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April 1
Thor.jpg   Hammer nails smithonian.jpg

I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.

~ Abraham Maslow ~

Mjolnir metallic.png

  Stability - sculpture - Art with nails.jpg

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April 2
Giacomo Casanova by Francesco Narici.jpg  

My success and my misfortunes, the bright and the dark days I have gone through, everything has proved to me that in this world, either physical or moral, good comes out of evil just as well as evil comes out of good. My errors will point to thinking men the various roads, and will teach them the great art of treading on the brink of the precipice without falling into it. It is only necessary to have courage, for strength without self-confidence is useless.

~ Giacomo Casanova ~

  Casanova ritratto.jpg

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April 3
Gustav Klimt 025.jpg   Editor at large 1206.svg

We do not want our world to perish. But in our quest for knowledge, century by century, we have placed all our trust in a cold, impartial intellect which only brings us nearer to destruction. We have heeded no wisdom offering guidance. Only by learning to love one another can our world be saved. Only love can conquer all.

~ Dora Russell ~

Love is Freedom.jpg

  Ковёр-самолет. 1919-1926.jpg

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April 4
Maya Angelou speech for Barack Obama campaign 2008.jpg

Animated dove holding an olive branch.gif
You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise.

~ Maya Angelou ~


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April 5
Found rossetti.jpg  

At the door of life, by the gate of breath,
There are worse things waiting for men than death;
Death could not sever my soul and you,
As these have severed your soul from me.

~ Algernon Swinburne ~


  Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Algernon Charles Swinburne.jpg

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April 6
Prometheus by Gustave Moreau.jpg  

Ancient version of the Taijitu by Lai Zhi-De, sideways.svg

I believe neither in what I touch nor what I see. I only believe in what I do not see, and solely in what I feel.

~ Gustave Moreau ~


  Gustave Moreau 005.jpg

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April 7
Stanford Torus interior.jpg  

UN emblem blue.svg

When I die, I want to die in a Utopia that I have helped to build.

~ Henry Kuttner ~


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April 8
L'origine de l'évolution.jpg  

Life by life and love by love
We passed through the cycles strange,
And breath by breath and death by death
We followed the chain of change.
Till there came a time in the law of life
When o’er the nursing sod,
The shadows broke and soul awoke
In a strange, dim dream of God.

~ Langdon Smith ~

Holliday junction coloured.png

  Taijitu polarity.PNG

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April 9

Wisdom entereth not into a malicious mind, and science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul.

~ François Rabelais ~

New Jerusalem (Michell) Sacred Geometry.svg


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April 10
360 degrees fogbow.jpg  

Oh Master of the Beautiful,
Creating us from hour to hour,
Give me this vision to the full
To see in lightest things thy power!
This vision give, no heaven afar,
No throne, and yet I will rejoice,
Knowing beneath my feet a star,
Thy word in every wandering voice.

~ Æ ~

  G W Russell Bathers.jpg

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April 11
Franz von Stuck 003.jpg   Tree of life wk 02.svg

I learned that it is the weak who are cruel, and that gentleness is to be expected only from the strong.

~ Leo Rosten ~

Metatrons cube.svg

  Engel auf dem Friedhof.jpg

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April 12

The Astronomer statue at Questacon (453725975).jpg

I don't know what God is, or what God had in mind when the universe was set in motion. In fact, I don't know if God even exists, although I confess that I sometimes find myself praying in times of great fear, or despair, or astonishment at a display of unexpected beauty. There are some ten thousand religious sects — each with its own cosmology, each with its own answer for the meaning of life and death. Most assert that the other 9,999 not only have it completely wrong but are instruments of evil, besides. None of the ten thousand has yet persuaded me to make the requisite leap of faith. In the absence of conviction, I've come to terms with the fact that uncertainty is an inescapable corollary of life. An abundance of mystery is simply part of the bargain — which doesn't strike me as something to lament. Accepting the essential inscrutability of existence, in any case, is surely preferable to its opposite: capitulating to the tyranny of intransigent belief. And if I remain in the dark about our purpose here, and the meaning of eternity, I have nevertheless arrived at an understanding of a few modest truths: Most of us fear death. Most of us yearn to comprehend how we got here, and why — which is to say, most of us ache to know the love of our creator. And we will no doubt feel that ache, most of us, for as long as we happen to be alive.

~ Jon Krakauer ~

Pakua with frame.svgScience-symbol-13a.svg

  Tree of Life 2009 large.png
Sun halo optical phenomenon edit.jpg

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April 13
Jefferson Memorial with Declaration preamble.jpg   Liberty Bell icon.svg

There is no act, however virtuous, for which ingenuity may not find some bad motive.

