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Wolverine and the X-Men is an American animated television series about the Marvel Comics superhero team X-Men. For quotes from other X-men series, see "See Also" at the bottom of the page.

Season 1[edit]

Hindsight (Part 1) (1.01)[edit]

Kitty/Colossus: (are running a course in the Danger Room)
Kitty: [To Piotr, who's trapped by two metal walls]. Admit it, Peter. You're being schooled by a girl. (a mechanical arm sneaks up and wraps around her arms) Whoa!
Piotr: [After Kitty gets captured by a mechanical arm]. Well, well. Look's like school is out. (laughs as Kitty struggles)
Kurt: (teleports through a bunch of shots then looks up to Kitty's cries for help)
Kitty: [Trapped by a mechanical arm]. Somebody get me down!
Kurt: [Teleporting near her]. Why don't you just phase through it?
Kitty: And fall on my face? No thanks. Now come on and help me out.
Kurt: You're an X-man. Do it yourself. [Teleports away].
Kitty: Kurt! (sighs) Argh. (struggles then looks at her best friend expectantly) Peter!
Piotr: (grins till he feel himself get lifted by a large magnet) Uh oh, this is not so good. (as the Magnet is placed next to a stuck Kitty) Hello, Kitty!
Kitty: [Groans]. Great! (meaning she wanted him to held her down) You're a lot of help.
Kurt: (sitting near a cylider) Five more seconds and I win! (he gets stuck to the ceiling by glue then loads of automatic weapons cock ready to fire)
Kitty: Uh... what just happened?
Piotr: (glares at Logan) He happened.

Rogue: Maybe I'll just take off, too.
Logan: Why would you do that? This is your home, kid.
Rogue: No. It's not home. Not when you're gone. Which-- is most of the time. [Turns to leave].
Logan: [Grabs her arm to stop her]. People here care for you.
Rogue: [Pries her arm away]. It's not the same! You're more... Ugh, forget it!
Logan: More what?
Rogue: Like... family, Logan! And you don't even know that! Can't you see how I'm just like you?

Hank: What about you, Logan? You're not the type to pop in for no reason.
Logan: It's those freaking Mardees. They're out of control, Hank.

Logan: [Disguised as an MRD officer]. How are you making out, Hank?
Hank: [Glaring from the "holding cell" back of the vehicle]. ...It smells back here.

[Hank is held at gunpoint by MRD officers].
Hank: See here, gentlemen. Let's take a deep breath, shall we? See, I'm a pacifist by nature, so those weapons are not--
[Gets cut off by Logan kicking the officers away].

Logan: [To Hank]. Let's go, Chewie.

Logan: Any one of you can torch that hangar?
St. John: You're singing my song, mate. Boom Boom, light them up!
Tabitha: Sure thing, hotshot.

Hank: Those cells we emptied... they'll be full again tomorrow. And the next day.
Logan: Yeah... Hank, we both know what's going on. There's a war coming. And it ain't gonna be pretty.
Hank: I agree. So, what's next?
Logan: ...We bring back the X-Men.

Hindsight (Part 2) (1.02)[edit]

Toad: I tried to tell 'em, Blob, I did! Ha-ha! They found out who we are, huh?
Blob: This is getting real old, Toad.

Pietro: Give Senator Kelly a message from the Brotherhood: There's no stopping the mutants. We're coming for him next.

Warren, Sr.: Get out of the car, Warren. You're embarrassing me.
Warren: Isn't it enough he gets our money, dad? I have to cheer him on, too?
Warren, Sr.: That man is a champion of the people.
Warren: Some people. Not all of us.

Logan: Just come back to the X-Men and...
Rogue: Forget it.
Logan: Why?
Rogue: The reason you don't know is exactly why.
Logan: I want you to come back!
Rogue: I'm not going to let you abandon me again. The problem is you can't stay in one place, Logan. And no one can follow a leader who's never there.

Rogue: [After absorbing Toad]. Ugh! What have you been eating? Bugs?!

Domino: [To Rogue, kicking Toad's prone form]. Sorry about Toad... he's new.

Rogue: Don't compare yourself to me. You're a criminal. You're making it hard for all of us.
Domino: It was hard long before we got involved. We're not the ones who picked this fight, Rogue. We're just standing up for ourselves, and for those who can't fight back.
Rogue: By terrorizing the city?
Domino: By refusing to back down. Rogue, don't you ever get tired of being bullied? Of being hated just because you're different? And now they want us to register. Come on, what's next, locking us up? It's time we stop being victims. It's time we unite. Rogue, you feel the same way, I know you do.

