Winx Club 3D: Magical Adventure

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Winx Club 3D: Magical Adventure (Italian: Winx Club 3D: Magica Avventura) is a (CGI) animated film that was released in Italy on October 29, 2010. The film is a sequel to Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom. Since the Winx already have the power of Believix and Nabu appears alive even though he died in Episode 24 of Season 4, it is thought that the film takes place sometime in the middle of Season 4.


Daphne: Hello, Bloom.
Bloom: Hello, big, sis. Nice entrance. Impressive.
Daphne: Did I scare you?
Bloom: Well of course you did. Without you, life here at the palace would be so boring.
Daphne: What were you running from, little sis?
Bloom: everybody here just bosses me around.
Daphne: Mom and Dad, too?
Bloom: No, not them. They're fantastic. It's just, the rules, the fifty-six, dresses, the fish that's good for your skin.
Daphne: And your hair.
Bloom and Daphne: It makes princesses even more beautiful.

Sky: Father, I have the most wonderful news.
Erendnor: A king's happiness is the happiness of his kingdom.
Sky: Bloom and I are getting married!
Erendor: What!? It's out of the question! You- you mustn't!
Sky: What are you talking about?! We love each other!
Erendor: Forget about love! You will not marry Oritel's daughter! Don't ask me why, just promise you will not marry her!
Sky: But this is crazy! What are you hiding from me!?
Erendor: The truth is a cruse I never wanted to burden you with.
Sky: What curse?! And what does Bloom have to do with all this?!
Erendor: It's here, Sky. It's all in here. I've never confessed this to anyone. Out of fear, I betrayed a dear friend and desecrated an entire city. The world of Sparx suffered a terrible injustice and it was all because of me. The only way of redemption is by not marrying the princess and hoping that she'll forget you. What was done can never be forgiven.

Belladonna: Oritel. Did you miss us? It's time we take you back!
Oritel: It's because of you my daughter Daphne is dead, and my kingdom was destroyed! Now you'll pay!

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