~ Thomas Jefferson ~

Jefferson Memorial with Cherry Blossom.jpg


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April 14
Caspar David Friedrich - Wanderer above the sea of fog.jpg   Monad.svg
LuMaxArt Golden Family With World Religions.jpg

It is necessary that I climb very high because of my love for you, and upon the heights there is silence.

~ James Branch Cabell ~

Banner of Peace from the Roerich Pact.svg
Christian morning star.svg


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April 15
Amateur-made Na'vi.jpg
A Young Pulsar Shows its Hand.jpg

Yin yang.svg

I am a being of Heaven and Earth,
of thunder and lightning,
of rain and wind,
of the galaxies,
of the suns and the stars
and the void through which they travel.
The essence of nature,
eternal, divine that all men seek to know to hear,
known as the great illusion time,
and the all-prevailing atmosphere.
And now you know my background.

~ eden ahbez ~

VISTA's infrared view of the Lagoon Nebula (Messier 8).jpg

Lightning over Padre Island.jpg

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April 16
Anatole France Vanity Fair 11 August 1909.jpg   Crystal mind.jpg

It is well for the heart to be naive and for the mind not to be.

~ Anatole France ~

Wikilove2 new.png


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April 17
PalmSunday FelixLouisLeullier.jpg
JUL Iris Soul Palm.png
  Gian Lorenzo Bernini - Dove of the Holy Spirit.JPG

Poetry is the supreme fiction, madame.
Take the moral law and make a nave of it
And from the nave build haunted heaven. Thus,
The conscience is converted into palms,
Like windy citherns hankering for hymns.
We agree in principle. That's clear. But take
The opposing law and make a peristyle,
And from the peristyle project a masque
Beyond the planets. Thus, our bawdiness,
Unpurged by epitaph, indulged at last,
Is equally converted into palms,
Squiggling like saxophones. And palm for palm,
Madame, we are where we began.

~ Wallace Stevens ~

Boyle Abbey Nave 1997 09 17.jpg
  Borassus aethiopum 0036.jpg

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April 18
Arnold Böcklin 008.jpg  

Instead … of saying that Man is the creature of Circumstance, it would be nearer the mark to say that Man is the architect of Circumstance. It is Character which builds an existence out of Circumstance. Our strength is measured by our plastic power. From the same materials one man builds palaces, another hovels, one warehouses, another villas.

~ George Henry Lewes ~

  Cole Thomas The dream of the architect 210 Sun Unedited.jpg

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April 19
The Battle of Lepanto by Paolo Veronese.jpeg   Paolo Veronese, avtoportret.jpg
We painters use the same license as poets and madmen.
~ Paolo Veronese ~
Paolo Veronese 007.jpg
  Mars and Venus United by Love.PNG

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April 20
Fresque Mithraeum Marino.jpg   Auroch animal.svg

Society, in the aggregate, is no fool. It is astonishing what an amount of "eccentricity" it will stand from anybody who takes the bull by the horns, too fearless or too indifferent to think of consequences.

~ Dinah Craik ~

Wappen Sersheim.png

  Moreau, Europa and the Bull.jpg

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April 21
Vittore Carpaccio 075.jpg   Rod of asclepius.svg Croce e serpente.svg Rod of asclepius left.svg

Therapy isn't curing somebody of something; it is a means of helping a person explore himself, his life, his consciousness. My purpose as a therapist is to find out what it means to be human. Every human being must have a point at which he stands against the culture, where he says, "This is me and the world be damned!" Leaders have always been the ones to stand against the society — Socrates, Christ, Freud, all the way down the line.

~ Rollo May ~

Rod of asclepius left.svg Psi and Caduceus.svg Rod of asclepius.svg


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April 22
Christ Carrying the Cross 1580.jpg
Ecce homo by Antonio Ciseri (1).jpg
Munkácsy Ecce Homo part.JPG
What is truth.jpg
William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) - The Flagellation of Our Lord Jesus Christ (1880).jpg
Ecce Homo by Titian.JPG
Ramersbach St. Barbara Glasfenster Ecce homo556.JPG


Solstices and equinoxes.ant.svg
Monad.svg Cross-Trinity-Borromean-interlinked.svg Gold Christian cross.svg Cross-Trinity-Borromean-interlinked.svg Monad.svg
JUL Soul Iris.png

Art at its greatest is fantastically deceitful and complex.

