Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

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Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom (Italian: Winx Club - Il Segreto Del Regno Perduto), also known as Winx Club Il film, is an Italian and British CGI animated feature film, based on the television series Winx Club, taking place after the events of the first three seasons. The film had premiere on November 30, 2007 in Italian cinemas.


Tecna: Their control unit is behind that door.
Flora: They'll never get me!
Bloom: Winx, get ready! Full Dragon Energy. Fusion Fire.

Bloom: Master Hagen? From the Company of Light?
Hagen: The Company of Light doesn't exist anymore. Take another step, and neither will you.

Faragonda: Hagen, put that down. It's very sharp.
Stella: Ms. Faragonda!
Hagen: I can't believe my eyes. Faragonda, is it really you?
Faragonda: My dear Hagen, it's been ages.
Hagen: Centuries since our Company of Light disbanded.
Faragonda: Yes. A little early for this reunion. Now lower your sword in the presence of Bloom, the last surviving princess of Domino.
Hagen: Oritel and Miriam's daughter? She's alive? I thought she was...
Faragonda: No. Our dear Bloom was rescued. She was adopted by a lovely Earth couple and grew up there. Now she's come back here, to find her birth parents.
Bloom: That's why I came to talk to you, Master Hagen. I know my parents, my real parents, are trapped somewhere in the magic dimension. I must find them! You're the only one who can help me.
Hagen: Don't expect too much from me, young lady. You'll only end up disappointed.
Faragonda: Bloom studied about the sword. She knows.
Bloom: The sword of King Oritel, my father.
Hagen: Ah, yes. The sword.
Bloom: A magical blade that no one can ever take away from its rightful owner.

Daphne: Bloom.
Bloom: Daphne.
Daphne: Remember, you are never alone. Listen to me, little sister. You must continuing searching. You know it your heart- our parents are still alive. And now they're closer than ever. I need to speak with you, Bloom. Come to Lake Roccaluce. Come to me.

Bloom: Daphne? Daphne where are you?
Daphne: Bloom, my dear sweet sister. I am so happy to see your face again.
Bloom: And yours too. You said before that our parents could be...
Daphne: All is not lost, Bloom. But you must be ready to face the dangers.
Bloom: Daphne, you sacrificed yourself to save me. With your help, I'm ready for anything.
Daphne: Listen carefully. Our father had a book called the Book of Fate. Its pages contain every chapter of our family's history.
Bloom: So if our parents are alive...
Daphne: The book will tell you.
Bloom: Wait. Why haven't told me about the book before?
Daphne: I was sure the Ancient Witches had destroyed it when they attacked Domino. But our father had hidden in the chambers of the secret library, high on the mountain of the Roch, where he knew it would remain safe.
Bloom: Then I will go to Domino and find that book! Nothing can stop me!
Daphne: Bloom, wait. There is one more thing. It's my mask. I want you to have it. When you wear this mask, you'll be looking through my eyes. You'll see Domino as I remember it, and it will help you find your way. The mask will guide you the mountain of the Roch.
Bloom: Wait! Daphne!
Daphne: My power is growing weak. I must return to the bottom of the lake to rest.
Bloom: Daphne, please don't leave.
Daphne: Bloom, this not goodbye. Remember, I'm always by your side. You're never truly alone.
Bloom: and we'll be a family again. Someday.

Bloom: Daphne! (Sees her holding her dark blue-colored fairy dust vial) Thank you, Daphne. With your help, I know I can do this.

Bloom: Winx, all together!
Flora: Energy of Mother Nature.
Tecna: Techno Magical Union.
Layla: Pure Enchanted Morfix.
Stella: Power of the Sun.
Musa: Power of Sound.
Bloom: Dragon Fire.
Mandragora: Yes! This is the power!
Bloom: We got her!
Faragonda: Don't let go, Bloom. I don't how you managed to get out, but my the power of all that is good and light, I command you to return to your abyss!
Mandragora: Bloom! So that's her name! She's the one I was looking for!

Ancient Witches: So the power of Domino is not contained in an object. It's within a person, just a fairy!
Mandragora: An annoying fairy named Bloom.
Ancient Witches: Bloom! King Oritel surviving daughter! Daphne saved her before we could kill her!
Mandragora: I tried to kidnap Bloom from Alfea, but it was impossible! She had too many strong friends and allies, like Faragonda and Hagen!
Ancient Witches: Faragonda and Hagen! From the Company of Light! May they burn for sending us into this dark abyss!!

Daphne: Bloom, you are not alone.
Bloom: Daphne.
Ancient Witches: Daphne!? Well, they say you only die once, but we'll be happy to make an exception.
Bloom: You thought you destroyed the power of Domino!! Now it shall destroy you!!
Daphne: Go, Bloom.

Bloom: Sky, how were you able to use my father's sword?
Sky: Only a true king can wield the sword and I'm a king in training. My coronation was the night I had to leave you.
Bloom: So the prophecy was right-"A king without a crown with save the ruler of a lost kingdom. And those who were trapped in the darkness, now a good energy can return them all to freedom."

Daphne: Mother, Father.
Miriam: Daphne? What happened to you?
Daphne: More then I could ever explain. What matters now is that you're free, and it's all thanks to our dear Bloom.
Oritel: It can't be.
Miriam: My sweet baby daughter.

Wizgiz: A celebration for the rebirth of Domino? What could be better?

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