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I request bot flag to my bot

  • Operator: -Riley Huntley (SWMT)
  • Purpose: Clean Wikiquote:Sandbox
  • Script used: Python, pywikipedia
  • Already has the bot flag on: amgwiki, commonswiki, enwiki, enwikiquote, enwikivoyage, eswikivoyage, frwiivoyage, hewikisource, sawiki, simplewiki, sourceswiki, thwiki, ttwiktionary
  • Note: (if any)

Thank you. ---Riley Huntley (SWMT) 23:04, 4 February 2016 (UTC)[reply]

  • The sandbox is a high traffic page, or at least can be at times. It looks unprofessional to have tests from previous people sitting there for weeks, and it's more user friendly to new users to have it clean and ready to use. -Riley Huntley (SWMT) 20:02, 29 February 2016 (UTC)[reply]
  • Comment:  For several years I used to manually check and reset the sandbox on a daily basis. I am no longer that active here, and nobody else has taken up this chore on a regular basis. I think using a bot to pick up the slack is a good idea. ~ Ningauble (talk) 18:02, 8 March 2016 (UTC)[reply]