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Proposed deletions

NOTE: This page is a template designed for inclusion in Wikiquote:Deletion review. Keep it very short and don't remove the header!
This text is also copied at Wikiquote:Proposed deletion#Contesting after deletion. Please keep concurrent.

Articles deleted under this procedure (using the {{prod}} tag) may be undeleted, without further discussion, on a reasonable request. Any administrator can be asked to do this (or perform this action themselves), or a request may be made at Deletion Review, but such undeleted articles are able to be speedily deleted or nominated for deletion under the usual rules, should they meet those more stringent criteria. Administrators restoring deleted articles should place {{oldprod}} on the talk page of the article.

Please list requests for undeletion of articles deleted by the proposed deletion process below. Admins restoring deleted articles should also restore the history of the talk page, if present, and place {{Oldprod}} at the top. They may wish to notify the original PROD nominator so that they can decide whether to list the article at WQ:VFD; alternatively they may decide to nominate the article themselves. {{ProdContested}} (shortcut {{PC}}) is available for notifying the original nominator.

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