Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

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Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom (Italian: Winx Club - Il Segreto Del Regno Perduto), also known as Winx Club Il film, is an Italian and British CGI animated feature film, based on the television series Winx Club, taking place after the events of the first three seasons. The film was released on November 30, 2007 in Italian cinemas.


[first lines]
Narrator: [opening narration] Once upon a time, in the magical dimension far far away, there was a normal Earth girl, who discovered she was a fairy and a princess. Her life was changed forever into a fairy tale, a story of courage, friendship, and adventure. It is an enchanted story but one without a happily ever after because she has not been able to write the ending...until now. (Dubbing Brothers version)
Narrator: [opening narration] In our lives, we all face great challenges. It is through these tests that our true selves are revealed. Who are our real friends? Who should we trust? Who believes in us? This is the story of a strong-willed fairy who set out to answer these most difficult of questions, and encounter the biggest adventure of her life, and the greatest evil that has ever been known... (Atlas Oceanic version)

Hagen: You and your friends have invaded my fortress and destroyed my guards, but you won't be so lucky against me.
Faragonda: Hagen, would you please put that away? It's very sharp.
Stella: Ms. Faragonda!
Hagen: I can't believe my eyes. Faragonda, is it really you?
Faragonda: My dear Hagen, it's been ages...
Hagen: Centuries, Faragonda, since our mighty Company of Light disbanded. And who are they?
Faragonda: Very special fairies, and they've been searching for you for a long time, Hagen. Now lower your sword in the presence of Bloom, the last surviving princess of Domino.
Hagen: Oritel and Marion's daughter? She's alive? I thought she was...
Faragonda: No, our dear Bloom was rescued. She was adopted by a lovely Earth couple and grew up there. Now, she's come back here to find her birth parents, but we can explain it later. For now, I want you to finally accept the invitation you've been avoiding for all these long, dark years.
Hagen: Hm... Fine, Faragonda. I won't argue with the beautiful adversary.
Faragonda: Then come with me to Alfea.

Bloom: I can't believe it's graduation. Our time here was so amazing. But, I guess, it's all over now.
Sky: School's over, but our lives are just getting started. Hey, is that what's bugging you? Are you scared that you won't live up to everyone's hopes?
Bloom: Wow, you really do get me, Sky, don't you?
Sky: Well, I know all about it.
Bloom: About what?
Sky: About other people and their expectations. But, I believe in you, and I know you'll succeed beyond what anyone can imagine. Hey! You'd better get ready, it's almost party time.

Bloom: They all became guardian fairies and I didn't.
Sky: So what? You're Bloom! Everyone knows you're the strongest fairy at Alfea.
Bloom: "Protect your homeworld and your people" - that's a real guardian fairy. But I have no people to protect because my homeworld was totally destroyed. Since the planet of Domino was gone, I'm just a princess without a kingdom. If only I could've found my parents, then I would've reached harmony too, and become a true guardian fairy. Oh, Sky, I had my chance and I... I blew it.
Sky: The Bloom I know would never ever gave up like that. “Help! Some stranger's taken over the one I love!” Forget what Hagen said, you can't give up! You have to believe in yourself. What you feel in your heart will always be right, and don't forget, I'm your number one fan. I know you're capable of anything, Bloom.

Bloom: Daphne? Daphne, where are you?
Daphne: Bloom, my dear sweet sister, I'm so happy to see your face again.
Bloom: Daphne... Oh, I missed you. It has been so long.
Daphne: Bloom, things are about to get very, very dangerous for you. I just want to make sure that you're ready.
Bloom: Daphne, you sacrificed yourself to save me. With your help, I'm ready for anything.
Daphne: Listen carefully. Our father had something called the Book of Fate. Its pages contain every chapter of our family's history.
Bloom: So, if our parents are alive...
Daphne: The book will tell you.
Bloom: Wait, why haven't told me about the book before?
Daphne: I was sure the ancestral witches had destroyed it when they attacked Domino. But Father had hidden all of our magical books in the secret library, high on the Mountain of the Roc, where he knew they would remain safe.
Bloom: Then I will go to Domino and find that book. Nothing can stop me.
Daphne: Bloom, wait, there's just one more thing. It's my mask. I want you to have it. When you wear this mask, you'll be looking through my eyes. You'll see Domino as I remember it, and it'll help you find your way. The mask will guide you to the Mountain of Roc - that's where you'll find the secret library.
Bloom: Wait! Daphne!
Daphne: My power's getting weak. I must return to the bottom of the lake to rest.
Bloom: Daphne, please don't leave.
Daphne: Bloom, this is not goodbye. Remember, I'm always by your side. You're never truly alone...ever.
Bloom: And we'll be a family again...someday.

