arguments about sources
  • Another user notes that Xsaorapa and TwoHorned were editing the same articles on Taqîya.
  • for example, he says his modicifation of the page on Taqîya/Lying is one of the ticks of the user:Betapictoris. Betapictoris is a sock of TwoHorned(!)
  • Feitoria is confirmed as a sock of Xsaorapa here
  • The checkuser @Hexasoft: concludes that based on technical evidence it is certain that Xsaorapa and the sock account are one and the same person, even though they didn't edit the same article.
  • The checkuser also notes that they were using VPN/webhost proxies to prevent the identification of their socks (just like Xsaorapa)

Behavioural evidence[edit]

Rene Guenon[edit]

The most edited page by TwoHorned are the articles about Rene Guenon. See also this comment: "TwoHorned is obsessed with neoconservatives, Leo Strauss, and especially René Guénon".

On wikiquote, Xsaorapa repeatedly removes quotes by Julius Evola about Rene Guenon [13] [14] [15] [16].

On wikipedia, he seems especially concerned with the relationship between Evola and Guenon, as can be seen here:

At wikipedia, Two Horned repeatedly removes the following content [17] [18]

According to Evola, Guénon belongs in essence to the culture of the Right and his work is a radical negation of democracy, socialism, and individualism.[1] Evola also wrote that Guénon's work has a radical hierarchical, aristocratic, anti-individualist, anti-social and anti-collectivist character and that Guénon's radical traditionalism is the same as Mussolini's ideal of the attainment of a permanent and universal reality.

At wikiquote, Xsaorapa repeatedly removes exactly the same content [19] [20]

In any case, Guénon belongs in essence to the culture of the Right. His work is a radical negation of democracy, socialism, and individualism. He goes even further, into areas barely touched upon by current Right-wing critiques.
[Guénon's work] has a radical hierarchical, aristocratic, anti-individualist, anti-social and anti-collectivist character and Guénon's radical traditionalism is the same as Mussolini's ideal of the attainment of a permanent and universal reality.

TwoHorned and Xsaorapa have removed exactly the same content from the Rene Guenon article.

And TwoHorned and Xsaorapa are both obsessed with Rene Guenon (Feitoria is one of the confirmed socks of Xsaorapa).

Rene Guenon is a relatively obscure figure, only few editors are interested in this topic, and even more rare is the combination of interests that both TwoHorned and Xsaorapa have.

BLP violations and character assassinations

Both socks (TwoHorned and Xsaorapa) target the same BLP articles for BLP violations and character assassinations.

Examples are articles on Jewish scholars (Daniel Pipes, Bat Yeor, David Littman, Leo Strauss, Neoconservatism, ...) and Hindu scholars (Koenraad Elst, K.S. Lal...) and of critics of religious radicalism (Robert Spencer...). [21] [22]

For example, the most edited BLP article by TwoHorned was the article Koenraad Elst [23]

About this article, one user notes that the edits made by TwoHorned are, to say the least, questionable and that the article was quite bland before the cranks showed up.

The victim of this BLP violation even quoted TwoHorned in an article about the BLP violation. He quotes the following words from TwoHorned

  • “In conclusion, Elst's stance suffer from very partisan and ideological bias, and it is important to warn readers in a non-partisan encyclopedy like Wikipedia.” [24]

This comment was made by User:AlexOriens here back in 2006, a checkuser confirmed this as a sockpuppet of TwoHorned [25].

On wikiquote, Xsaorapa has targeted the same BLP subject [26] [27], and also in many other edits using his socks on multiple wikis

Personal attacks, harassment, hounding, defamation, intimidation, and stalking, spreading false and misleading claims, using socks for harassment and recruiting meatpuppets

TwoHorned seems to have made months or even year-long vendettas against some Israeli and Indian editors.

This mirrors Xsaorapa's creation of dozens of sockpuppets for Personal attacks, harassment, hounding, bullying, defamation, intimidation, and stalking, spreading false and misleading claims, using socks for harassment and recruiting meatpuppets.

