Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore

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Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore is a Disney Winnie the Pooh animated featurette, based on two chapters from the books Winnie-the-Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner, originally released theatrically on March 11, 1983, with the 1983 re-issue of The Sword in the Stone. It is the fourth and final of Disney's original theatrical featurettes adapted from the Pooh books by A. A. Milne.


Tigger: All I did was cough!
Eeyore: You bounced.
Tigger: Coughed!
Eeyore: Bounced.
Tigger: Coughed!

Tigger: Grrrrrrrr... Tiggers don't like Pooh sticks!

Owl: It's easier if people don't *look* while I'm writing.

Pooh: I wonder which will come out first.
Narrator: Well, the big one came out first, and the little one came out last, which was what Pooh wanted.
Pooh: I did?
Narrator: Yes, Pooh, and that was the beginning of a game called "Poohsticks."
Pooh: [smiles proudly] Which I invented!

Narrator: Without question, something was troubling Eeyore, and while his friends puzzled over his unusual behavior, Eeyore followed the steam back to his gloomy spot, which became even gloomier than usual.

[last lines]

Piglet: Tigger's alright. Really.
Christopher Robin: Of course he is.
Pooh: Everybody is. Really. That's what I think. [sadly] But I don't suppose I'm right.
Christopher Robin: Of course you are. Silly, old bear!

Narrator: So off Piglet trotted in one direction, and in the other direction went Pooh with his jar of honey. However, Pooh hadn't gone very far when a very funny feeling began to creep over him. It began at the tip of his nose - and trickled all the way down to the soles of his feet, as if someone inside him were saying...
Pooh: Now then, Pooh, time for a little something!

Piglet: Good afternoon, Eeyore.
Eeyore: Good afternoon, Piglet, if it is a good afternoon, which I doubt.

Pooh: Well! Whoever lives here certainly takes a long time to answer his door!
Piglet: B-B-B-B-But Pooh, isn't this your house?
Pooh: Oh, so it is! Well, let's go in.

[Piglet shows Eeyore the balloon he was going to give him and accidentally popped]

Eeyore: My balloon? My birthday balloon? Red. My favorite color. How big was it?
Piglet: About as big as m-m-m-me.
Eeyore: My favorite size.

Narrator: So Pooh had a little something. And then he had a little more... and a little more... until he had taken his last lick from the inside of the jar.

Pooh: [entering his house with Piglet] Hmm. I must get poor Eeyore a present of some sort. [looks around the room, then his honey pot catches his attention] Uh, honey. That should do very well. What will you give him, Piglet?
Piglet: [eagerly] Wouldn't I give it, too, from b-b-b-b-b-both of us?
Pooh: [looks puzzled for a few moments] No, Piglet. That wouldn't be a very good plan.
Piglet: [thinks a moment, then lights up] Perhaps I could give Eeyore a balloon!
Pooh: [patting Piglet on his back, smiling] That, Piglet, is a very good idea. Nobody could be uncheered by a balloon.
Piglet: [joyfully] I have one at home! I'll go and get it r-r-r-r-r-r-right now!

[dashes away happily]

Eeyore: Tigger, I'd be happy to tell you my secret for winning at Poohsticks.
Tigger: [eagerly] Uh, you would?
Eeyore: It's very easy. You just have to let your stick drop in a twitchy sort of way.
Tigger: Oh, yeah, I forgot to twitch. That was my problem. [twitches, then bounces] Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

[we hear a crash]

Eeyore: Bounced again.

Narrator: [as the gang plays Pooh sticks on Eeyore's birthday] So they gathered on the old wooden bridge and played the game for many contented hours. And Eeyore, who had never played it before, won more times than anyone else. But poor Tigger won none at all.

Narrator: Now one day, Pooh and Piglet, Rabbit and Roo were all playing Pooh sticks together.
Pooh: But why do we call it Pooh sticks? I thought I started a fir cones.
Narrator: You did, Pooh, but sticks are easier to mark.

[Pooh thinks to himself, then smiles]

Pooh: Oh, yes, now I remember.

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