Domino: We're not the X-Men. We don't abandon our own. And if you doubt that... just look at Toad.

Logan: [To Scott] So without Jean, there's no one worth fighting for. Huh, so much for the big hero. When the going gets tough, the tough pack it in. Is that it? Huh? [Cyclops blasts Logan out of his apartment through a wall] Good talk.

[The Brotherhood takes down Senator Kelly's house].
Rogue: Why do you have to destroy his home?!
Pietro: Because when the Brotherhood leaves a message, it ain't a note on the door.

[At a red light, the Brotherhood stops their jeep beside an MRD security tank].
Rogue: Look, nobody do anything stupid.
[Toad leans out the window and spits slime all over the officers].
Toad: [giggles] Hit it!

Logan: Strike Two. No Rogue. Definitely no Cyclops. Who else have you tracked down?
Hank: I found Kitty. She moved in with her parents, but when they started getting harassed, she just up and disappeared. I also found Piotr in Russia. I spoke to him, but he refuses to leave his family again. And I have high hopes for Bobby, but his parents refuse to let me talk to him. So right now, the X-Men consist of you, and me, and a stolen MRD helicopter.
Logan: Well, considering the Brotherhood's got Blob and Toad, I'd say odds are still in our favour.

Bobby: Alright! The X-Men are back!
Logan: Well, kind of. It's just us.
Bobby: Oh.

Pietro: How's your trigger finger?
Domino: Itching.

Warren: Logan, what happened today... You tried to save a man who hates you. That is exactly what Charles Xavier would've done.

Hindsight (Part 3) (1.03)[edit]

Warren: [To Logan, about the new X-Mansion]. So, that's the top-to-bottom tour. What do you think? [Pause]. Oh, you don't look happy. Why aren't you happy?

Emma: I've decided to join the X-Men.
Logan: You decided? ...Well, here's my decision: NO!

Kitty: [To Bobby, about Emma Frost]. She's a telepath, remember? She knows what you're thinking.

Logan: [Attacked by some of their training sim robots]. Forge, this is me not laughing!

Forge: [Sees the destruction Logan has caused to his nearly completed Danger Room]. Oh man. My Danger Room! How could you?! I wasn't even finished and now I gotta start completely over!

Forge: [To Logan, about being reassigned]. You pull me off Cerebro, you put me on the Blackbird. You pull me off that, and put me in the War Room. Now I'm on the Danger Room, and you want me back on Cerebro?

Logan: [To Scott, surprising him]. Hold still on those eyebeams, frat boy.

Logan: [About the Blackbird]. Just tell me she'll fly.
Forge: Oh, yeah! Absolutely. [A mechanical part falls off]. Pretty sure?

Emma: [Glancing dismissively at Scott as she walks into the Blackbird]. Hmm, Wolverine's more desperate than I thought.
Scott: [To Logan]. And she is...?
Logan: Temporary.

Kitty: And how can you nap at a time like this? The jet's falling apart, we're going up against Magneto... and did I mention that the jet's falling apart?
Bobby: The jet will be fine. And who cares about Magneto? Wolverine's got his number.
Kitty: Maybe... but what about an entire island of his mutant followers?
Bobby: ...Oh, yeah.

Magneto: I wish you would consider making Genosha your home. No more violence, no more...
Logan: Yeah, yeah. We've seen the billboards. Thanks, but no thanks.

Logan: Whatever's eatin' away at us, we get past it. We rise to the occassion, because we're a team. And we got a job to do. [Puts on his mask]. The world needs the X-Men.

Overflow (1.04)[edit]

Xavier: Don't be alarmed, Logan. We're still at the institute. But this is what you might call... a meeting of the minds on the Astral Plane. It's through here I'm able to communicate to you from the future.
Logan: It's... really good to see you, Chuck.
Xavier: And you, my friend. I only wish I were bringing better news.

Emma: Your attempts to manipulate me are demeaning. If I perform to your satisfaction, you favor me by extending my stay here. If I assist you, that ends. Now.
Logan: I'm manipulating you? You showed up at my door and traded your telepathy for a spot on the team. Who's using who?
Emma: I found the Professor for you. I've earned my place with the X-Men.
Logan: Just like the others, you have to continue earning it every day.
Emma: But you trust them.
Logan: Because they've earned that, too.

Backlash (1.18)[edit]

Forge: [Muttering to himself]. Come on, Forge... think fast, make good decisions.

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