~ Vladimir Nabokov ~

Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae - The cosmic rose.jpg

A star for the cardinal directions.svg
Hcube fold.gif Tesseract1.jpg Tesseract net.svg
Nested set V4; elements in Hasse diagram.svg Hypercubestar.svg 4-cubePetrie.svg Hypercube star.svg Tesseract Hasse diagram with nibble shorthands.svg
Boehme-heart.jpg Rosycross-Tetragrammaton.svg Triquetra-Interlaced-Triangle-Circle.svg

El Greco 011.jpg
William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) - Compassion (1897).jpgBartolomeo Passarotti Blood of the Redeemer.jpg
Kehlen, Weisses Kreuz.jpg

Santo Spirito, sagrestia, crocifisso di michelangelo 05.JPG
El Greco Pietà.jpg
Moreau Pieta.jpg
StJohnsAshfield StainedGlass GoodShepherd-frame crop.jpg

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April 23
  Croix huguenote.svg

The poet’s eye, in a fine frenzy rolling,
Doth glance from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven;
And, as imagination bodies forth
The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen
Turns them to shapes, and gives to airy nothing
A local habitation and a name.

~ William Shakespeare ~
A Midsummer Night's Dream

Huguenot cross.svg

  William Blake - Christ in the Sepulchre, Guarded by Angels.jpg

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April 24

Wikipedia laurier Latin cross.png
Opus Dei cross.svg

However great the work that God may achieve by an individual, he must not indulge in self-satisfaction. He ought rather to be all the more humbled, seeing himself merely as a tool which God has made use of.

~ Vincent de Paul ~


  William Holman Hunt - Christ And The Two Marys.jpg

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April 25

What the ancients called a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease.

~ Sun Tzu ~

SHAEF Schulterstück.jpg


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April 26
Swynnerton joan arc.jpg  

It costs so much to be a full human being that there are very few who have the enlightenment, or the courage, to pay the price … One has to abandon altogether the search for security, and reach out to the risk of living with both arms. One has to embrace the world like a lover, and yet demand no easy return of love. One has to accept pain as a condition of existence. One has to court doubt and darkness as the cost of knowing. One needs a will stubborn in conflict, but apt always to the total acceptance of every consequence of living and dying.

~ Morris West ~

Sagrado Corazon mueble heraldico.svg

  Giordano Bruno Campo dei Fiori.jpg

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April 27
Anti-Scientology protest - Los Angeles - protesters-hv3.jpg
Quiosc V de Vendetta.jpg

The same energy of character which renders a man a daring villain would have rendered him useful to society, had that society been well organized.

~ Mary Wollstonecraft ~

JUL Soul Iris.png
ENG COA Newton.svg

  V for Vendetta film.jpg

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April 28
Arco iris circular.JPG
Why books are always better than movies.jpg


Monad.svg Aegishjalmr.svg Monad.svg


“The secret is not to dream … The secret is to wake up. Waking up is harder. I have woken up and I am real. I know where I come from and I know where I'm going. You cannot fool me anymore. Or touch me. Or anything that is mine.”
I'll never be like this again, she thought, as she saw the terror in the Queen's face. I'll never again feel as tall as the sky and as old as the hills and as strong as the sea. I've been given something for a while, and the price of it is that I have to give it back.
And the reward is giving it back, too. No human could live like this. You could spend a day looking at a flower to see how wonderful it is, and that wouldn't get the milking done. No wonder we dream our way through our lives. To be awake, and see it all as it really is … no one could stand that for long.

~ Terry Pratchett ~
The Wee Free Men

Spiral Goddess symbol neo-pagan.svg Dearinth Goddess.png   Seven Days New Crete (Graves) Watch North-Wind Rise symbols.svg

The Realm of Rane - by Jeroen van Valkenburg.PNG

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April 29
Prince William of Wales RAF.jpg
STS-134 Official Crew Photo.jpg

Coat of Arms of William of Wales.svg

If all the parts of the universe are interchained in a certain measure, any one phenomenon will not be the effect of a single cause, but the resultant of causes infinitely numerous.

~ Henri Poincaré ~

Coat of Arms of Kate Middleton.svg

Action of SL2(Z) on the Poincare disc.svg


  Kate Middleton at the Garter Procession 2008.jpg
NASA STS-134 Official Mission Poster.jpg

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April 30
Michael Melgar LiquidArt resize droplet.jpg  


Monad.svg Dharma Wheel.svg Monad.svg


Harmonizing opposites by going back to their source is the distinctive quality of the Zen attitude, the Middle Way: embracing contradictions, making a synthesis of them, achieving balance.

~ Taisen Deshimaru ~

Wheel2.jpg Gakyil.png Pakua.svg Dhamma Cakra.svg Ancient version of the Taijitu by Lai Zhi-De, sideways.svg


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