Xsaorapa has in past months created dozens of socks and IPs for harrassing, hounding, stalking, recruiting meatpuppets, bullying, and personal attacks on many wikis (on enwiki, frwiki, wikiquote, wikidata, Meta, Wikisource, ... etc). See also recent Meta SPI and one of previous Meta SPI

Just like Xsaorapa, TwoHorned was claiming they are not socking and checkuser later found out he was lying. As the SPI says, his socks were claiming that he is not TwoHorned because the CU in the French wikipedia was inconclusive (due to proxies?) but the same user who lied about that he is not TwoHorned was later blocked as a sock of TwoHorned. So this should always be kept in mind when he claims he is not TwoHorned despite all evidence. (see also [28] [29] [30])

Edits on frwiki

Just looking at the frwiki edits of Feitoria and Xsaorapa and comparing them with other TwoHorned socks:

  • Several of the socks edit pages on Taqîya [31] [32] [33] [34] [35] [36]
  • Both accounts are obsessed with Rene Guenon [37] [38] [39] see above
  • Several of the sock accounts were editing the Al-Fatiha ‎ article. [40] [41] [42] and both socks edit a lot on the Quran articles [43] [44]
    • At Al-Fatiha, Feitoria several times deletes content from the Taguieff source [45], the same content is deleted several times with identical arguments (and using identical phrases) by Betapictoris who is a confirmed sock of TwoHorned [46] [47]. This was already pointed out at one of the frwiki SPI.
  • Both write about Coomaraswamy (who is related to Rene Guenon) [48] [49] [50]
  • Both write about Voice of India [51] [52] [53]
  • Both write about Elst [54] see above
  • Both write about Swarup [55] [56] [57]
  • Both write about Frawley [58] [59] [60]
  • Both write about Gautier [61] [62]
  • Both write about Daniel Pipes [63] [64] [65] [66]
  • Both write about Robert Spencer [67] [68] [69]
  • Both write about Ibn Warraq [70] [71] [72] [73] (both argue that he is not a philosopher or humanist)
  • Both write about Jewish relations [74] [75] and secularism [76] [77]
  • Both accounts were editing about Islamic terrorism (usually either whitewashing, or making the argument it is not related to Islam, or putting the blame on some Zionist conspiracy)

This is just from a sample of the edits of just these two socks (there are dozens of more socks)

The combination of these interests and POV's, several of them obscure, can leave no doubt that TwoHorned and Xsaorapa are the same account.
Whitewashing terrorism, genocide, Jihadism, anti-semitic conspiracy theories
  • To be continued....
TwoHorned and its socks never edited at Wikiquote. Most of the time I edited pages related to Islam, I only got involved in editing pages related to India/Hindu politics when this conflict started. --Feitoria (talk) 14:14, 6 February 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I just checked, many of your first edits back in 2006 were already strongly focused on Hinduism. -- ~ #SheSaid 14:21, 6 February 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I am not TwoHorned, I was not active at any wiki project in 2006. --Feitoria (talk) 14:33, 6 February 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

To summarize some of the behavioural evidence:

  • Both socks have been using identical phrases, arguments, edits and have identical POVs
  • Both socks are obsessed with Rene Guenon (+ both socks are concerned about exactly the same content about Evola)
  • Both socks are obsessed with articles about Taqiya, Al-Fatiha, Quran (+ both socks are repeatedly deleting exactly the same content using same arguments and phrases)
  • Both socks are obsessed with the same Jewish and Hindu scholars, especially those that write about Neoconservatism or Politics or about Islamism
  • Both socks are obsessed with articles about Islamic terrorism and with anti-semitic conspiracy theories
  • Both socks have identical behaviours, for example both socks are maintaining large sockfarms and using proxies for hiding socks
  • Both socks have been claiming they are not socking and were later found out to be lying by the checkuser
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