Tharma: The sword awakens. I feel the power of Domino.
Lysslis: Oh, its light is so hot, it burns us! It burns!
Belladona: I can't believe that something, or someone is awakening Domino. But who?
Lysslis: We destroyed that planet, its inhabitants and its king! No one has access to that power anymore.
Tharma: We must destroy that wretched sword. Only then will the power of Domino be truly obliterated from the Magic Dimension.
Lysslis: But how? The tiniest touch almost destroyed us and killed every warrior who tried to get near it.

Mandragora: My mistresses, Mandragora is at your command. If you transfer the power of dark energy to me, I will leave this cold prison of the Obsidian Circle, and seek out the source of all your pain.
Lysslis: So be it. Eternal Darkness!
Tharma: Unchained Lighting!
Belladona: Bottomless Ice!
Mandragora: Oh, I feel your power flowing through my veins! I'll go and find the last flame of Domino, and when I do, I'll snuff it out with my own two hands!

Bartelby: How strange... There's nothing there. After your parents disappeared into the Obsidian cave, not even this book can say for sure what happened next.
Bloom: Does that mean they... They're dead?
Bartelby: No, princess, they're just lost. I'm afraid that's all I know.
Bloom: I don't believe it. The Book of Fate is a dead end?
Flora: Wait a minute, Lord Bartelby. The book knows the fate of everyone in Domino's royal family, right?
Bartelby: Well, of course, it does.
Musa: So there MUST be something about Bloom's fate!
Aisha: You're right. I'm sure there is, there's gotta be.
Stella: Yeah!
Tecna: And if Bloom's fate is to find her parents, then...
Stella: ...That book can help us figure out how to make that a reality!

Bartelby: If it is your will, Bloom, we can turn the page and see what this book says about your future. But, that knowledge could be very dangerous.
Bloom: I'm ready, Bartelby. I have to know.
Bartelby: Interesting. Your entire destiny is part of the old prophecy that was passed down from the most ancient elders of Domino. "At the crossroad of the endless paths demons who stole lead to the abyss of the caged people, a king without a crown will save the ruler of the lost kingdom, and the six of the fellowship that defends light will shine with dazzling strength in the evil darkness, and what was lost will finally be found."
Bloom: But I don't understand. What is this have to do with my parents?
Stella: I think you hurt the book's feelings, and, Bartelby, you're fading like a cheap suit.
Bartelby: My time in this dimension is running out. When pages are added to the...
Stella: Blah-blah-blah...
Bartelby: ...Royal family history, I'll be back to put them in the book, and now I must go. It is been a great pleasure to be of service to you, my princess Bloom.
Bloom: Bartelby, what does the last page of my future actually say?
Bartelby: It says nothing, princess.
Bloom: Nothing? But what does that mean?
Bartelby: It means that your future has not yet been written. You're the only one who can write the end of this story. Don't you forget that, ever. Goodbye.
Bloom: Wait! Bartelby, please!

Mandragora: Two! But I am most definitely not your buddy, you pathetic little...
Riven: Two, but I am most definitely not your buddy.
Mandragora: Perfect! Now that they are weak and confused, I can get them where it really hurts.
Tharma: Then go, Mandragora, and be sure you don't come back empty-handed.

Faragonda: Did you say the Obsidian Circle?
Bloom: Have you heard of it? Do you know what it is?
Faragonda: Unfortunately, yes, Bloom. It is said to be a secret entrance to a terrible place - a dimension full of fear, pain and worse...
Aisha: Just like that picture in the Book of Fate - that was Obsidian!
Flora: When I got in trouble as a kid, my parents said I'd be sent there, but I didn't know it was real.
Faragonda: It is. It's like a nightmare, packed with horrible monsters in cages. The gate of the Black Circle of Obsidian is what keeps evil far away, but if someone were to step inside, it would be very bad.
Bloom: So, my parents...
Faragonda: Bloom, anyone who enters Obsidian is lost forever, consumed by absolute evil.

Bartelby: [closing narration] And so the most strong-willed of all fairies overcame the greatest challenge. She learned to believe in herself and trust the people she loved. She stayed true to what was in her heart, and in doing so, she saved a kingdom, freed her people, and reunited her long lost family, and finally she became a true guardian fairy, and now, written in the Book of Fate, there is a new Company of Light called the Winx.

Lysslis: Those girls are clueless!
Tharma: We played them like puppets! They destroyed Obsidian for us and now, finally, we're free! Now, we just have to borrow some younger bodies.
Stormy: Those little fairies went right into our perfect web...
Icy: ...And soon, we reap their weak little fairy wings right off their bodies!

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